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GlamModelz Celebrants Independence Day 2015
  Model: Brittany Lynn,
Photographer: Rick, RJT Images,
  Model: Arcadia,
Photographer: Dave Davis Photography,
  Model: Jessica Rose,
Photographer: Dave Davis Photography,
Model: Liz,
Photographer: Rick, RJT Images,

A day vlog! Sneak peek in one day with me

Hey guys! Bare with me as my computer trouble get sorted out! This weekend we went to Great America and rode some roller coasters! I was to [...]

GlamModelz Celebrants Independence Day 2015

  Model: Brittany Lynn, Photographer: Rick, RJT Images,   Model: Arcadia, Photographer: Dave Davis Photography,   Model: Jessica Rose, Ph [...]

GlamModel: Morganna

GlamModelz Magazine interviews Glam Model Morganna of Englewood, Florida.  Morganna,  is a new model on the scene working hard to become [...]

GlamModel; Arcadia

Sometimes new models come to me with the energy and enthusiasm hoping to discover a dream. Some of these models leave a lasting impact on th [...]

Haul Time! + elf matte lip color review!

Subscribe to MsFrebrd channel [...]

The Freedom of Fitness

“Thoughts on Health and Fitness with Rebecca DiNitto LeSaffre” Created, Edited and Introduction by Rick Trottier – RJT Images. Makeup [...]

GlamModel: Jamie Ann

What to choose? A simple glass of grape juice or a finely crafted Cabernet Sauvignon? A few daisies from the field or a masterfully grown ba [...]

The Art of Choosing Content

“The Art of Making the Right Choice” Written by Rick Trottier – RJT Images   There are few experiences in life more disappointing [...]

Road Testing the PixelKing Triggers

I recently bought a set of Pixel King radio flash triggers for Nikon, (for Canon) for $170, with shipping (2 receivers, 1 trigger).. Pixel K [...]

GlamModel: Nina Marie

Nina Joseph of Worcester, MA is the classic example of how you really never know quite what you’re going to get when you unwrap any gift. [...]

GlamModel: Tiera

I’m so please to include GlamModel Tiera Gonzales in this issue of Glam-n-Print. Tiera is and always has been my favorite muse model. Tier [...]

GlamModel: Tiffany

Tiffany is from Northern California. Her stunning beauty took my breath away and I simply could not resist shooting with her. I know it’s [...]

Dragging the Shutter

Bored with the studio I decided to head out into the night to put a little excitement back in my life and work. In the old days we often use [...]

GlamModel: Kelly Schultz revisited

Kelly Schultz is an exceptionally gifted Beauty, Fashion, Glamour and Runway Model with her own elegant and sophisticated flair in everythin [...]

GlamModel: Aleccia revisited

GlamModelz Magazine is so honored to have Aleccia as our cover model in this special edition of Tips and Tricks II, Dave’s Collection. Ale [...]

Black Point Calibration

The most critical issue facing every photographer is how our final images look, both in Print and on the Internet. We have invested in quali [...]

The DIY Beauty Dish

I used Tyler Burk’s method to build my Beauty Dish last year. It was simple to build and took about 45 minutes as described on his sit [...]

The Clueless Photographer’s Guide to Makeup (Part Two)

In the first half of the Clueless Photographer’s Guide to Makeup series, we discussed why a photographer would need to know about make [...]

ePhoto DSLR Rig

After reading several iffy reviews and comments on Amazon I decided to drive over to ePhoto Inc. and take a look at this for myself. Constru [...]