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GlamModelz Magazine, Staff photographer Frank Rehm Photography from Antioch CA. is an established commercial photographer, who specializes in people photography and commercial projects. Frank runs a very popular modeling boot camp, where he offers one on one attention to ensure his models make a splash on the Northern California Modeling Industry in a confident way. Frank's work has been featured in various magazines and gallery showings throughout NorCal and the United States of America. As Frank's time allows her offers several lighting workshops for SF Bay Are photographers who wish to improve their studio and lighting skills.

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GlamModel:Ariel Ollivier

GlamModelz Magazine is pleased to introduce Ariel from the San Francisco, Bay Area. Ariel is a new up and coming model hoping to take the Ba [...]

GlamModel: Taryn

GlamModelz Magazine would like to take the opportunity to introduce you to the gorgeous and talented Taryn. Taryn resides in Antioch, Califo [...]

GlamModel: Whitney

GlamModelz Magazine is pleased to introduce Whitney from the San Francisco, Bay Area. Whitney is a new up and coming model hoping to take th [...]

GlamModel: Britteny Fayth

GlamModelz Magazine is please to present the talented and beautiful: Britteny Fayth Serest. It’s of no surprise to us that Britteny ha [...]

GLAMMODEL: Reneja LaChapelle

GlamModelz Magazine interviews Glam Model Reneja LaChapelle, of the San Francis co, Bay Area, California. Reneja LaChapelle, has a unique st [...]

GlamModel; Lexi Morgan

GlamModelz Magazine: How did you get your start in the business? Lexi Morgan: Honestly, I was working at Nugget Market Grocery store and a m [...]

Welcome GlamPhotographer: Frank Rehm

A mutual model friend of ours (GlamModel: Bailey Elizabeth) introduced us many years ago. Having the opportunity to interview a close person [...]