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GlamModelz Magazine Staff photographer; Jeff, One Digital Place Photography, of Austin, Texas. Jeff is an experienced commercial photographer. Jeff, utilizes his creativity and eye for beauty, by specializing in Glamour and people photography. Jeff is available for modeling portfolio development and maintenance as well as weddings and commercial projects. He openly shares his expertise by offering a very popular series of workshops conducted in Austin, Tx. Jeff can be available in Los Angeles and Las Vegas by arrangement.

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GlamModel: Charlie Kristine

GlamModelz Magazine interviews Glam Model Charlie Kristine: of Long Beach, California. Charlie Kristine is an established model. GlamModelz [...]

GlamDigital Artist: Joe Diamond

Behind the scenes within the Glamour Industry are rarely seen artists we rely on to touch-up our masterpieces. We usually do not have the op [...]

GlamModel: Leah Parker

GlamModelz Magazine interviews Glam Model Leah Parker: of Orange County, CA. Leah Parker:,  is a new model on the scene working hard to bec [...]

GlamModel: Lynne D.

GlamModelz Magazine is so pleased to interview the stunning Glam Model: Lynne D. of Plano, Texas.  Lynne D. is a veteran model,  with many [...]

Glamour Crafted Artistry: Jeff, of One Digital Place

There are works in the Glamour Industry that one would consider beautiful and skillfully crafted, and then there are those images that make [...]