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Managing Editor, GlamModelz Magazine I’m a Central New England photographer based out of Worcester, MA, just one hour west of Boston. I specialize in fashion and glamor commercial imagery as well portraiture of all types. My style is a blend of commercially viable work melded with artistic innovation, whether on location or in studio. I prize collaboration quite highly and am proud of the fact that most of my work displays the ideas and designs of my models as much as it does my skills, efforts and planning.

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The Freedom of Fitness

“Thoughts on Health and Fitness with Rebecca DiNitto LeSaffre” Created, Edited and Introduction by Rick Trottier – RJT Images. Makeup [...]

GlamModel: Jamie Ann

What to choose? A simple glass of grape juice or a finely crafted Cabernet Sauvignon? A few daisies from the field or a masterfully grown ba [...]

The Art of Choosing Content

“The Art of Making the Right Choice” Written by Rick Trottier – RJT Images   There are few experiences in life more disappointing [...]

GlamModel: Nina Marie

Nina Joseph of Worcester, MA is the classic example of how you really never know quite what you’re going to get when you unwrap any gift. [...]

GlamModel: Tiffany Lynn

In some instances, time gets away from you and the years pass faster than expected. I realized that such had been the case with me when I st [...]

GlamModel: Vivian Alexandra

Sometimes when you’re walking through a wine shop, looking for that perfect Chardonnay for the evening meal, you stumble across an exotic [...]

GlamModel: Elaine Stella

Everyone comes to modeling for reasons that are unique to their own interests and desires. Some girls love exciting fashions and exotic but [...]

GlamModel: Brittany Lynn

  All things come in the time that they were meant to happen. And it usually is seen that patience brings rewards. Brittany Lynn showed [...]

GlamChristmas 2014

All holidays are a special joy for the GlamModelz Magazine staff photographers. We encourage them to get creative and go wild and this holid [...]

Inspiration vs Emulation

“The Importance of Finding Inspiration and Igniting Creativity” By Rick Trottier – RJT Images   One of the most commonly used and [...]

The Joys of Backlighting

The Joys of Backlighting Written by Rick Trottier Light suffuses and surrounds us, bestowing its beneficence upon us in warmth and radiant g [...]

GlamModel: Amanda Marchand

Many young ladies come to modeling for as varied reasons as one could possibly imagine. Some have been attracted to it since childhood and h [...]

The Physical Reality of Being a Model

Written by Rick Trottier – RJT Images While it is often that I denounce the state of modern life and culture, there are many things about [...]

GlamModel: Amber Rae

Life has a wonderful way of bringing us through some pretty interesting twists and turns. Sometimes you never quite know what is going to be [...]

The Blessings of Morning Light

“An Examination of the Advantages of Glamor Photography at Daybreak” By Rick Trottier, RJT Images. I always thought that debates over pe [...]

Why Model

“The Reasons Why Stepping into Modeling has Merit” Written by Rick Trottier – RJT Images Long ago, if you asked little girls who they [...]

Happy Halloween 2014

Model: Kelly, Photographer: Dave Davis Model: Amber Rae, Photographer: Rick Trottier, RJT Images Madison, Photographer: Jim Jurica Kathy, Ph [...]


A valued colleague once asked me what I thought the most prized skill or quality is that a model should have. I carefully considered his que [...]

The Workshop Experience

When I started offering and then teaching workshops, I always envisioned them to be small, intimate sessions where the focus was on photogra [...]

GlamModel: Alyssa

It has been a fascinating year in the life of the Glamor and Fitness Model Alyssa Jack of Boston, MA. One year ago, this delightfully charmi [...]

GlamModel: Christa Marie

There are models that are long and lean. Some are shapely. Some models are dark and mysterious. Others are elegant and sophisticated. Then t [...]

GlamModel: Kelsi

Models often times have a tendency to find a niche, get comfortable within that niche and then their individuality and uniqueness merge with [...]

GlamModel: Megan Kay

Some models try to combine beauty and sensuality. For Megan Kay, it just flows effortlessly. Some models get excited about being in front of [...]

A Beautiful Professional Rapport

A Beautiful Professional Rapport by Rick Trottier As each year in the life of my photography passes, I am more keenly aware of what I have c [...]