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I'm a Boise, Idaho based Professional Photographer specializing in portrait and commercial photography. I have been working in the Boise Valley for almost 10 years developing my unique style combining creativity with technical expertise. Shooting in the studio or on location, I always achieve the finest art for my clients. Ronin Photography & Design.

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Let’s Talk Workflow

Something that potential clients may not realize is that the actual photo shoot is a small time commitment relative to the overall effort or [...]

GlamModel: MARLA

  It is a tremendous pleasure to introduce MARLA; formerly of Boise, Idaho and now residing in London, England!  MARLA took the leap & [...]

GlamModel: Sweet Michelle Marie

After much anticipation GlamModelz finally had the privilege of interviewing and featuring one of the Northwest’s most popular glamour [...]

The Beauty of Bokeh

Bokeh is something that makes photographs special and gives the photograph an extra bit of sizzle.  If you don’t know what bokeh is, [...]

It’s All About Style

A quick note:  The following discussion is how my thought processes effect my style.  It is up to each individual on how they approach the [...]

The Reflection

Reflections can really add visual interest to your photography.  Whether it’s a beautiful landscape or model, reflections can add som [...]

Jazzing It Up with Gels

So what exactly are gels?  Lighting gels or just gels are thin sheets of colored, translucent plastic, usually polycarbonate, that add colo [...]

GlamModel: Kandace Byrns

GlamModelz is proud to introduce to you the beautiful and talented Kandace Byrns of Boise, ID. Kandace is a Senior at Boise State University [...]

What is Retouching? Part 2

As I mentioned in my prior post, retouching is a vast area and encompasses the smallest edit such as an image crop or resize to dramatic cha [...]

Lighting 101 – Part 3

In my articles Lighting 101 – Part 1 and Lighting 101 – Part 2, I discussed lighting techniques ranging from single light sou [...]

Lighting 101 – Part 2

This is part two of the three part series on Lighting 101.  Part one can be reviewed here Lighting 101 – Part 1 When you look at Remb [...]

Lighting 101 – Part 1

It’s all about the light. Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines photography as: the art or process of producing images by the action of [...]

Challenges of Lighting Outdoor Glamour

I love photography.  My love for photography includes studio, on location, and outdoor environments.  They all have their unique challenge [...]

What is Retouching? Part 1

We like to talk about a photographer’s “style”.  Well typically when we think of a photographer’s style we concentr [...]

The Ring Flash for Glamour and Fashion

A popular tool for the glamour and fashion photographer is the ringflash.  I’m not talking about the ring flashes used for macro phot [...]

Embrace the Ultra-Wide Lenses for Fashion & Glamour

Ultra-wide lenses are fantastic to use for fashion, glamour, and artistic work if you know how to handle them. Conventional wisdom tells us [...]

A Brief History of Glamour Photography: Part 2

In my first article, A Brief History of Glamour Photography: Part 1, I talked about the beginnings of Glamour Photography circa 1920. The e [...]

A Brief History of Glamour Photography: Part 1

A Brief History of Glamour Photography. I’m sure you’re thinking “wow…how can that be brief” well I was able t [...]

Glam Photographer: Don of Ronin Photo Design

It is with great pleasure I have the opportunity to interview Don of  Ronin Photo Design, from Boise, Idaho. He is one of the top glamour  [...]