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InFocus is a collection of considerations that goes through the minds of professional photographers, before during and after clicking the button. InFocus is a collection of tip, tricks and dessication to help us all achieve that clear path to the ‘next level’ of professionalism.

Shooting with the Beauty Dish

Updates 02.27.2015 I’m asked all of the time how I get that beautiful “glow” in Photoshop, I wish… I haven’t figured that one out [...]

Inspiration vs Emulation

“The Importance of Finding Inspiration and Igniting Creativity” By Rick Trottier – RJT Images   One of the most commonly used and [...]

The Joys of Backlighting

The Joys of Backlighting Written by Rick Trottier Light suffuses and surrounds us, bestowing its beneficence upon us in warmth and radiant g [...]

The Clueless Photographer’s Guide to Makeup (Part One)

It’s a funny thing, the skill sets we acquire after a decade in the industry. When I first started photographing models, I had no ide [...]

The Physical Reality of Being a Model

Written by Rick Trottier – RJT Images While it is often that I denounce the state of modern life and culture, there are many things about [...]

The Blessings of Morning Light

“An Examination of the Advantages of Glamor Photography at Daybreak” By Rick Trottier, RJT Images. I always thought that debates over pe [...]

Why Model

“The Reasons Why Stepping into Modeling has Merit” Written by Rick Trottier – RJT Images Long ago, if you asked little girls who they [...]


A valued colleague once asked me what I thought the most prized skill or quality is that a model should have. I carefully considered his que [...]

The Workshop Experience

When I started offering and then teaching workshops, I always envisioned them to be small, intimate sessions where the focus was on photogra [...]

A Beautiful Professional Rapport

A Beautiful Professional Rapport by Rick Trottier As each year in the life of my photography passes, I am more keenly aware of what I have c [...]

What Is Pinup?

The Struggle with Defining an Iconic Genre of Imagery Written by Rick Trottier & Nicole Ferreira   It is often fascinating to liste [...]

The Beauty of Bokeh

Bokeh is something that makes photographs special and gives the photograph an extra bit of sizzle.  If you don’t know what bokeh is, [...]

It’s All About Style

A quick note:  The following discussion is how my thought processes effect my style.  It is up to each individual on how they approach the [...]

Fitness and Modeling

An Inescapable Relationship By Rick Trottier with Bre anne McGinness   Modeling and Baseball are so very much alike in so many ways.  [...]

Following the Light

  Philosophical and Practical Approaches to Using Light Sources By Rick Trottier   Light is the incontestably essential commodity [...]

The Reflection

Reflections can really add visual interest to your photography.  Whether it’s a beautiful landscape or model, reflections can add som [...]

How to hire a Model

Model – Photographer Etiquette “The Appropriate Dance of Communication” By Rick Trottier   When I was assigned this article, [...]

Jazzing It Up with Gels

So what exactly are gels?  Lighting gels or just gels are thin sheets of colored, translucent plastic, usually polycarbonate, that add colo [...]

Managing a Studio Shoot

By Rick Trottier Whether you own, rent, trade time for a studio or only shoot in the most commando-like settings, effectively managing your [...]

Lighting Trap

Defeating the Lighting Trap Maintaining Innovation and Creativity in The Studio Written By Rick Trottier – RJT Images Consistency provides [...]

What is Retouching? Part 2

As I mentioned in my prior post, retouching is a vast area and encompasses the smallest edit such as an image crop or resize to dramatic cha [...]

Lighting 101 – Part 3

In my articles Lighting 101 – Part 1 and Lighting 101 – Part 2, I discussed lighting techniques ranging from single light sou [...]

Lighting 101 – Part 2

This is part two of the three part series on Lighting 101.  Part one can be reviewed here Lighting 101 – Part 1 When you look at Remb [...]

Lighting 101 – Part 1

It’s all about the light. Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines photography as: the art or process of producing images by the action of [...]