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GlamPro Makeup Artist: Mariell Johnson

Glam Makeup Artist/Stylist, Featured Interview with Mariell Johnson of Hey There, Who Does Your Hair, I Wanna Go There! By Rick Trottier – [...]

GlamMakeup Artist: Lesli Patrock

MUA/Stylist Article & Interview – Lesli Patrock By Rick Trottier – RJT Images   A book I love and once read to my former elemen [...]

Guest Makeup Artist: Naomi Herron

There is nothing quite like the feeling of watching a lovely young lady walk out of the makeup/styling room and then reeling with delight wh [...]

Featured Beauty Artist – Sonia Sandhu

In the model-photography industry the models and photographers routinely bask in the spotlight while the stylists and beauty professionals q [...]

GlamPro Makeup Artist Jodi

GlamModelz Magazine interviews Makeup and Hair Stylist Jodi Vaughn of Portland, Oregon, Jodi has a unique style that is all her own. Her cre [...]

Hair Stylist Tanya Maisch

GlamModelz Magazine interviewed, Tanya Maisch, Specialist, of Dyer Straights Design Team. Through Tanya’s natural talent, superior work et [...]

Hollywood MUA: Kerry Kaoru

In today’s glamour industry, there is one single factor that is of great importance to the photographer and model alike – the ex [...]

Glamour Makeup Artist Tiffany Diamond

Glamour Makeup Artist – Tiffany Diamond By Beauty Editor Jett-Ray • September 30, 2008 For the GlamModelz Premiere Issue, I had the [...]

Vintage Hairstyling Specialist – Miss Lynne D.Bomb

Glamour Hairstylist – Miss Lynne D.Bomb of “Vintage Flair” By Beauty Editor Jett-Ray • September 26, 2008 For our premiere issue [...]