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Mineral Make-Up Basics

Mineral Make-Up Basics By: Barbara Maynard Huffman You may have seen infomercials about mineral makeup on television, or you may have passed [...]

A Glamour Girls Lip Balm Recipe – Made Easy!

Keeping your lips soft, supple and kissable is priority for a glam goddess on-the-go. So GlamModelz Magazine asked some of our readers what [...]

A Day Moisturizer For Soft, Luminous and Healthy Skin

A Day Moisturizer For Soft, Luminous and Healthy Skin Author: Rachel Hammond Are you frustrated by all the adverts for a day moisturizer by [...]

Your Hair Care Products Could Be the One and Only Reason Your Hair is Suffering!

By Eddie Simpson I ran in to a childhood friend the other day and I instantly noticed how short and damaged her hair was. This was the first [...]

How to Shop For Hair Extensions Online

You have seen a photo of Beyonce, Paris Hilton or Cheryle Cole and you want that look! How do you know what to look for or ask for? There ar [...]

Good Understanding for Your Feet

Did you know that the skin only found on the feet and the hands has an extra layer of cells that are designed to thicken when subjected to p [...]

Glambeauty Focus – Treatment for Facial Spider Veins

SPIDER VEIN TREATMENT My Skincare treatment focus this issue is in explaining the treatment for facial spider veins. Spider Veins are very s [...]

COMEDOGENICITY (Aka: “Pore-Clogging”)

“Comedo, or comedone” are two clinical names for what we call a “blackhead” which is a form of acne. The word ‘com [...]

For Your Understanding: Laser vs. Electrolysis for Unwanted Hair Removal

In recent years, Laser treatment for hair removal has become THE most popular method for treating unwanted hair.Many of our own guests have [...]

Hydration: Your Body’s Anti-Aging Secret

Standing in front of a magnifying mirror in good light and with your ring finger placed on your cheekbone, gently lift up toward the outside [...]