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The Complex World of Fitness Modeling

Written by Rick Trottier and with the thoughts of Kelly Levin   Each and every day, we see more and more “fitness models” appear on [...]


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Fitness and Modeling

An Inescapable Relationship By Rick Trottier with Bre anne McGinness   Modeling and Baseball are so very much alike in so many ways.  [...]

Glamour & Fitness

Glamor and Fitness: A Match Made in The Gym – An Article in Three Parts Written by Rick Trottier, Rachel Seeker and Chrissy Scobi of R [...]

How to Begin a Yoga Routine

Looking great on camera is a must for any glamour girl. Staying fit and healthy should also be a top priority for anyone seeking to improve [...]

7 Energizing Ways to Increase Metabolism

7 Energizing Ways to Increase Metabolism by: Andrew Bicknell Some days it just seems hard to get going. Trying to find that extra bit of ene [...]

Get GlamFit…Super Fast!

Summertime is that time of year when models and photographers take to the beaches and swimming pools to capture amazing shots that will rema [...]