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1. Login using the username & password Exactly as supplied, Upper/Lower case sensitive in both username and password.
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3. The box to change your password is near the bottom of the page. You should enter the password twice and click the save button.

We have added some new features to Magazine that can also be accessed from your profile page. At the top of the page you will see Your Subscriptions. From this page you may subscribe to receive one or more categories of articles from You may also unsubscribe.

You may provide some information about yourself, which will automatically be included with any and all posts. Some HTML tags are allowed, I know Links work fine. If I want to include my website I would do something like this <a href=””></a> And the link would appear like this; Magazine proudly supports Gravatar’s (G-Rated only) You may have noticed some of us have little picture icons when we post comments and articles. This is because we created a Free Gravatar account. This will effect your Avatar on any and all Blog’s running the Gravatar plugin and only if associated with the e-mail address used to register on both the blog and the Gravatar site.