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Can Smartphones Replace the Ordinary Point-N-Shoot Cameras?

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One-Digital-Place-Photography-CK-GLamModelz-15Many of our smartphones today have advanced features, including HD cameras that can take good photos just like any ordinary point-and-shoot. The Nokia 808 PureView and Apple’s iPhone 5, for example, are good for taking detailed photos. Samsung’s Galaxy series also have good camera features.

It is therefore not a surprise that more and more people now prefer to use their phones instead of point-and-shoot cameras when capturing special memories. And this is true even for taking videos. In fact, there have been reports about digital camera sales plummeting and their prices being slashed off.

But can smartphones really take the place of ordinary point-and-shoot cameras?

Smartphones vs. Ordinary Point-and-Shoot Cameras

The best way to find an answer – or answers – to this question is to compare what each has to offer.

  • Obviously, smartphones are easier to carry. But then again, some of the most popular point-and-shoots nowadays are quite handy, too. In fact, they’re also known as compact cameras because of their small size. For some people, though, the sleek look and feel of their phones score big. Although there are smartphones that can be quite bulky, too, many still prefer them over point-and-shoots. So this, obviously, is one point for smartphones. Smartphone 1. Point-and-shoot Camera: 0
  • In terms of convenience and functionality, smartphones are way way ahead. They’re like all-in-one devices that you can carry anywhere. Aside from taking photos, you can use your smartphone for calling, sending SMS and even for gaming. Some professionals even use their smartphones to send email. Smartphone 2. Point-and-shoot Camera: 0
  • One area of photography where the point-and-shoot obviously scores high is lighting. Even the most advanced smartphones cannot compare to the quality of low light pictures taken by point-and-shoots. There are phone models that come with strong sensors, but they’re the bulky ones – and they’re not really popular with the public. With your smartphone’s small sensors, you need to be physically close to your subject to take good resolution photos. Ordinary point-and-shoot cameras may not be as advanced as SLRs, but there are a lot of models that have special features. They have built-in flash, autofocus and exposure options. You can adjust the settings when you need to take photos in areas with minimal lighting. Smartphone 2. Point-and-shoot Camera: 1
  • Smartphones have features that allow you to immediately share your photos to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media sites. You don’t need to transfer them to your laptop for uploading and sharing. Although some point-and-shoots now have these so-called “social tools”, they’re still on its infancy stage. Also, most of them have slow Wi-Fi connections. Some are not user-friendly as compared to smartphones. Smartphone 3. Point-and-shoot Camera: 1

The score is 3-1. It’s a big win for the smartphone. However, there are other important aspects that you need to consider before deciding if it’s time to do away with your point-and-shoot. It’s also wise to think about your budget and your purpose. If photography is your main source of livelihood, then maybe the smartphone camera should only be a second option for you.

If there is one thing that the so-called smartphone and point-and-shoot rivalry has brought about, it is the reality that more people are now interested in photography. As such, manufacturers are inspired to come up with better products.

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