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Canon EOS 1300D – Rebel T6 – Camera Review, How Good Is It?

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The Canon Rebel T6, or 1300D as it is also called, is an entry-level DSLR camera, designed for people who want to develop their photography and perhaps move up from compact photography or bridge camera photography.

It has a good range of options in terms of helping people progress from the fully Auto settings to the preset ranges such as portrait or landscape, or food photography and and then on to the semi-automatic settings (Aperture priority or Shutter Speed priority on to full manual. It’s quite nicely done. The design of the camera is simple, so it doesn’t overwhelm you with too many buttons or distracting options. It’s very well put together, and feels solid in the hand. The button tends to be designed for a right-handed photographer.

The file size it is just over 18 megapixels. There are cameras in this band which will offer you 24 megapixels, but 18 will give you 50 megabyte file and that’s pretty much big enough for anybody. Professional cameras only five years ago would have shot about 18 possibly 24 megapixels as a maximum, so this is a pretty decent size.

The second thing to look at is the processor which is a DIGIC4+ processor. It is a an incremental increase on the DIGIC4 but Canon say it’s about 60% percent faster and more efficient which is pretty good, and as a processor for this type of camera it works very well. It produces very high quality images and it can turn them around very quickly which means that when you get onto the burst speed which is 3 frames per second – not the fastest – but when you are shooting Jpgs at 3 frames per second, you can shoot continuously because the processor is fast enough to turn those into jpegs and format them very quickly. Which means there’s no lag at all.

The next thing to talk about is the ISO range. It starts at 100 and goes up to 6,400 with a possible boost up to 12,800. Now to be honest most photographers probably won’t want to go beyond 3,200 for this camera. To be fair, there’s not a great deal of noise up to 3,200. There is a bit getting up to 6400 and more at 12800. But most photographers will probably want to work with in the 100 to 800 range and for that this is a pretty good camera.

The Rebel T6 also has a high resolution screen on the back which is very useful for two reasons – first of all you will need it if you’re going to shoot video because that’s how you look to shoot video through the screen. You will also possibly want it for shooting stills. This is ideal for people coming up from compact photography because that’s how they shot before. The screen itself is very good it’s actually really good high resolution and it does represent what you would see through the lens very well. The other reason for the screen is that it allows you to navigate through the menus and the tabs. It is not too complicated on the menus – it’s actually quite intuitive.

In terms of Auto focus it has nine points which is OK. There are cameras which have more and why would you have more? Well if you’re shooting something very small and very fast then having more focus points is useful, but for most purposes having a nine-point diamond shape focus Autofocus system is enough and as I say because we go back again to the processor the processor is quick enough so the autofocus is pretty sharp and pretty quick. The only places where you find difficulty are in very low light and also sometimes when you’re shooting something which is low contrast so if you’re shooting something which is all the same or similar sorts of colors. It will sometimes have difficulty focusing on that.

In terms of video it’s actually very easy to use – there’s an option on the dial. It will shoot Full HD 1080, it will shoot HD 720 and then it will go down to 640 as well it shoots progressive not interlace and so actually the quality that comes out of here is really pretty good. Of course Canon have an excellent reputation for video cameras.

One of the great selling points of this camera is its connectivity It has Wi-Fi and NFC connections which means that you can either send pictures, or videos, for that matter to your phone or your laptop computer and get them on social media or to your social media platforms very quickly and that’s a really useful thing. Obviously it’s for a generation who are into that kind of thing and they’re the generation probably who are moving up from the compacts and the bridges so it’s a really useful function.

Overall, this is a very good camera – especially for those who want to learn about photography and take it further. If you wanted to be picky you could say that it doesn’t really excel anywhere. The only thing that is cutting edge is the Wi-Fi connectivity. You could say that the frame speed is a bit slow – yes it is. You could say that 9 point AF could be better – yes it could, and you could. But this is a very competitively priced camera for people who want to learn about photography and take it further. I think on that basis Canon have probably made most of the right decisions.

There are a couple of things I would have quite liked to have seen. I’d have liked to have seen an HDR function because I think that produces really strong photography and encourages people to take more pictures because they like that look. Also I don’t quite liked for video to have had an external microphone socket which I don’t think would have cost too much to put in and would have taken the video potential of this camera little bit further.

Jeremy Bayston is a picture editor and has worked in the photographic industry for over twenty five years. Visit his photography website, here. Or watch videos about the Canon 1300D here.

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