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tiffany_6578-gm copy_1After reading several iffy reviews and comments on Amazon I decided to drive over to ePhoto Inc. and take a look at this for myself. Construction seems solid and designed to work with most of today’s DSLR cameras. Because this is my first DSLR rig I don’t really have anything to compare it with, so take this review with a grain of newbie salt. The unit comes fully assembled, which is a major plus in my book. The thing I like most about this, what attracted me the most is that it is all black. I had looked for some time and wasn’t able to find a competing model that was entirely black.

I am using the ePhoto DSLR Rig with a Nikon D3200 which is one of the smallest cameras on today’s market. It was very cramped and took about 10 minutes and TLC to install. The follow focus had to be located on the right side to accommodate my smallest lens, but works perfectly there. The rails seem more than adequate with all except my longest lenses; I may look for some 15mm rods in the 15” to 18” range, if I need to use a telephoto zoom often. In order to center my lenses perfectly within the matte box I had to shim the camera up approximately 3/16 of an inch. I did this by drilling a hole in a piece of plastic which I found that was already approximately the same size as the base plate.



DDP_1794 DDP_1787a DDP_1787 ephoto-rig_1783

Once assembled the ePhoto rig was very comfortable and stable to use. The two handles are easily adjustable and very comfortable to grip with the neoprene covered hand grips. The shoulder mount does not have the ability to add counterweights, although the shoulder mount can easily be replaced with anything that mounts to 15 mm rods. Because I am primarily going to use the ePhoto DSLR Rig on a tripod or a camera slider, the shoulder mount is not a major concern of mine.

The adjustment knobs seem very strong and easy to use. The follow focus is awesome, but because it’s black I’m using a white grease pencil to make the marks, which also work great. I’ve only used the unit about three times since I bought it, but have no complaints whatsoever. Because my camera is so small it will fit in the rig with a third-party battery grip attached. However the gears on the follow focus will not engage the lens gear and will be unusable.


Check it out here:



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