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“The Story of Kelsi de Joux and Modeling”
Written by Rick Trottier – RJT Images

With the thoughts of Kelsi de Joux of Light Works Studio


The Journey through Life takes some amazing twists and turns. From the time of our earliest memories, forces outside our control cause our days to be filled with small surprises as well as stunning situations. As we grow and learn, we gain the power to shape the course of events in our lives to a greater or lesser degree, which hones our own ability to understand change, accept that which we cannot control and bring order to the caprices of existence that we have the capacity to manage. The more knowledge and skills we attain aids in lending a degree of stability to daily life, while it simultaneously intensifies our own aptitude for unleashing varying levels of chaos caused by blundering into circumstances we have not encompassed within our thoughts. And so it is that man has the gift to impose his will on the journey of life but that in and of itself makes the outcomes of our actions that much more unpredictable. For the path may be set before our feet and our own inability to see the signs pointing in the right direction causes us to release disaster when we act disharmoniously with the plan of the cosmos. And yet, sometimes we hear the Music of the Spheres as clearly as church bells and the path before us unfolds as smoothly as a silk tapestry. Modeling is like all the undertakings of life in that it is subject to the immense sea changes and the subtle shifts of current that all vocations and avocations experience. And since models tend to be of a more mercurial personal nature, that trail through the trees can be somewhat more dramatic than most of our enterprises.


IMG_7I encourage models in their professional decision-making in two ways that are seemingly at variance, but which actually can be easily wedded and work in concert. On the one hand I preach to girls to “find that which they are best at in the wide field of modeling, and OWN it”! It is so very important for a girl to discover her truest calling and her greatest strengths and then mine those qualities in the very best and most successful manner she can. But at the same time, I often counsel girls to be diverse in their modeling and attempt new things, understanding that NO ONE can be good at everything and some efforts might end in failure. Learning to be diverse in your modeling talents, but also be as skilled as possible in those subsets of modeling where a girl’s optimum talents lie is the path of wisdom for it allows a girl to broadly cast her net that will likely catch as many opportunities as any fisherman plying his trade on a rich stretch of water. The truly wise young lady assesses her strengths and weaknesses, explores new opportunities and manages to evaluate her modeling and herself on a regular basis, observing the ever evolving elements of both parts of her life, and finding compromise between the two worlds as often as it can be made to exist.


And when it comes to examining the many modeling journeys I am fortunate enough to be part of in one fashion or another, there are simply no models like Kelsi de Joux. Just from a visual standpoint, she combines so many amazing facets that like any brilliantly blazing jewel, there is always so very much to see. Some models have ONE hypnotic characteristic that sets their facial beauty apart. Kelsi has several, from her cerulean crystal eyes, so large and fathomless, to her large and liquid lips, so very sensuous and voluptuous and then of course there is that phenomenal mane of fiery hair, a marvel of both color and texture that is simply unforgettable. It isn’t often that a girl can say she has three or more defining beauty characteristics, but Kelsi has that and even greater abundance of blessings. So beyond her hear-shattering face, there is her spectacular physique, which like her diverse countenance has more than one unforgettable quality. Kelsi was born with a landscape of bewildering curves, all of which make her as glamorous and desirable as the very best Men’s Magazine Models of all-time. With her height and length, her curves are stretched over a figure that dares even the finest connoisseur of female exquisiteness to find flaws. And yet since adolescence, Kelsi has had a healthy interest in athletics and has pursued her fitness goals consistently over the years, working to sculpt her physique and get the very most of it, combining sex appeal and strength, feminine wiles and pure force into a heady combination. Having both beauty of face and figure sets the stage for the pathways of modeling to open quite a few interesting portals moving to unguessed countries.


IMG_3And so it is that Kelsi, more than most models, was and still is presented with a lot of choices as to what kind of a modeling journey she would wish to embark upon and continue as days, weeks and months pass into years. On one hand, her interest in athletics would seem to indicate that fitness would be the best choice. However her immeasurably sexy figure would lend itself to Glamour of various types. Then of course, there all the wide-ranging kinds of modeling that encompass the realm of Beauty Looks. Kelsi has the capacity to do any and all of that, and has dabbled and dived into those genres time and again. It has been a fascinating tale of learning, growth, self-expression and self-discovery. And getting some of her thoughts when it comes to the journey through modeling will allow for a much better understanding of how this intelligent and creative young lady thinks.


GlamModelz Magazine: Your modeling has evolved steadily throughout your career. Describe for us the journey your modeling has taken so far and the changes you have observed in Kelsi de Joux as a model.


Kelsi de Joux: It has been a learning experience. I have met wonderful people at times along with some that don’t mean as well. It’s one of those things that frequently requires you to be alert and ready. Modeling also requires a creative and positive attitude. You must learn to adapt to your surrounding as nothing always goes as planned. To be a model, you must be flexible and yet determined.



IMG_5GlamModelz Magazine:  What are some of the most positive changes you’ve experienced in modeling both in you and modeling in general? What are some of the changes you consider less beneficial?


Kelsi de Joux: My confidence and belief in myself and my understanding of what I am capable of have all been wonderful positive outcomes of modeling. There’s no room for doubt in this lifestyle and you must take constructive criticism, and accept positive and negative feedback. With that you also must turn all of it into something that radiates from within and makes you shine.



GlamModelz Magazine:  Where do you see your modeling going as the road unfolds?


Kelsi de Joux: I have found myself lately more drawn to fitness. I love Glamour that will never change. But with modeling also comes your willingness to try new and exciting things. I have always been strongly built and have felt lately I might fit well in that category. As I go forward, I really want to be as diverse as possible and promote positive examples to others.



Kelsi has had her ups and downs in this Industry to be sure. Like most models, she has had to deal with jealousy from other women, which often turn to unpleasant words and deeds. Attentions from all manner of men, inside and outside the Industry, are not always as positive and supportive as could be. Many times, girls who are subjected to these kinds of negative experiences wilt like a flower on a scorching Summer day, but Kelsi has stood firm and continued to evolve as a person and as a model. Like the iridescent and enthralling opal, Kelsi’s approach to modeling is a swirl of colors and designs but all creating a harmonious pattern that has purpose and meaning. The entire reason for creating this feature-interview was to use Kelsi’s experiences to show a mix of imagery and offer some wisdom that would help models to understand, it isn’t the destination that matters, but the voyage itself. Each day brings a new challenge and each experience presents the chance to become that much better at something you love. There is never a moment when a girl has “mastered” modeling. Like the waves of the ocean, there are peaks and troughs, calm reaches and stormy seas. All of which make for a Fabulous Journey through waters that will always be endlessly interesting given the chance to voyage on them.


Managing Editor, GlamModelz Magazine I’m a Central New England photographer based out of Worcester, MA, just one hour west of Boston. I specialize in fashion and glamor commercial imagery as well portraiture of all types. My style is a blend of commercially viable work melded with artistic innovation, whether on location or in studio. I prize collaboration quite highly and am proud of the fact that most of my work displays the ideas and designs of my models as much as it does my skills, efforts and planning. Rick has published 86, articles with GlamModelz Magazine.

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