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IMG_1-gmc-Rebecca“Thoughts on Health and Fitness with Rebecca DiNitto LeSaffre”
Created, Edited and Introduction by Rick Trottier – RJT Images.

Makeup & Hair for Rebecca by Sarah Desmarais



Americans are obsessed with freedom and liberty, not knowing how little true freedom they have in their lives. One of the most brilliant statements I have ever seen is inscribed in the façade of the Worcester Courthouse. “Obedience to the Law is Freedom”. How true that is. Without Law, there is only the Rule of the Strong, and such a life is devoid of freedom. But the yoke of following personal, family, municipal and civic law is onerous. And too often the things we most want in life are a question of “access”. I always wanted to play NFL Football, but was never 6’6” tall and weighed 275 lbs. So my access to such a life was restricted. Was I denied liberty? Of course not, not all things in life is something we can realistically have. But a healthy, active, fit life is something almost everyone can obtain, at any age, from any station and in any manner of methods. Fitness is the true playing field where everyone can participate, everyone can see success and everyone can walk away feeling better about themselves. You just need a plan, a place, to be motivated and to stick with it.

 IMG_4 - Rebecca

Rebecca DiNitto LeSaffre is a fitness/wellness coach at The Way Gym in Woburn. At 52 years old, she defies all the naysayers who look at health and beauty as being something entirely in the realm of youth. While this article focuses on Rebecca’s ideas and philosophy of fitness, the imagery is a mix of Rebecca’s fitness modeling and that of women who come to my studio with the idea of celebrating their desire to live a healthier life. As such, it was a perfect fit to blend Rebecca’s thoughts, her images and those of other people who seek a life of freedom in obedience to the law of listening to their bodies and finding a better path.




IMG_12 - NickyI got into the business of being a fitness coach and running my own gym when I discovered that exercise and a healthy lifestyle could really make a difference with health problems. Shortly after the birth of my son, when I was 30 years old I started getting severe migraines. My migraines progressed from the typical headache to all the complications related to serious migraines. I had vision problems, numbness on the left side of my face and arm, problems that really had an impact on my daily life.  I was put on medication but I didn’t like the way that it made me feel. As I was looking for alternatives to traditional medicine, I did some research about healthy eating and exercise decided to try it. It was a huge success, and I now get only one or two migraines per year. This inspired me to start my own fitness business to help others see the benefits of exercise.


The three most important goals I have for my fitness business is to empower people to believe in themselves, to inspire them to achieve their fitness goals regardless of their age and to create a sense of community and family where we all support each other. My philosophy of the whole person health would be to not focus on your body alone, but rather a connection of the mind, body and spirit by living a healthy lifestyle.

IMG_9 - Christine Marie



IMG_22 - GinaI can’t say that I really have a “classic fitness routine” for my clients.  Since I also have a background in physical therapy, I typically do an assessment at their first session. I look for proper form and any muscle imbalances they may have and from there create an individualized program. The program may include some corrective exercises as well as your typical gym exercises depending on the person’s needs. I would say the things that would never change from client to client will be to make sure that they have proper form when doing exercises otherwise they increase their risk of injury. It is inevitable that at some point you’re going to have to miss work out. I typically don’t miss a work out unless I’m sick, however I do recognize that life gets crazy and sometimes we need to miss a work out due to our schedules. Whatever the reason, if you need to occasionally miss a work out, I would just try to stay positive don’t stress about it and get back to your routine as soon as possible.


I encourage all of my clients to allow me to help them with their nutritional decision-making.  As a certified fitness nutrition coach, I believe that without proper nutrition you cannot truly achieve all your fitness goals. I am a believer in something called flexible dieting, which is a program where you are assigned a certain number of carbohydrates, proteins and fats that you can eat daily. As long as you hit those numbers you can eat anything that fits into that plan. Obviously if you are eating unhealthy foods you are not going to see the same results even if you are hitting those numbers as you would when eating healthy foods. I like this approach better than a restrictive diet which I find to be ineffective because we crave what is restricted which leads to failure. I try my best to eat lots of protein, fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. I don’t want to say that there are some things that people should avoid at all costs but clearly eating unhealthy foods will lead to unhealthy results. However I find that occasionally treating yourself is not a bad thing.

IMG_13 - Rebecca


IMG_20 - NicholeI am definitely motivated to inspire others.  I hear from my clients all the time that they are too old to get in shape or that they don’t have time to get in shape because of the kids, job, and other forces in their lives. I’m here to show them that age is just a number and anything is possible. I have two children and when I was 50 years old I participated in my first fitness bikini competition, and here I am today at age 52 in GlamModelz Magazine as a fitness model. I hope that when people look at me they get inspired to live a healthy lifestyle.  The message that I want people take away from their time with me is that if you believe in yourself and work hard you can achieve anything you set your mind to regardless of your age.


I was prompted to begin my journey to greater health and fitness shortly after the birth of my second child at age 33. Prior to this I led a pretty unhealthy lifestyle of smoking not eating very healthy and not exercising.  I was tired all the time and developed severe migraines. I had heard the exercise would help with all of my symptoms so I decided to give this “exercise” thing a try. It made me feel so much better in all aspects of my life, and I was hooked from that point on.


Since I started competing in fitness competitions, I now feel I feel that I’m currently in the best shape of my life. I’m not perfect and still have things I’d like to work on, but overall I am happy with where my fitness level is today. Because of this, I now feel that I can achieve a variety of fitness goals from a sprint triathlon, to a road race, to an obstacle course race to training for another fitness competition.


I have to admit that after participating in several fitness competitions I did feel a little pressure to maintain that level of conditioning. However I realized that this is very unattainable and actually unhealthy. Getting in that good of shape is really meant as a short-term goal.  Now I have come to terms with it and I try to keep a healthy fit appearance but not to the extreme as I would look in preparing for a fitness competition. I have done a mix of fitness modeling so far and I thoroughly enjoyed it! It has completely changed the way I look at myself and has boosted my self-confidence immensely. I would like to continue to model and gain as much exposure as I can so that I can spread the word that you can be fit regardless of your age.


My motivation to stay in shape and be healthy is not only for my own well-being but to be a role model for my family and clients and to inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle regardless of your age.

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