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Seven awesome tips to make great Thanksgiving ecards

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The annual Thanksgiving Day is coming close to us, and then the Christmas. Have you ever think of creating your own ecard for your family, friends, business customer and all people concerned about you? It’s not just a celebration and what’s more is to send your respect and regard of a message with a few sentences to let them know you care about them. It’s about love and thanks rather than a simple ecard.

Let’s take few minutes to share some tips before making your unique personalized ecard with video and music. Certainly people around you will cast envious glances with admiration at your engaging and love-filled masterpiece, and don’t tell them you just make it with PowerPoint.


1. Insert photos contain delicious foods people eat in Thanksgiving Day. Turkey, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie are the essential delicacies for the Thanksgiving dinner. You can also create a photo slideshow in PowerPoint to boost their appetites.

2. Show yourself and bless for them. It’s quite easy to make the feeling real and gracious if people can see what card sender look like in ecard, so take a picture of yourself with a decent and polite image. No doubt your family and friends will consider you a genial man, as well a trustworthy man to your business customers.

3. Speak out your wishes. People like to hear wishes from others, so why not share your voice to make them happy? With a microphone you can record a paragraph of blessedness words, accompanied by Thanksgiving background music. You will feel good as people receive your warmhearted wishes.

4. Add some little interesting objects to decorate your ecard. Try to think over what things can capture people’s eyes within few square centimeter sized ecard. Sometimes adding a small gadget at the corner of ecard, or inserting a vivid animated flash video in your ecard can seize your audiences at once when opening the ecard. Google what he/she likes and make it as a spot-light in your ecard.

Interesting objects - Thankgiving pictures

5. Send greetings to each member of the household. People always appreciate for things good to their family than themselves. Take time to personalize the ecard you send out with a message specific to the people and people around them. In that case, there will be more people reading your ecard, making a deeper impression about you.

6. Remind them the sweet memories with you. Make another paragraph begin with “have you ever remembered the last time we…” after the greeting. The old past has gone but the memories keeps young forever. Make full use of old memories can strike a responsive chord in the hearts of your family and friends.

Sweet memories

7. Make your ecard interactive. A fantastic ecard should motivate people’s enthusiasm and make them to join in as a member of celebration. With the custom animation feature in PowerPoint, you can creator some step-by-step topics or questions to attract people and give them an unexpected surprise at the end of ecard.

Interactive ecard

Here are also some additional tips to beautify your ecard for Thanksgiving, feel free to pick up and make full use of them.

~ Make the theme of ecard correspondent with seasons
~ Share a short touching story
~ Sign your name
~ Insert video clips of yourself
~ Tell them to look forward to the next exciting part

All special effects mentioned in tips can be achieved readily with PowerPoint, you can simply convert your PowerPoint-based ecard into Flash movie ecard by software like Wondershare PPT2flash. Enjoy creating your own ecard and wish all of you a great Thanksgiving Day.

Written by tangyi of the Article Loft


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