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Since time immemorial, human beings have been fascinated with the concept of storing records and memories for posterity, and a photo album serves this purpose well. There was a time during the initial phase of photography
when capturing images and developing them was a tedious process. Today, with the advent of the digital age, you can easily invest in creating memories without any hassles. All you have to do is aim and shoot, using a handy and portable digital camera or video camera, or-better still-using a mobile phone that doubles as a camera.

History Of Photography

The term “photography” was coined by Sir John Herschel, who combined the two Greek words “Photos” and “Graphe”. The first photographs were very obscure black and white images of the subject, and were developed painstakingly using a special liquid in a dark room. The lens of the camera used a small aperture to focus light on a suitable media such as film to produce a “Negative,” which was later processed to give a “Positive,” or more life-like image. Eventually, color film was developed and the photographer could capture lifelike images printed in color. Photo prints could be kept in a photo album and referred back to when reminiscing about the past and reliving an occasion such as a marriage, a new baby, or a special picnic. A photo album was therefore a priceless gift.

The Digital Photo Revolution
Nowadays, photo printing has become much simpler. Moreover, few people use analog cameras anymore. Digital cameras are easy to handle, carry, and operate, and do not require cumbersome processing of film. You can easily
capture images using digital cameras and create a photo gallery using your computer. All digital cameras and mobile phones can be connected using your computer’s USB port, and data transfer is fast and easy. Using the software available today, you can also crop, resize, rotate and edit the digitally captured shots as you see fit. The Internet has provided yet another powerful option for photographers today-you can easily create photo albums online, and also create individualized collages and collections. All you need to do is create a user account on one of the numerous online photo sharing sites. Nowadays, digital photo frames allow you to electronically store multiple photographs and can double as a great photo album. Such items are unique gifts that you can give a friend or a relative on any special occasion.

A Photo Album Makes A Great Gift

A traditional, paper-based photo album is essentially a space for compiling photographs so that they are not damaged by changes in climate or to natural wear and tear. In the case of the digital world, you can easily store your photos on a computer or on micro SD cards that can store thousands of images. For photo prints, there are a large variety of photo albums available on the market, and you can choose one based on the size of your pictures, the number of slots available, and the design and durability of the album itself. A photo album is a gift that everyone will cherish, because everyone loves to see pictures of loved ones and preserve memories of special occasions.

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