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ericka_3580-copyMost amateur photographers now have access to a wide array of reputable photographic equipment, from basic “point and shoot” cameras to the more professional Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras. However, there is a huge disparity in costs in the range of photographic equipment. For a hobbyist photographer, upgrading to a DLSR (or even just a cross-over) is a decision which requires careful thought. To make that decision, you must understand the fundamental differences between these types of camera and consider if the upgrade in photographic capability is something you actually need.

1. The Sensor: DSLR cameras have a much larger sensor than a point and shoot, catching more light and more accurate data, which will result in images with much higher quality. It is important not to confuse mega-pixels with sensor size. A DSLR with the same mega-pixel rating as a point and shoot will take better quality images because of the larger sensor size. The result is that you will be able to print images off at much larger scales. However, most point and shoot cameras take personal use images which can comfortably be printed at 8 x 10 inches. Unless your photographic ambitions are more lofty, a good point and shoot camera will suffice in terms of image resolution.

2. Lenses. This is a fairly simple and obvious one. Most mirrorless cameras do not have the capability to switch lenses between standard wide-angle, zoom, telephoto, prime, or macro. This disparity tend to manifest itself in a range of technical imperfections borne out of a lack of lens capability can make an image un-usable commercially. This includes tools such a digital zoom, which can never be a truly viable alternative to optical zoom.

3. Program Settings. Point and shoot cameras offer the user relatively little control over aperture size and shutter speed, instead they often offer a “macro”, “landscape”, or “sport” mode. While these settings may satisfy a casual user, the creative control is severely limited in a point and shoot. In a DSLR, the ability (and even the desire) to manipulate combinations of shutter speed and aperture size sets the professional apart from the casual user. Therefore, if you have any kind of photographic ambition, you would be advised to ditch the automatic settings and learn how to use a DSLR.

4. Exposure Control. As described above, point and shoot cameras offer only limited creative control. This also applies to exposure, where the camera will automatically adjust the ISO to create an image with the right balance between highlights and shadows. The downside to this is noise, which has the potential to damage image quality if used for commercial purposes, rather than personal purposes. Photographers at semi-professional level and above should aspire to control ISO themselves.

Obviously, continuing advances in photographic technology will eventually begin to close the gap between the DSLR and the ‘point and shoot’. However, it is these points that for the moment, set the two apart. Many professional photographers will carry a cheaper, more accessible camera for convenience. Very few of them, though, will envisage a scenario in which the DSLR becomes a defunct concept in the art of digital photography.

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