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A photographer who wishes to purchase a digital SLR camera should consider purchasing a Nikon D800 but this is after serious deliberations and also comparisons with other cameras and also the needs that they would want met with such a type of camera. This camera is used by professional photographers who require the highest and the best of quality, and also require a completely ingrained imaging system and super fast speed and functionality. These images that are captured by this camera are always of cinematic quality.

The above mentioned camera gives very high quality images to photographers and clear images is what people in this career look for. If an image is not clear then one does not have a good image. This camera contains an effective pixel count of 36.3-million pixels (twice as much pixels than the Nikon D4). Experts and even professionals that have used this camera have stated that this is the lightest and fully framed camera that Nikon has ever made before.

The Nikon D800 provides the same video quality if not higher than a standard D4 however the former is lighter, smaller and even cheaper. This camera is capable of shooting full 1080p HD video in either FX or DX modes – yours to choose depending on your creative intentions. Combined with the processing power of the new EXPEED 3 processor, you can shoot broadcast quality video at 30 fps.

Imagine being able to shoot an entire movie by using a portable camera, or being able to record a live view just by the use of a camera, not a video camera such as a PD 175 or a VX 2100 but with a camera that has an option of capturing video. All these duties can be carried out by the D800 camera that has been the most recent addition to the DSLRs manufactured by Nikon.

The Nikon D800 gives you a new 91K-pixel RGB sensor. When a human face is detected in the frame, 3D Color Matrix Metering III bases exposure control on the brightness of that face so that the face is optimally exposed even with backlighting. In addition, the superior resolution of the metering sensor, that makes full use of an incredible 91,000 pixels, enables extremely precise analysis of the scene for more accurate control over autofocusing, auto exposure, i-TTL flash control, and also auto white balance.

This amazing camera has not let down any of its users and if a professional photographer is considering of upgrading their version of a camera then this camera has been highly recommended.

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