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The Nikon D5100 Camera Review

The Nikon D5100 review has looked over how being, the next step up from the D5000 has changed photography for its users. It has a lot of fun effects that allow entry level photographers to use more professional features without full experience and has many features that have been taken from its predecessors such as the D3100 and D7000

Features of the D5100 Nikon

This Nikon D5100 review looks at the features of this model, the first feature that stood out was the LCD screen which has been bracket mounted so that it tilts to 360 degrees. The benefit being able to turn the screen to different angles allows those with more expertise to enjoy the 1080p high definition mode to its full potential.

The effects mode has seven options that are specifically for immediate results in-camera. They are night vision, miniature, high key, low key, silhouette, selective and sketch color modes.

This version seems to be aimed toward the bigger market where it can be used by photographers of all levels. Whether the user is looking for fun or a more serious approach they will not be disappointed.

The camera boasts a 16.2MP APS-C CMOS sensor and a 2 image processor giving users excellent image quality. The 420-pixel RGB sensor takes care of the metering with ease. This model also has an 11 point AF system and a Li-ion battery for long use in-between charges. The 1080p movie mode gives it 24/25/30fps letting the user adjust the frame rate accordingly.


The tilting adjustable LCD screen is most definitely a pro and with the same processing as the D7000 model makes it great value for money. It has an excellent speed and of course battery life, which is essential for any photographer. The filter affects and HDR are in camera and videos can be captured with control of aperture. The external microphone port allows additional equipment for audio quality in all environments.


You can’t autofocus when using a screw drive lens but you don’t have to worry about fiddling when you want to take good shots on the go. If you want flash control it isn’t built in but this is better for customization.


This Nikon D5100 review has shown this model to be an excellent camera for photographers whether they are just starting out or have been at it for a while. It has more than enough functions to appease a professional but not too many to be overwhelming to someone that is just getting started. The tilting screen gives photographers a new view and ability to add a different perspective to their photography, without having to lie or hang in awkward positions to achieve their goal.

The excellent battery life is great for those that don’t have the time to charge in-between shots or the facilities if they are taking shots outdoors without a power source. Great for taking pictures of the family, wildlife and even action videos on the go. Functions that people loved from the older models and even including many that are in the more recent.

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