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Featured Beauty Artist – Sonia Sandhu

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In the model-photography industry the models and photographers routinely bask in the spotlight while the stylists and beauty professionals quitely go about their work, sometimes
completely unmentioned. This is a shame because the difference between a good shoot and a bad shoot sometimes comes down to the hair stylist or makeup artist we choose to work with. So it seems only fair that every now and then at GlamModelz, we stop to recognize the contributions of the faces behind the faces – the beauty professionals who support the models and photographers to make the beautiful people look… BEAUTIFUL. And what better place to begin than with my own regular styling team for portfolio shoots: Sonia Sandhu Beauty.

GlamModelz Magazine: How long have you been working in the beauty industry?

Sonia: I have been in the beauty industry for over 15 years. Makeup/Beauty/Fashion is my passion and I love to make people happy and beautiful! I have a natural passion for the art of makeup and I assure you will witness it through my work. I love playing with colors to make all my clients look naturally stunning.

I currently run my own business and have been involved with MAC Cosmetics in the Chicago area since 2000. Being trained by MAC has been such an asset to my career. While in London, I trained with Ash Kumar (www.ashkumar.com) who is a leader in the Asian beauty world. I learned tips and tricks that have helped advance my artistic techniques and made my clients look their their best. I do bridal events as well as fashion and with both I love to use color to enhance the natural beauty of my clients.


GlamModelz Magazine: You style both bridal and model looks and i’m sure each requires a very different approach. What differences have you noticed?
Sonia: I started working with bridal clients about 10 years ago and then eased into the fashion world. I already had the knowledge of how to make face and body look glamorous in real-life and in a picture so it was a very easy transition. My bridal clients are usually of Asian decent so it always involved a lot of color and pop. This was almost like the fashion world. I enjoy doing both my bridal and fashion clientele. I love to recreate looks I see as well as make up my own using my crazy and fun imagination!
GlamModelz Magazine: You do both hair and makeup styling. Which would you say is your forte, or which do you prefer?

Sonia: Even though I have the ability to do both makeup and hair – Makeup is my forte. I love making my bridal clients naturally beautiful and flawless and my fashion clients bold and different. I love to color-play, so you will see a lot of that in my work. I have to tell you that I love-love-love being a makeup artist because every face is a blank canvas and its my job to create an amazing outcome. One of my favorite things about being a makeup and hair artist is the interaction with clients because I love working with people and that I get to make this world beautiful, one client at a time. I am so grateful for where I was and where I have come. I truly enjoy my career and enjoy teaching my clients how they can become a fashionista with just a little bit of makeup and hair.

GlamModelz Magazine: What do you see as the big trend for makeup or hair this year? Any guess what next year’s trends might be?

Sonia: The current trend is the bold, bright lip… which I am loving! Any woman can wear this look: just make sure that all of the rest of your makeup is neutral and then add a splash of color on your lips. Makeup is what you make of it. Every woman is different so create own your style and make it unique… just like you.

GlamModelz Magazine: When you’re not making people beautiful, what can we find you doing?

Sonia: My sole passion is making others beautiful and happy! If I am not out doing makeup and hair I am with my three beautiful daughters and wonderful husband. I also am trying to be more of a blogger and update my website with new tips and tricks for makeup/hair and the latest fashion trends.

To see more of Sonia’s work, please visit the website at http://www.soniasandhu.com/


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