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Featured Guest: Monica, MUA – Jose, Stylist

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Guest Stylist & Makeup Artist: Jose Batistine & Monica Tufts of Indra Salon

Talent is an essential characteristic that can often time lead to success. However talent is rarely enough by itself. There are other qualities that lead a gifted person down the road to greater achievement. Creativity is one trait necessary. A person must be able to think outside their normal patterns of productivity to bend new experiences to their will, make something unique and leave a lasting impression. In addition, energy and enthusiasm can fuel great leaps forward and the positive attitudes of such people make them a joy to work with. Jose Batistine and Monica Tufts on Indra Salon in Andover, MA are exactly those types of brilliant professionals. I had the initial pleasure of working with them on a shoot for Performer Magazine in March, arranged by Mike Zotos and Tony Hyppolite, who brought a team of folks together for a very memorable evening. After that great event, I knew I wanted to bring Jose and Monica back for other chances to create beauty. The ideal moment came when I was able to connect the exquisite and wonderful Emily Danielle, who had recently joined the Promotional Modeling Group – The Pit Girls and her need for exciting new imagery for that specific portfolio imagery. Jose and Monica were clearly the right ingredients to a remarkable experience. The Pit Girls owners/managers Ken Kelley and Jack Bogard agreed and on a lovely morning in mid May, beauty came into being through the good offices of some talented people. Days like that should happen all the time.


IMG_0106 - Emily

GlamModelz Magazine: Tell me a little about yourself?
Jose: I was born in Puerto Rico and  moved to Boston at the age of six years old. I am very passionate about many things. I love designing and developing new and interesting ideas. I am always up for a challenge.

Monica: I was born and raised in Haverhill, MA. For fun, my biggest passion is of course, anything pertaining to beauty (hair make up artistry, and personal styling/clothing). With over seven years of experience in hairstyling and make up artistry, I am most passionate about my work.

GlamModelz Magazine: What sparked your interest in cosmetology?
Jose: I started showing interest at the age of 12 when my best friend needed a haircut and couldn’t afford to pay for one. By the time i turned 15, I was cutting everyone’s hair, at that point I couldn’t stop.

Monica: I come from a large family of which three of my cousins are in the industry and with my passion for the arts and personality they suggested that I enroll in Blaine Cosmetology Program in Boston. Now I look back on that time as the best thing I have ever done for myself.

IMG_0109 - EmilyGlamModelz Magazine: How did you get started working with models and photographers?
Jose: I started working on events at a very young age. As my skills developed, i started to get noticed and was asked to do shoots and events in Boston. Now I’m doing shows in New York City, Miami and Orlando, FL.

Monica: I have done several fashion shows and events in the area and met many models and photographers but above all, Indra Salon is associated with some great events and fantastic advertising. When working any event I concentrate on doing the best job I can as well as working together with the photographer to achieve a specific look.

 Tell me about working at Indra Salon and the Team of Professionals there.
Jose: Indra salon is an amazing place to work at. It is full of young and energized international professionals. I am honored to be a part of this great and successful company and the level of talent that i am exposed to on a daily basis.

Monica: I am very proud to be a member of Team Indra. Every person works and specializes in different things so everyone brings something different and valuable to the table. But at the same time all working together to get the job done cohesively and properly.

IMG_0124 - Emily GlamModelz Magazine: What can models and photographers expect in working with you and the team?
Jose: Not only do I strive for excellence professionalism and prestige, but most important to me is trust, respect and integrity. We cannot forget about a good time either.

Monica: We all are hard working professionals with a passion in beauty at Indra. Each of us are specialists in our own avenue of the beauty industry. You can expect great teamwork and great results from myself and the Indra Team.

GlamModelz Magazine: What are your current projects?
Jose : IBS International beauty show NY, Orlando premiere show which is larger than the IBS show NY, cover shoots for performer.com magazine, original living magazine and candela magazine to name a few. We are averaging over 50 events per year.

Monica: Orlando Premiere Show Stage Extentionist for SoCap Hair, Makeup for cover of Candela Magazine, as well as Original Living Magazine, and my latest venture was Hairstylist and Makeup Artist for a television show in Boston called Nightclub Ratings.

GlamModelz Magazine: What are the craziest materials you have used for a design?
Jose: I utilized she hair extensions human hair and designed two human hair corsets for a big fashion show in Boston. The feedback was insane!

Monica: I have used in the past a craft foam to get an avant garde look for an upstyle in a fashion show.

IMG_0041x - EmilyGlamModelz Magazine: What are your personal goals? 
Jose: I not only want to create opportunities for others to develop, but to continue to work my way to the top, work with celebrities and compete internationally with the big boys in the beauty industry.

Monica: I would love to do some work on set of major movies, TV programs as a hairstylist/airbrush makeup artist. I also would love to see my work in magazines in the future as well. My goal is to really show my love for the beauty industry.

GlamModelz Magazine: When you’re not creating beauty in the salon or at a shoot, what pursuits are your favorites? 
Jose: I love designing, building and inventing anything that has to do with art. I am always busy creating.

Monica: When I am not working I love learning! I love to educate myself on all aspects of beauty. Internet tutorials are my secret addiction!


  • IMG_0066 - Emily

    IMG_0066 – Emily

  • IMG_0041x - Emily

    IMG_0041x – Emily

  • IMG_0083 - Emily

    IMG_0083 – Emily

  • IMG_0089 - Emily

    IMG_0089 – Emily

  • IMG_0104 - Emily

    IMG_0104 – Emily

  • IMG_0106 - Emily

    IMG_0106 – Emily

  • IMG_0109 - Emily

    IMG_0109 – Emily

  • IMG_0124 - Emily

    IMG_0124 – Emily

  • IMG_0132 - Emily

    IMG_0132 – Emily

  • monica-jose-emily



Our gorgeous cover model is Emily Danielle and may be contacted here: Emily Danielle of The Pit Girls  Special Thanks to Ken Kelley & Jack Bogard of The Pit Girls. All photographs in this interview were supplied by Rick Trottier, of RJT Images.



Featured Guest: Monica, MUA – Jose, Stylist

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