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Haute Handbags by Vasaelini

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The Vasaelini brand is a couture collection of designer handbags currently positioned to expand internationally. We are happy to share the recent interview we had with the CEO/Owner of Vasaelini ~ Lily Vasaelini.

GlamModelz Magazine: Lily, we thank you for the time to talk with us about your gorgeous work and exclusive line. How does your background lead up to designing handbags?  Lily Vasaelini: Fashion was always on my mind since a very early age, and I was very particular about the colors and material that I was wearing; my mother was a great inspiration for me as a freelance designer, details and pattern making became a second nature to me. By education, I have a degree in health/science; however fashion excites me and is a great passion. I started sketching for several years prior to launching my line, and after a few years of contemplating I initiated my first creation.

GM: At what point did you just “know” you wanted to design handbags? Vasaelini: Fashion came very natural to me and I was sketching as early as ten. As a child I would try to modify handbag designs, by adding or removing a piece, to make them as I wanted. Finally in December 2009 I decided to bring everything to life and launch my brand.

GM: Classy, elegant and fabulous ~ I love your work. What or who inspires you? Vasaelini: Passion, nature, colors, textures, flowers, photos, paintings, and architectural details are part of my daily inspirations. I dream designs, and I can never stop thinking about the next collection.

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GM: How do YOU define your personal style? Vasaelini: Chic as the French say.

GM: What is your biggest accomplishment to date?  Vasaelini: My two boys.

lily V2GM: What are your future goals ~ personally and professionallyVasaelini: I want to be able to bring my complete vision by creating more for my line, and to be an inspiration to all who are crazy about fashion across the world.

GM: For whom are Vasaelini handbangs created? Vasaelini: All women who care about their looks, even men who want to shop for their girls; and people who appreciate a work of art when they see it.

GM: What obstacles have you faced in this Industry?  Vasaelini: The economy has been affecting the industry in a lot of ways, but I have faith that talent and perseverance will stand up in any situation.

GM: Tell our readers about an unusual event or pivotal point in your careerVasaelini: The most pivotal point in my career was the creation of my first Vasaelini handbag. Taking a design from my mind into a real tangible creation represented a huge milestone for my future as a handbag designer. It gave me the confidence that I needed and has led to many more handbags with more to come.

GM: Are there any events/features/showcases coming up in the near future?  Vasaelini: I am currently scheduling shows in New York, and Europe (Germany, England, Paris) the exact dates will be announced.

GM: An international tour…That is very exciting!

Thank you, Lily. We appreciate your time, adore your work and we look forward to hearing about your continued success.

~Jett Ray for GlamModelz Magazine

Photo Credits:
Hand bags: Lily Vasaelini
Photographers: Aaron Fairooz & Tiffinay Carter
Models: Roxanna Redfoot, Pam Le & Renee Austin
Stylist: Lily Vasaelini
MUAs: Kaia Bellanca & Kim Ngoc Tran

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Haute Handbags by Vasaelini

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