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Sarah-Elizabeth-gmcThe Makeup Artistry of Sarah Elizabeth
Written by Rick Trottier & Sarah Elizabeth
Model: Kelsi De Joux


Watching the evolution of a person is always incredibly fascinating. People always seem to both reinforce your expectations of whom and what they seem to be, but simultaneously surprise you with the directions they choose to take while walking life’s path. No one is entirely predictable, but neither are they wholly mercurial of their natures. I met Sarah Elizabeth many years ago when she was a model. Certainly she was and still is very lovely and one could easily see the potential in her dark beauty. And when I talked with her, intellect was clear and an agile, eclectic mind was obvious. But as is so often the case, her choice of which direction to take with her life lead her away from where my studio was going and we lost touch for some time. But life has a way of bringing people back through those strange eddies and currents in the stream of existence. A little more than a year ago I was shooting with a long-standing client named Elaine (recently featured in GlamModelz on-line and in print) who had chosen to bring her new makeup artist with her and of course it was Sarah. The prodigal daughter had returned and I was very impressed with her skills and talents on that day. My usual makeup artists had become extremely challenging to book due to their busy professional and personal lives and Sarah’s schedule dovetailed beautifully with my own. Since that time, we have worked consistently and have created opportunities for each other for our respective businesses to grow and support their missions as often as possible. It was a great pleasure to get Sarah published in GlamModelz Magazine in some previous articles that could showcase her beautiful work and for this project; bringing one of the pillars of my studio, Kelsi De Joux, together with Sarah was as great a delight as one could ask for. To marry Kelsi’s incredibly exotic looks and Sarah’s boundless creativity is as exhilarating as it gets when doing a Beauty-Makeup Artistry feature. The interesting caveat to this introduction is that Sarah was actually connected to my very first GlamModelz feature, when I was interviewed for the magazine, just before joining the staff. An image of Sarah posing in her green bikini next to a green Lamborghini was included in the picture gallery accompanying my interview. Dave loved that image and wanted to make sure it was there. While I am not one for mysticism and other woolly thinking, possibly I should have seen the handwriting on the wall that Sarah was not meant to stray far from the fold, despite the places her feet have taken her. But she is back, it has been and will hopefully continue to be an absolute joy to work with her and I hope lovers of GlamModelz will enjoy this article-feature as much as I enjoyed being part of its creation.




IMG_4301 GlamModelz Magazine: Tell me a little about your background, a little of your history and a little of the road you’ve taken to get where you are today.    Sarah Elizabeth: I’ve always been fairly artistic with painting and drawing as far back as I can remember. I was always fascinated with my mother’s makeup for the sole reason of it being foreign and “off limits”. I would steal her glass bottle of liquid foundation and hypnotically smear the potion all over my face before running out the door to catch the school bus. It wasn’t until I was about 13 years old that I remember my grandmother bringing me to the Clinique Counter in Macy’s to be shade-matched for my very first liquid foundation. I was hooked.

I was always the girl in high school adorning pink glittering eyelids and loads of mascara on any given day. And the backlash I would get tended to fuel the fire. I craved an unapologetic winged out cat-eye look!

My family and closest friends have come to accept this about me, that the best part of “girl’s night out” was and still is the process of getting ready. It wasn’t until I attended cosmetology class in 2012 that I realized being a freelance makeup artist was a very attainable goal. Since then I currently freelance for MAC, work with a lot of brides and bridal parties for a Day Spa, and of course with the amazing photography of Rick Trottier at Light Works Studio!



IMG_4321GlamModelz Magazine: What is it that fires your passion in world of makeup artistry and hair design?   Sarah Elizabeth: In the knowing that there simply will never be an end to creativity, it’s a bottomless paint can! Once you tune in to that aspect of yourself, you start to see beauty and possibility in everything. I even find myself being asked to help my friends and family with interior decorating projects, and see so many similarities in the two. Color pallets, symmetry, and reusing products in different ways excites me! Being able to make something its best version of its self is what fires my passion for makeup artistry.


GlamModelz Magazine: You do both hair and makeup styling. Which would you say is your forte, or which do you prefer? Why?   Sarah Elizabeth: I have always favored makeup artistry over hair! Probably because I’ve personally always found myself more invested in the details of my own makeup, throwing my hair in a quick pony, and rushing out the door! However, hair is another form of art, and when I have a job booked that permits enough time to do both, I get really excited because it’s another level of the story that I get to tell. It essentially becomes an extension of my makeup and the two create a fusion of expression I adore.


GlamModelz Magazine: Tell us your thoughts and feelings about working with models and photographers? What’s fun? What’s exciting? What’s frustrating and difficult?    Sarah Elizabeth: I’ve been fortunate enough to get to experience both sides of the camera. Years ago I jumped on the trend of modeling. I got to meet a ton of great people in the industry, models and photographers alike. Because of that reason, I like to think I have somewhat of an advantage in the sense that, I know what the model is thinking whether it be nerves, insecurities, self-doubt, or even sometimes having a diva attitude! I have a lot of 1:1 time with the model before the shoot, and I’ve been able to work with some of the nicest girls! On the other side of the camera, not all photographers are created equal. Again, fortune has it, Rick was a local photographer that I had met and shot with years ago. Knowing what I know now about how the industry really works, I’m very lucky to be able to work alongside of him on projects. There’s nothing better than being able to have an opinion on set, give and receive feedback, and see the vision come to life from start to finish.


 IMG_4278GlamModelz Magazine: What would be your most desired assignment if you got the chance to do it and why?   Sarah Elizabeth: I am still obsessed with mermaids! I want to do something epic out at sea, with waves crashing on some rocks, and the perfect stormy clouds in the background. It needs to be crazy badass seashell crown, sequins, glitter, shells, crystals, mermaid tail. Maybe I’d even be the model for it. Let’s do it!


 GlamModelz Magazine: If you had your way, where would you most want to work on an assignment for hair and makeup and why?  Sarah Elizabeth: Considering that I am pretty fixated on doing a mermaid look someday, going someplace tropical is my dream and desire.


GlamModelz Magazine: You’ve done a lot of sexy fashion and eclectic glamor work so far. What was the most interesting or compelling request for makeup artistry and hair styling you’ve received so far?   Sarah Elizabeth: Nothing really phases me anymore, contouring to make noses smaller, disappearing double chins, changing eyebrow shapes, tattoo coverings, I do think it’s sometimes strange when models ask for more cleavage, when they’ve already achieved maximum cleavage capacity on their own!


GlamModelz Magazine: When you’re not making people look incredible, what can we find you doing?    Sarah Elizabeth: I can usually be found spoiling my two pups Beija and Romeo. Beija is my Pomeranian, and Romeo is a Poochie.


GlamModelz Magazine: Look into your crystal ball and tell us what does the future have in store for you?    Sarah Elizabeth: Now that wedding season is finally winding down, I can actually see straight and give some real thought to my 5 year plan. I love the idea of a owning my own pop up makeup boutique, possibly moving somewhere a little warmer! You’ll have to stay tuned for that!

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xoxo Makeup Artist: Sarah Elizabeth

Makeup Artist: Sarah Elizabeth

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