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GlamPro Makeup Artist: Mariell Johnson

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Glam Makeup Artist/Stylist, Featured Interview with Mariell Johnson of Hey There, Who Does Your Hair, I Wanna Go There!

By Rick Trottier – RJT Images

IMG_2498x--COVERDespite all the incredible advances in information technology over the past 30 years and the equally impressive gains in the field of physics, a simple limiting factor in our daily lives is distance as it relates to travel. Cars, trucks and trains must traverse the geography between points A and B, and as such, time and energy must be expended to cover those distances. What does this rumination have to do with a feature on makeup artistry? Everything! For it is a lament about the fact that sometimes, talented people live just far enough away from my place of work that it is not easy to involve them in the projects and work that I would wish to do. In January 2012, I met Mariell when she came to do the makeup and hair for a young lady I was shooting that day. Needless to say, I was deeply impressed and have been trying to find a way to match our busy schedules, bridge the distance that separates and bring her back to my studio to create more beauty. This feature was a perfect fit, for it combines Mariell’s consummate talents with the matchless beauty of Kayla Marie, and of course pairs our imagery with her interview. We at GlamModelz are so very excited to have the chance to look inside her thoughts and learn more about her.



GlamModelz Magazine: Tell me a little about your background, a little of your history and a little of the road you’ve taken to get where you are today.   Mariell: While in my junior and senior year of high school, I attended our Cosmetology vocational program, and then attended Michael’s School of Hair Design following high school graduation in 2003. I worked at salons after I completed school and training, updating color and cutting techniques. I moved to Colorado, Florida and Boston and worked in each state as a licensed cosmetologist.  It took me until about 2 years ago to get more active in what I would like to be involved with, more “outside of the salon” hair and makeup work. I’ve learned a lot working with an array of clientele and different climates. I am more self-taught on makeup however. I am glad I do have my salon background to maintain a level of professionalism in my business.  I am currently working my weekends at Interface Talent, and devote select week days to my Salon and freelance business.


IMG_2474GlamModelz Magazine: What is it that fires your passion in world of makeup artistry and hair design?    Mariell: I love illusions. Using different colors and textures, you can really change the appearance of a person’s face slightly or dramatically. That means there’s no limit to creativity. So being that it is right up my alley, it makes it easy to strive to never be the same, always do better and create more. It’s something I could never get sick of.

GlamModelz Magazine: You do both hair and makeup styling. Which would you say is your forte, or which do you prefer?   Mariell: Well, I would say hair comes to me very naturally. People have told me I make it look effortless, and for as long as I’ve been doing it now I would hope so. But makeup is definitely a big passion for me right now. I’ve done it a lot on my own and always had compliments, but had never attempted to include that in my job description until a couple years ago. So it’s something that I’m still always learning more about. Usually the only new thing about hair is the latest fad that’s going on. But I really love doing both.

IMG_2499xGlamModelz Magazine: Tell us your thoughts and feelings about working with models and photographers?   Mariell: It’s great working with creative individuals, who are as committed to their passion as I am.

GlamModelz Magazine: What would be your most desired assignment if you got the chance to do it and why?    Mariell: I would really love to be on the set of a movie where the look is everything. Whenever I watch movies, I’m always looking for inspiration in the hair or makeup. I’d love to be a part of a team that creates something great, let alone create a look that people would emulate and dress for Halloween like “Edward Scissorhands”.

GlamModelz Magazine: If you had your way, where would you most want to work on an assignment for hair and makeup and why?    Mariell: Paris would be very inspiring to be involved with a shoot. There’s so much art and passion in that city.

GlamModelz Magazine: You’ve done a lot of high fashion and eclectic glamor work so far. What was the most interesting or compelling request for hair styling you’ve received so far?     Mariell: I really can’t choose one. I like to be unique so the more interesting the better.


GlamModelz Magazine: When you’re not making people look incredible, what can we find you doing?    Mariell: It doesn’t happen often, but usually I like spending time with my dog Charlie Murphy. I like spending time with friends and I really like to travel. I can be spontaneous to want to make a quick getaway.

GlamModelz Magazine: Look into your crystal ball and tell us what does the future have in store for you?    Mariell: Hopefully a lot of opportunities will be coming my way. I’m hoping to have met many new people and have some great photos to remember them.

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GlamPro Makeup Artist: Mariell Johnson

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