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Jessy Felix

Jessy Felix

GlamModelz Magazine: Let’s get started! Tell me about your background…how did you get started in Photography? Patrick: I started photography when I was in college. It was a requirement to take photography if you were in the art field, so I signed up for the class. My uncles Veonis and Larry were very supportive of me taking the class and loaned me their cameras, since at the time I didn’t own one. So I had the experience to operate a Pentax K1000 and a Minolta during my classes. During the time I was taking the classes, I was very into photographing airshows and people. Later, my mother was watching a documentary on a famous photographer and brought it to my attention. The photographer was George Hurrell, and that is where my first inspiration began for photographing Hollywood Glamour.


GlamModelz Magazine: Why Glamour/Beauty/Fashion? What other genre’s and styles interest you? Patrick: I like the look of glamour photography. It has the lighting that you can play around with, and the facial expressions are beautiful. The way the shadows can play on the face and the body, shows the skill of the photographer. With glamour photography if done right, can make the viewer stop and look at your work and go, hmmm that looks awesome. What other genre’s do I like? I like photographing dance, weddings, and aviation as well.


DSCF0224GlamModelz Magazine: What or who inspires you as a photographer? Patrick: George Hurrell was the first to inspire me to photograph glamour. The classic Hollywood glamour lighting, the shadows, and the expressions is what caught my eye. The first thing I said when I saw George Hurrells photos was, wow I want to learn how to shoot like that. Bambi Cantrell is another photographer, whose style in wedding photography I find very inspirational. I’m also a fan of Julian Wilde’s and Nick Saglimbeni’s photography works as well.

GlamModelz Magazine: What was your funniest experience shooting in the field? Patrick:Hard to remember the funniest, but when I look at my images, I remember a lot of good times that put a smile on my face.

GlamModelz Magazine: What challenges do you face in this industry? What would you change about it, if you could? Patrick:There are some challenges, but I’m going to focus the positive things, and stay away from the negative. When I shoot, I like positive energy, having fun, and getting good shots. No drama, but if someone brings it, I will not work with or tolerate it.

DSCF0108 - CopyGlamModelz Magazine: What equipment is essential for you as a photographer, to capture your “best shot”? Patrick: Right now, I will have to say my camera. It has to perform in flawless fashion, it has to photograph the images when I press the shutter release. If it does not fire at the time I press the shutter, then the image is lost. Yeah, I saw the image, I saw the moment, but I didn’t capture it.

GlamModelz Magazine: What inspires and motivates you when selecting locations for a glamour shoot, over a fashion shoot? Patrick: I choose a location based on what theme I’m going for. But I also look for a location that is different and unique, quiet, and safe. I’m not big into distractions during a shoot, unless the distraction is really funny.

GlamModelz Magazine: What are your goals for your photography? Other goals?   Patrick: I would like to own my own studio one day, so that I will always have a location to go to when I want to shoot. I also would like to get published in magazines like Maxim, Vogue, and SI Swimwear issue.

GlamModelz Magazine: What qualities should Models/MUA’s/Stylists, etc have to work with you?   Patrick: I like models/ mua/ stylist to have outstanding work ethics, to have professionalism, to have great skill in their trade. I also like a great sense of humor, I’m always up for a great laugh. If the model is new or doesn’t have the modeling skills, then have the good work ethics, professionalism, and sense of humor. I like working with models who communicate well, show up on time and are fearless in their modeling.

DSCF0140GlamModelz Magazine: What advice do you have for new/amateur photographers who want to model?   Patrick: Make sure you are always practicing your trade. Shoot every weekend if you can. If you take a bad shot, study what went wrong and praise what went right.

GlamModelz Magazine: What advice do you have for new models who want to model? Patrick:I cannot stress the professionalism part enough. Always be professional, always show up ready to shoot. Always be ready to shoot, if you’re not ready, you might lose out on opportunity. Respect everybody’s time, wasted time can’t be refunded or returned, even with a receipt. Respect those who you work with. Just because they do not have the desired skills now, doesn’t mean they won’t later. A good sense of humor goes a long way. Causing drama is like passing gas in church…. At communion time. Never burn bridges, those who help you on the way up, will be the ones who will help you on the way back home.

GlamModelz Magazine: In addition to photography, do you have other skills/interests/talents in which you excel? Do you have any special charities you donate work for and why? Patrick:Yes, I’m also a skilled airbrush illustrator. I have been in the airbrushing field longer than photography. I airbrush t-shirts and portraits on canvas. I’m also big into cooking, I love food.

GlamModelz Magazine: What other interesting facts would you like GlamModelz readers to know about you?   Patrick: I have been published in several other magazines in the past year, with two covers.

GlamModelz Magazine: Where can we see more of your work? How can models who wish to shoot with you contact you? Patrick:  More of my work: Right now most of my work is on Model Mayhem. I’m currently in the process of constructing a new website for everyone to view my work (www.patrick-wilson-photography.redframe.com). If the models would like to work with me, they can contact me through my email: patrickwilsonphotography@gmail.com.

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GlamGuest Photographer: Patrick Wilson

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