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GlamModelz Magazine: Lets get started!  Tell me about your background…how did you get started in Photography?  Mike: My interest in photography started in my teens when would sneak my camera into concerts and shoot my favorite bands. Later on, when I was at car shows, the promo models at the shows really fired my interest in shooting glamour. As I’ve gone deeper into the industry, I have come to enjoy the artistic side of shooting. Creating images that show who I am and what I stand for matters.

GlamModelz Magazine: If you had to groups models into categories. (expert, beginner, etc) Who would be the easiest to work with and why?  Mike: I prefer the intermediate group because they have some experience to work with. You can mold them to your style during the shoot, and find a nice middle ground of collaboration. With the beginners you spend more time perfecting the pose. However, I do feel if the model is relaxed and comfortable with the photographer during the shoot it doesn’t really matter the amount of experience.

chloe3GlamModelz Magazine: When you are involved with an important “must rock photoshoot” how many images on the average do you shoot?  MikeOn average, I usually shoot for two hours and shoot around 100 frames. What really is important though is giving the client exactly what they want. If I only shot 10 frames and gave the customer “the shot” they needed, I’ve done my job well. In the end, that is what really matters most.


GlamModelz Magazine: What was your funniest experience shooting glamour in the field?  Mike: The last shoot I had, the model and MUA were given my address and they texted me, “we’re here!”  I asked them to come on in, but after 5 minutes I realized they must have gone to the wrong house. A few seconds later I get a call from the model saying that they just walked into the wrong house, where a guy in his boxers asked what they were doing there. Now that’s the way I liked to be interrupted in the morning.


mickiGlamModelz Magazine: What challenges do you face in this industry?  What would you change about it, if you could?  Mike: It is a very competitive industry and getting your work noticed, accepted for commercial/promotional use as well as receiving critical praise takes a lot of time, energy and patience. Everyone wants to succeed and success in this business comes slowly and inconsistently. I am proud of my work and feel like I am making steady gains in a tough industry to stand out.


GlamModelz Magazine: What equipment is essential for you as a photographer, to capture your “best shot”?  Mike: I feel that high quality lenses that produce sharp, crisp images are necessary. In addition, I rely on my Bowen strobes to produce the lighting that makes my work shine.

GlamModelz Magazine: What inspires and motivates you when selecting locations for a glamour shoot, over a fashion shoot? Mike: My inspiration comes from the mood I get from a location. The look and feel of a place has to make me say “now that’s hot & sexy” in a classy way of course. What also motivates me is envisioning a model in that image and coming up with the concept that makes the shot impressive.

khloeGlamModelz Magazine: Why Glamour /Beauty/Fashion?  What other genre’s and styles interest you? Mike: I enjoy glamour is just so damn sexy! The incredible beauty of the models is sometimes beyond description. Their attitudes come through during a shoot and that gives it a personal feel that I really am thrilled by. In addition, glamor is all about a mix of the outfits and the beautiful bodies of the models. The blend of clothing and skin is as sexy as it gets and I love it. The other type of photography I enjoy is landscape imagery. Few things are more impressive than the great outdoors, the scenes, the light and colors and that have no equal anywhere.

GlamModelz Magazine: What are your goals for your photography?  Other goals?   Mike: My number one goal is seeing my work in more publications like GlammModelz, which allows me to get my photography out there and to grow my art and business. Just as important is for me to keep getting better, to push myself to improve and strengthen all my skills.

GlamModelz Magazine: What qualities should Models/MUA’s/Stylists, etc have to work with you?   Mike: First off, I like to be very laid back when I work, so I want everybody on the same page when working together. It makes for a fun shoot. Stress and strain make a shoot break down so I like things to be relaxed. I am serious and professional in my approach. I just like everything to flow smoothly and not be a bad experience.


crystal GlamModelz Magazine: What advice do you have for new/amateur photographers who want to model?   Mike : I would advise young photographers or those new to the business to keep experimenting with your lights and camera. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Above all, make sure to have fun. Artistic pursuits should always bring happiness. 🙂

GlamModelz Magazine: What advice do you have for new models who want to model? MikeModels need to have realistic goals. Some girls think they are headed straight to the top immediately and just as photography takes A LOT of work, so does modeling. You have to put in the time and be patient. Part of that is to practice your poses and expressions. No one is a perfect “natural”. You have to work at improving. Finally, only do what you’re comfortable with don’t let anybody make you do something that makes you uncomfortable.

GlamModelz Magazine: What or who inspires you as a photographer?  Mike: There are just too many talented photographers out there to name them all. I am inspired by incredible images that make me want to challenge myself to be the best I can be. I have also been inspired by meeting all the different people in this business. The great personalities and talents of people I meet really have left an impression.

GlamModelz Magazine: In addition to photography, do you have other skills/interests/talents in which you excel? Do you have any special charities you donate work for and why?  MikeOther than photography, my greatest interests are motorcycles, traveling and just relaxing in my hot tub. I have some pretty simple tastes that make life good.

GlamModelz Magazine: What other interesting facts would you like GlamModelz readers to know about you? Mike:I’m a single dad with two Dobermans, a full-time job as well as my photography. I love tattoos, motorcycles and the girls who make this industry what it is.

GlamModelz Magazine: Where can we see more of your work?  How can models who wish to shoot with you contact you?  Mike:   More of my work: www.relaxximages.com and http://www.modelmayhem.com/872916

Relaxx’s Gallery:

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  • carley


  • carly


  • cassandra


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  • chloe


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  • crystal


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Mike’s gorgeous cover model is: Cassandra, who may be contacted directly on her ModelMayhem Profile:  www.modelmayhem.com/2430732


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