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Vintage Hairstyling Specialist – Miss Lynne D.Bomb

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Glamour Hairstylist – Miss Lynne D.Bomb of “Vintage Flair”

For our premiere issue, GlamModelz Magazine interviewed, Vintage Hairstyling Specialist – Miss Lynne D.Bomb, Owner and Master Stylist of Vintage Flair. Through Lynne’s natural talent, superior work ethic and obvious creativity, Vintage Flair has quickly established a reputation for high quality work and an unmatched classic style.

Read on to learn more …

Beauty Editor – Jett Ray (JR): How and when did you get started as a hairstylist?

Miss Lynne D. Bomb of Vintage Flair (VF): Growing up I was always exposed to the world of theatre, old movies and art, this is all thanks to my Grandma Betty and my Mom, Meg. Whether it was seeing a live musical or listening to records, I always had a fondness for the 20’s through the 50’s.

I’d been active in theatre, music and dance since I was young, but it wasn’t until I was 11 or 12 when I was cast in a show set during WWII that I really started to delve deep into that era. At that time we were living outside of Los Angeles when the Neo-Swing music, dancing and style became popular.

We’d go to Disneyland once and awhile to take swing lessons, my Grandma Betty gave me many articles in newspapers and magazines from the area on this huge craze. I watched music videos, rented how-to tapes and practiced these steps with my little sister, Lauren. I fancied the idea of doing my hair and make-up just like the jitterbug gals in Los Angeles, but I really was too young.

Fast forward to my sophomore year in high school when we’d moved back to Fort Worth and I became best friends with a gal, Shaylynn, who went to “Swing Castle” on the Southside of Fort Worth. I immediately became immersed in the style of these dancers! I started practicing 40’s styles on myself with a small collection of vintage hats my Mom had bought me. I changed my wardrobe completely to skirts and flats or heels and added ribbons, bows and flowers to my hair any chance I got!

After I graduated, I went to school in Houston and Dallas for Musical Theatre and Costume Design. I had been away from the Fort Worth swing scene, but still incorporated the 30’s, 40’s and early 50’s style into my everyday look. When I returned to dancing in Fort Worth I was slowly asked to style hair for this Big Band dance or that Hangar dance and it worked it’s way into weddings, proms, banquets and eventually photo shoots.

Cosmetology school doesn’t teach you what I’ve learned in seven years that I’ve been doing vintage styling. I’ve worked very hard at learning these period correct styles, and theatre has gone hand-in-hand with that, most certainly.

JR: What or Who inspires you and your work and Why?:

VF: Old Hollywood musicals were a big part in my love for that era! As well as Gwen Stefani, and the style she displayed on the cover of No Doubt’s album Tragic Kingdom. I got that record when I was 10 years old and wanted to be just like her! The blonde hair like Jean Harlow, the 40’s style rolls, and the red lipstick! Unfortunately, my Mom wasn’t into letting her 10 year old bleach her hair….and I am now thankful for that!

My Grandma Betty and Grandmother Virginia are a huge inspiration, we have old family photos displayed in our home and I am always in awe how they both just look so glamorous and strikingly gorgeous in anything. I truly wish women did look like that still, but then again, it’s nice to go out in a dress and heels with your hair and make-up done and get that kind of reaction out of people.

Lastly, my fiancé, I never thought I’d be able to find a guy who loved vintage style as much as I do. He’s a constant inspiration, my biggest cheerleader and is responsible for all of my advertising design!

JR: Do you have any career advice for those new to the Glamour/Beauty modeling industry?

VF: My belief is that hard work and humility pay off. It says something about a person who does not take the time to learn their craft, for someone who rushes into it and expects everyone to go crazy over their work. I don’t want to be one of those “Jack of all trades, King of none.” I have huge goals for myself, but am taking my time with it all. It’s a continual learning process for me. I try to stay positive no matter what the obstacle is and remind myself that there is always something to learn in every situation. It never hurts to ask questions! It is also imperative to know who you are and what you want from life. Stand up for yourself no matter what. Let the negative ones go on with their lives, they’ll waste a lot of time thinking about you and how you were able to go above and beyond of what’s expected.

JR: What is your biggest accomplishment to date?

VF: There were two in the past six months or so that I am still amazed by. The first, being my work on the cover of Parker County Magazine. The second, the wonderful response I got when we decided to have a booth at the Lonestar Rod & Kustom Round Up. A huge car show with vendors, music and folks all across the nation, and even some from across the globe! We were not expecting to fill up my appointments so quickly, but two days and fifteen heads of hair later, we came away with a new outlook. The most exciting part was having my booth next to Donnie Hawley’s, the owner of Hawleywood’s Barber Shop in California. Hawleywood’s specializes in men’s vintage cuts and shaves in the correct and traditional way. He not only has two locations, but a product line as well! I use his pomade on a majority of my clients and am a huge fan of his hard work and ambition. He is the male version of what I hope to become, so it was an enormous honor for our booth to even be near his!

JR: What are your future goals?

VF: As far as my short term goals, I’m taking a breather on shoots as our wedding is just around the corner! But, speaking of Hawleywood’s, I am now going to sell his product line to my ladies and as well as the fellas in the area too.

My long term goals are to own a beauty parlor specializing in quality vintage looks for women, and instructing them on doing their own pin-curl sets and styles. We’d like to live in Los Angeles for a bit, and I would eventually like to get into pin-up photography myself, but I want have a lot more knowledge of the technical side of photography before I jump headfirst into it! In the mean time I have great connections to some really talented folks here in DFW, so I will bide my time and work really hard!

JR: What is your favorite style of Modeling/Photography to work with?

VF: My favorite is the very traditional style of pin-up and cheesecake art and photography. I’m a collector of original prints of pin-up artists like Gil Elvgren, Alberto Vargas, and Enoch Bolles; although my ultimate favorites are ones from female pin-up artists of that time such as Joyce Ballantyne, Ruth Deckard, Olivia De Berardinis and Zoë Mozert.

Today it is so over to top or poorly done that it makes me embarrassed to be associated with the genre. Although, the realization to it is that those forms will fade away and that the classy work of the early days will prevail.

JR: Do you like to travel for work? Where have you traveled to for your career?

VF: I enjoy traveling, quite a bit. I stay local for the most part, besides Austin, but we plan on traveling in the next couple years or so.

JR: Are there any upcoming events on your calendar?

VF: There are plans for a few car shows before the year is over, so just stay tuned to my calendar on www.myspace.com/vintageflair!

Be sure to visit Lynne’s MySpace page or her Model Mayhem Portfolio to view her work with local models, photographers and MUA’s.

For Rates and Booking information contact:

Miss Lynne D. Bomb





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