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palms-gmwebThe vision of Palms promotions started humbly, rooted in a love for all things artistic in nature, music, dance, modeling, art, photography, plays, writing, and motivational speech.  I started out in Tampa Florida, initially assisting a few friends that had small sponsors and sporting events, helping to promote local and national brands, and finding talent and promoting events.  As my experience gained traction, I was blessed to expand our client base, venturing into commercial and night club promotions.  The networking aspect put me at the receiving end of some fantastic individual’s and their voices and ideas, as they provided guidance, leads, and ultimately their trust to partner with me.

Just as Palms Promotions was starting to take off, my corporate career was asking me to relocate to the Dallas Metroplex.  Yet before that move, we were able to replicate some of the same business opportunities in Denver Colorado, and we still have some client activities in both markets.

The move to the Dallas/Fort Worth area was a challenge.  I had been coming to Dallas for years on business, had my corporate connections, but if I were to replicate Palms Promotions in the Texas market, the process would truly represent a ground floor building process.  Not even sure how much energy I wanted to put towards Palms Promotions in Dallas, I started some exploratory outreaches to some clients I was familiar with, and that harvested a few initial opportunities more on the promotional side. But I did think to myself, if I was going to do Palms Promotions in Dallas, I wanted to do it differently.

That brings me to my mentor and friend Jeff Benham! In my search of social media and for inspiration, I began to follow a photographer whose work I had a great deal of admiration for.  I began to visualize what modeling and photography could bring to the other aspects of Palms Promotions, and started considering a re-branding and re-direction of our endeavors.  But I was lost in a world very unfamiliar to me, and then Jeff Benham agreed to a phone call with me.  Those dialogues started, as did the foundation and vision of where Palms Promotions could actually go.  I needed to build a new team, a new image, and I needed to continue a humble approach, learning from the experts in the industry.  But I now had the voice and ear of a true mentor, and with Jeff Benham’s coaching, and eventual partnership, we began the work of shaping Palms Promotions into what it’s starting to become here in Dallas/Fort Worth.

I had some trial and errors, both with photographers and with models, but I found what I consider my first real model in Virginia Whitney Cox.  I was also inspired by her, and thus kept building the team along with assistance from Jeff Benham.  The next model on the team was someone I had followed for some time, Lauren Cannon.  Then we added Ciera Miller, and Katrina Cook.  Then we added Shakiyla Wafer and Jasmine Yarborough.  The last addition is Candice Black.  A team of beautiful, talented young women in which will forever be known as the foundation of Palms promotions.

Palms Promotions now has a team of gorgeous professional models, the partnership of great photographers, but those images would not be, without the professional makeup and styling of Nifa Bell of Nifique Artistry!  Nifa Bell’s talents are unmatched, but she brings more than her skill set, providing the models and myself a lot of coach back,  and plays an active role in the development of Palms Promotions.  She has been instrumental in the recruitment of talent to the team.

The most recent Addition to the team, photographer BC Curry, intrigued me from the moment we met.  On top of his 10 years of professional photography experience, BC Curry has a rich musical background as well.  From his hometown of Fort Worth, BC Curry has traveled our nation working for Stax Records, and played with the likes of Aretha Franklin, Johnny Taylor, Al Green, and Stevie Wonder.  Since joining the team, BC Curry’s ideas, resources, and professional experience has been invaluable to the growth of the Palms Promotions team.

The future is bright; we are excited to partner with the best and the brightest in the Texas market. Palms Promotions is looking to for fashion designers, commercial clients, event venues, trade shows, artist, musicians, marketing professionals, and entrepreneurs that want to collaborate or do business going forward.

greg-richardson-portrait jeff-benham-portraitbc-curry-photo


From Left to Right: Greg Richardson CEO Palm’s Promotions, Jeff; Visions East Photography, BC Curry Photography.


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