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Dave of GlamModelz Magazine: I’m so please to announce Aleccia of Roseville, California, as our one Year anniversary GlamModelz! Aleccia is someone I have worked with many times over the past several years and someone that has a unique style all her own. With her creative posing, stunning beautiful features and expertise in facial expression, Aleccia is fast becoming a recognizable face within the Nor-Cal Modeling Industry.

aleccia_94-splash2GlamModelz Magazine: How did you get your start in the business? Aleccia: To be quite honest I got started on a dare by a girlfriend. She wanted me to put some photos up on model mayhem. Within a few days my site was more popular then hers, but we’re still friends 🙂

GlamModelz Magazine: What are your goals personally and with your modeling career? Aleccia: Some of my goals would be to move to southern California back to where I was born. I love the beach! I would love to be signed with an SoCal agency and be doing a lot more magazine and print work. I am signed to a non-exclusive contract in San Francisco, but SF is not really a models prime market.

GlamModelz Magazine: When working with a photographer do you bring your own concepts and idea’s as well as working with theirs? Aleccia: I like to bring my own concepts and negotiate sometimes, but i also love working with the photographers and maybe adding a little of my own flare to it 😛 Whatever it takes to make a good picture great works for me.


GlamModelz Magazine: What are your thoughts and issues with Implied and Nude posing? Aleccia: I am not really into art or glamour nude posing, but don’t judge those who are into it. As for myself I think the illusion and mystique of excellent glamour is in implied posing. Its beautiful and much more sexy when shot tasteful.

aleccia_06GlamModelz Magazine: Have you had the support of Family, Friends and loved ones with your modeling? Aleccia: if it wasn’t for my ex-boyfriend pushing me into pursuing my dreams I probably wouldn’t be here today, so thank you Blake. My friends and family have been there for me from the beginning and they all still keep pushing me more to pursue my dream.

GlamModelz Magazine: What are your thoughts on the whole escort issue? Aleccia: I personally like the idea of coming escorted if you haven’t worked with the photographer before. But when you start to feel comfortable with them i don’t think you will need a escort. My escorts has never gotten in the way, but actually helped out the photographer.

GlamModelz Magazine: What would you like to see change in the industry from a model standpoint? Aleccia: I would like to see models under 5’7 get more exposure and looked at differently :)We can do fashion too!

GlamModelz Magazine: What gets you motivated everyday to stay in shape and look your best at all times? Aleccia: Honestly what gets me motivated; Ive struggled with my weight when i was younger and was teased all the time. Every since then it has been a personal goal of mine to always look my best. I work hard to make myself feel better about myself, I do not lets others bring me down with their negative, going nowhere attitudes.

aleccia_04GlamModelz Magazine: Any suggestions to models about wardrobe? What to have and where to find deals? Aleccia: I suggest you have much random stuff as possible, you never know when you might be able to use it for a shoot. Believe me a little red tutu from when my mom was little has helped me a in a couple shoots. Also have your own personal style and be up to date on some of the fashion trends going on. Best place to find deals is the good will, Ross, Macy’s, Forever 21.

GlamModelz Magazine: What excited you the most when you first started modeling? Aleccia: I was so excited about modeling it’s always something I have always wanted to do as far back as I can remember into my early childhood years. I was especially happy to learn that someone wanted to work with me, despite the fact I’m not 5’10”. I would love to do more fashion.

GlamModelz Magazine: Facial expressions are a big part of a photo session, how and where did you learn this?? Aleccia: Honestly I learned a lot of my facial expressions through America’s Next Top Model. That show has taught me a lot! On my third shoot the photographer asked how long I’ve been shooting and ! told him only a few months and that he was my 3rd photo shoot. He thought I’ve been doing it for years!

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xoxo Aleccia – Our One Year Anniversary Issue

I'm a Northern California Professional Photographer, based just outside San Francisco California. I specialize in commercial product advertising, architectural, Family Portraits, Boudoir, Weddings and Food photography. I have been working with Bay Area and Sacramento, Modeling Agencies for more then fifteen years, shooting portfolio development for models and high-end makeup artists. I am highly creative and always unique. I shoot cutting edge projects in the studio and on location, through the San Francisco Bay Area, Roseville and Sacramento. Dave has published 58, articles with GlamModelz Magazine.

Connect with him on: Magazine,The most Fabulous site on the Internet, where HOTNESS Hangs!! GlamModelz Magazine is a pictorial exposé geared towards working professionals in today’s glamor industry. We are internationally cultured, inspired and dedicated to showcasing the cutting edge works of today’s market, while also providing useful information for those wishing to make their break into the modeling industry. GlamModelz magazine offers an unbiased perspective into Glamour, Beauty and Art Photography Modeling. GlamModelz Magazine has published 290, articles with GlamModelz Magazine.

Connect with her on:

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