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Andi-GMCAndi, from Kennewick, Washington brings a high-level energy and excitement to each and every photoshoot she does.  Speaking from experience, I can attest to the fact that Andi, not only knows how to move in front of the lens, she does so at a pace and level of expertise that leaves the photographer wondering, “How could it get any better than this?”  Andi has been modeling for approximately 4 years and got her start when my good friend and GlamModelz photographer, Sam Rambo, asked if she wanted to shoot.  The instant I saw the incredible work they did together, I was hooked and jumped at the chance to work with her as well.  Andi and I have worked together in studio on two occasions with plans to get out on location sometime in 2016.  She says she prefers the controlled environment of the studio over location work; hopefully I’ll be able to change her mind a bit when we venture outside.  In her own word, I present Andi…

Dean Fast


01When I look back from where I started as a model to where I am today, I can see that I have learned a lot.  I have changed certain things about the way I pose, incorporated new make up tricks, and have added a few things to my wardrobe choices.  The biggest change is that I have learned enough through my own initiative to where I now believe I am ready to take on the world!

Social media has definitely affected my modeling career.  If it weren’t for social media I probably wouldn’t even have a modeling career!  The best sites for getting my name out there are Model Mayhem and Facebook. However, it is my personal recommendation that you create a like page with your model alias that is separate from your personal Facebook account.  I believe that the worst site for getting your name out there is Craigslist!  I have found that most of the posters who use that site have no credentials, no references, and far too little experience.

To me, glamour modeling is looking and feeling beautiful.  In my opinion, it’s about feminine empowerment as an art. I love this genre so much and most of my portfolio work has been glamour themed!  As a glamour model, I draw inspiration from just about everything around me.  I am easily inspired and have worked with great models, photographers, stylists, and designers that I look up to.  Art, music, and performances I see also provide inspiration.


14Some advise I might give to a new model would be to read testimonials, books, and blogs by other models. It really does help to know of their past experiences and what they have learned from modeling. Other models can even give you some great insight!  You should always check references when working with new talent; nobody should ever have a problem providing references for you!  Always get a good nights rest and keep a good moisturizer on hand along with your best make up!  Also, eye drops are a make up secret.

When working on a concept for an upcoming shoot, I always put a ton of effort into the concept(s).  I do practice posing and facial expressions in front of a mirror, and YES it does help!  Also, there are helpful YouTube tutorials on getting yourself ready for a shoot.

When reviewing photographers online portfolios, what grabs my attention the most is vibrant, crisp, and clean images.  I love colorful, eye catching, and captivating concepts.  I also love something a little unique and different.

As far as the future, I want to see my modeling pick up even more.  I plan on traveling internationally and making lasting connections with other people in the industry all while gaining new experiences along the way.  Thankfully, my friends and family have always been supportive of my modeling, and for that, I’m very grateful.



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xoxo GlamModel: Andi

Dean Fast Photography, is one of the most innovative individuals in the modeling industry today. We have shared several technical e-mails and Dean gladly offers his expertise to those wishing to achieve a new – higher level . Dean’s kickback – laid back attitude always leaves one feeling enthused and excited, even passionate about photography. His crisp unique style is evident on every image that he produces. What is equally as unique is his degree of professionalism and rapport with the team with which he works. His reputation and work ethics are beyond compare. DeanFast has published 9, articles with GlamModelz Magazine.

Connect with him on:

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