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There are some girls who remind you of sparking lights on the water or brightly glittering decorations at the Holidays. There are some girls who are filled to the brim with all kinds of radiance on the inside of their warm souls. Ashley Charlotte is one of those rare girls who has both of these qualities. Ashley can walk into a room and make it a happier place with her sweetness and unaffected charm. Ashley has a simple, gentle appeal as a person that makes you feel like you are in the presence of a wonderful blaze in the fireplace during winter, but her allure as a model is far from simple. Ashley’s beauty and sex appeal are like a storm, tempestuous and full of power and intensity. After only a few images, it is obvious that anyone not taking extreme care can be dashed to pieces like a ship on sharp rocks. Ashley might have pearlescent, luminous skin tones, but her impact is like that of a blow torch and left behind in her wake are hearts scorched to cinders. Ashley has only been modeling for a little over a year, but in that time, she has left her mark, like a well-meaning hurricane that has battered the coasts and changed forever the lands it has left behind. Gazing at Ashley’s beauty is precisely like that. She reaches inside of you and before you are aware, you are no longer the same person. GlamModelz is a better place for our chance to feature beautiful and supremely sexy Ashley Charlotte. And the more often she comes back to our magazine, the happier we will all be.


GlamModelz Magazine: How did you get your start in the modeling business, and what goals have your set for yourself?  Ashley Charlotte: My cousin Hillary had done some modeling and one of the photographers she had shot with, Rick Trottier, she had developed a good professional relationship with. She suggested that I give modeling a try. I was interested, but I was also a little nervous and unsure. My confidence level was not what I thought it should be and I had no experience. But Hillary assured me that Rick would teach me a lot and that I would have a good time. So I shot with Rick and I became hooked. It has been about 15 months now and I can’t believe all that has happened in that time. At first I really didn’t have any true goals, but as time has gone on my goals have become clearer. It is important to me to enjoy modeling and have fun at it and everything I have done with Rick has been that way so far. I am thrilled that my pictures get used for something other than just social media. I’ve had a lot of publication and even some commercial opportunities. Finally, modeling has helped me to lead a healthier life. I really feel good about myself both outside and inside. That is really important and I want modeling to continue to be a way to be a better person.


IMG_4 GlamModelz Magazine: You’ve only been in modeling for a short time, but you’ve had a lot of success already. What has been your greatest success to date and why? Ashley Charlotte: It’s hard to say what has been my greatest success so far because each and every modeling opportunity that has come my way means so much. I have been on the cover of Modelsmania Magazine’s adult print issue twice. That is such an honor. But I have also been featured in RHK Empire magazines twice, both Florida Magazine and RHK Magazine. I’ve been in Badd Magazine once in a small feature. I’ve been a few GlamModelz Magazine articles and features Rick has done and now I am getting my very own feature with GlamModelz. I am super excited about that and feel very blessed. Just recently I was one of 3 featured models at a Glamor Shoot Out at the studio. That was fabulous because I got to work with two of Rick’s most experienced models, Kelis de Joux and Chrissy Victoria. It was also my first time shooting with other photographers other than Rick. That was very different. I am going to be one of two model (Chrissy is the other) featured at one of the Light Works Studio teaching workshops in April. All of these have been such fabulous opportunities and I am excited to be part of more!


 GlamModelz Magazine: When working on concepts for upcoming shoots, how much thought or effort do you put into it? Where does your inspiration come from? Ashley Charlotte: My inspirations and ideas for shoots are very mixed and kind of hard to describe. I spend a lot of time on Instagram and other media looking at what other models do and trying to learn from their styles. I am always checking out poses, outfits, concepts and ways people create sexy images. But at the same time, I also come to shoots with a very open mind. I have a good rapport with Rick and like that he is very experienced and can offer suggestions about content and looks. Some of the time he has specific requests of magazines or clients and that will dictate what we do. Other times he will let me have some creative freedom and I run with ideas in my head. Other times I just want to wing it and see how things come out. But one of the most important parts of making sure images come out as good as you want them to is feeling comfortable with your photographer and knowing that he wants the images to be something useful and special.


IMG_29 GlamModelz Magazine: What gets you motivated every day to stay in shape and look your best at all times? Ashley Charlotte: When I was a teenager I struggled with body image issues. No one ever completely gets away from those struggles, but as I have gotten a little older, I have had some positive people in my life support me, help me, educate me on healthier choices and as a result, I am making a lot of better decisions. I look up to a lot of the models in Light Works Studio, see how hard they work to look their best and have come to realize that I want to be like that. So I am making better choices about my eating habits and am a lot more active. I know there is room for improvement, but I also understand that health and happiness are a journey, not a destination. I am in it for the long haul and as a model, I know I have to look my best in front of an camera.


GlamModelz Magazine: Nude modeling is a difficult decision for most models to make as a career choice, what lead you to make that decision? Do you have any regrets about your decision? Give us all your thoughts and issues with implied and nude posing?  Ashley Charlotte: When I first came to Rick’s studio to shoot with him, I wasn’t 100% sure what I wanted to shoot. Part of me wanted to try sexier looks like the pics I see on Rick’s social media and the kinds of pictures that my cousin Hillary had done. All those models look so strong and confident posing nude and I was thinking I wanted to try it. But at the same time, I was nervous because I was so new to this, not sure of myself, lacking in self-esteem and just not filled with the kind of confidence I wanted to have. Our first shoot was more conservative, mainly sexy undies, but I did try a topless implied and LOVED it.  I made the decision that at my 2nd shoot I would definitely come out of my shell and do more implieds, especially full implieds. Since then, I tend to shoot nude more often then I shoot clothed. Rick teaches us to find a type of modeling you like and are good at and own it. I really like nude modeling and I know I have become good at it. And despite the fact that at first people squawked and screeched a little, I have no regrets and love the fact that my fans are eager to see a new sexy pic with me wearing nothing but a smile. I still like to shoot dresses and lingerie, especially lingerie. I got to shoot several wild GWorld Intimates outfits recently and I loved them. But I also know that I am popular for my nude images of all sorts and for now, that is something I want to pursue more.


GlamModelz Magazine, Volume 10b, Issue 2, March 2017

By GlamModelz Magazine in GlamModelz Magazines

68 pages, published 3/27/2017

Cover Model: Ashley Charlotte, Cover by: Rick, RJT Images, Original Article: What is Steampunk, GlamModel Ashley Charlotte, Original Article: Fabulous Journey, GlamModel: TrishDish, Original Article: High-Speed Sync, Original Article: Beautiful Professional Rapport, Original Article: Modeling Prerequisites

GlamModel: Ashley Charlotte

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