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Some people carry with them a lifetime supply of beauty inside and out that can absolutely light up a room. They are like an earthbound star that sheds its radiance and warms all those around them as would a cheery fire in a hearth on a cold winter’s day. Ashton Taylor of Boston, MA is that rare young lady who has a seemingly infinite store of physical beauty paired with an inexhaustible supply of spiritual loveliness. On the surface, Ashton combines some rare qualities, a wildly exciting mixture of Hollywood Bombshell blended with the rock-hard glory of a gym-haunting fitness fanatic. That balance is a stunning combination to say the least and her legions of fans certainly are appreciative of Ashton’s ability to walk in both worlds effortlessly. But beyond her boundless sex appeal and tantalizing glamor, there is the inner landscape of Ashton that is wonderfully fulfilling and unexpected. Too often we see splendidly beautiful women turn out to be shallow, self-absorbed and empty. Ashton is the diametrical opposite of that archetype. Ashton is compelling, compassionate and caring, with a profoundly deep sense of the needs of others and a willingness to lend that hand, ear and shoulder to support them. While it is too often said that “there should be more people like that in this world”, in Ashton’s case, our morally-bankrupt culture today would be far better off if more people emulated her examples of commitment to a healthy body, mind and spirit. It is far past time for Ashton to be featured here at GlamModelz Magazine. GlamModelz is all about the truly professional nature of models and photographers and while there are so many things one can say about her, professionalism is at the very core of who and what Ashton is. Congratulations to Ashton Taylor. We are so thankful and pleased to finally who you here!



IMG_20GlamModelz Magazine: How did you get your start in the business, and what goals have your set for yourself?  Ashton: I was discovered in a mall by a modeling scout when I was 18 years old.  This is when I started to do a lot of promotional modeling.  When Myspace was popular, I spent a lot of time networking and building my brand.  I did my first big shoot in 2007 and immediately got featured on two sites and things started to progress from there.  As for my goals in modeling, I feel fortunate to be able to say that I have accomplished a lot of them.  I will always strive to be a source of light and inspiration for others and I will continue to do my best to help others. 


GlamModelz Magazine: What excited you the most when you first started modeling?  Ashton: When I first started modeling, I got really excited being able to travel and experience different things.  Traveling will probably always be one of my favorite things about modeling. Also, I got extremely excited when I got on my first magazine cover.  It was always one of my dreams and I never imagined that it would happen. Modeling is still very exciting for me and I love the chance to create beautiful, glamorous, sexy images.   


IMG_26GlamModelz Magazine: Ashton, your on-line portfolio is quite stunning, exhibits innovative styling and nearly every single photograph is a work of art.  Do you plan the shots that you are adding to your portfolio or just shoot whatever you’re feeling at the time?  Ashton:  Thank you very much, I greatly appreciate it.  I am blessed to have worked with talented photographers who are usually creative and have wonderful ideas as far as what would be best to add to my portfolio.  I like to let the photographer use their talents to really come up with the basic ideas for a shoot. I know a lot of girls like a lot of input and I respect that. But for me, I like guidance and direction to bring out the beauty in an image. As such, I put a lot of trust in the photographers I work with.


 GlamModelz Magazine: When reviewing a photographer’s online portfolios, what grabs your attention? What type of images gets you in the mood to shoot with them?  Ashton:  I tend to gravitate towards glamour photographers who know how to make a girl look their very best through quality lighting, posing, composition and thoughtful editing techniques. Photographers are pretty numerous but photographers who can do all those things I listed are NOT common. Glamor is a specialty that focuses on the beauty and sex appeal of a model. It needs to look classy and elegant, even when it is highly sexual in nature. Only a small percentage of photographers really know how to make glamor shine.


IMG_4 GlamModelz Magazine: What are your thoughts on TFP or TFCD sessions in general? What are the good and bad sides to TF?  Ashton:  I feel that there are many drawbacks to TF.  Unfortunately, there are models who will not pay for photoshoots because they sleep with the photographers in exchange for free shoots and publications.  This is not speculation, this is a fact as I have been on shoots and group trips and have witnessed it myself. One of the group trips I was on, only four of us (myself included) actually paid.  I stayed in my room a lot of the time because what I observed disgusted me. The photographers on the trip also shot these girls nonstop and those of us who paid received minimal shooting time.  

I also know certain models who have outright admitted to me that they sleep with photographers and do not pay for shoots as a result of it.  This makes it hard for both honest, hardworking photographers and for models who do not sleep with photographers.  A lot of really talented photographers who I know have told me that they have a hard time getting ladies to pay them.  This is not fair to them because they are trying to make an honest living at photography.  It also is not fair to the models who do not sleep with photographers because certain photographers will only shoot the same group of models who either sleep with them or are in their “clique.”  They will also only try to publish these same models and so those of us who pay them are wasting our time if getting published is our goal.


 GlamModelz Magazine: Posing is, of course, one of the biggest parts of modeling. What inspires you in the unique gracefully poses you do so very well?  Ashton:  In all honestly, posing is not one of my strong points.  I have always relied on the guidance of the talented photographers who I have shot with.  I believe they are the ones who deserve the credit for that.  Since I started shooting with Rick Trottier, I have learned a lot about posing.  He is exceptionally talented and has an amazing eye for the best poses.  It takes a lot of core strength and power to pose well. Rick asks for some challenging poses and all my hard work in keeping fit really helps in those situations.


 GlamModelz Magazine: What are your thoughts and issues with implied nude posing? What are the benefits and drawbacks of this kind of nude modeling?  Ashton: I have no issue with implied nude posing.  If you work with a professional, talented photographer and do implied shots, then I believe this can add dimension to your portfolio.  Implied nude modeling can be very tasteful and classy.  Unfortunately, there are some photographers who shoot implied nude posing for the wrong reason and will use the pictures for things other than they are supposed to be used for.  This is why you need to choose a well-respected photographer with a great reputation if you chose to do these kinds of shoots.


IMG_31 GlamModelz Magazine: What gets you motivated every day to stay in shape and look your best at all times? Tell us a little about what your workout is like.  Ashton: The gym has been my passion since I started working out at the age of 18.  I love it, not only for what it does for me physically, but also for what it does for me mentally.  I also love my “home gym” because we are like a family.  I have known a lot of my gym friends for years.  Even when I am traveling and go to other gyms, most people have respect for each other and the fact that we are trying to reach a common goal.   As for my workout, I typically do 45 minutes of cardio, one hour of weights, and 15 minutes of abs.  I mix of my weight routine pretty regularly so that the body doesn’t get use to what I ask of it.


 GlamModelz Magazine: Beyond an impressive fitness regimen, what are some of your other secrets for staying in shape you’d like to share with us?  Ashton: I try to eat a high-protein, low carbohydrate diet.  I eat a lot of fruit.  I try to eat about five small meals per day and drink a lot of water.  I quit drinking five years ago.  That was one of the things that made the biggest difference in my physique. Living a cleaner life, focusing on healthy options and keeping active is the best thing anyone can do to stay in the best shape they can.


  GlamModelz Magazine: It appears to us that most eye candy magazines are fixated on some part of the female anatomy. Tell us what do you think your best assets are?  Ashton:   In my opinion, my eyes are my best asset.   However, I think most eye candy magazines are fixated on boobs and booty.  I have to agree that I can understand the fixation on both, especially the booty since I am always trying to get mine bigger.  I also get compliments on my muscles and how hard I work on being fit. Fitness and being in shape is also a very sexy thing.


 GlamModelz Magazine: Do you feel other women are intimidated when learning you are a model and how do you handle this?  Ashton:  Some are intimidated and some are not.  It really just comes down to the type of person they are. If they are insecure and catty, they are intimidated. But there are lots of girls I have met or talked to like Lily Marie or Chrissy Victoria who are kind and caring people. I am a very down-to-earth person and by talking to me, my personality usually puts people at ease. I enjoy having good professional and personal relationships with other models who are down-to-earth people too.


  GlamModelz Magazine: If you had one thing to tell a model just entering the industry what would that be?   Ashton:  I tell any girl who wants to model, “Be yourself”.  The only person you are competing against is yourself.  You will get a lot farther in this industry by helping others and being genuinely happy for other people’s success instead of trying to “outshine” others.   Too many girls get dragged into feeling they have to look or at a certain way. I truly believe that you can be beautiful at any shape, weight, size, or age. All that it takes to be successful as a model is being a hard worker, being a good person and being dedicated to making your beauty as impressive as it can be, but at the same time being YOU.




GlamModel: Ashton Taylor

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