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Finding myself has been an arduous task that I am still completing. I’ve instilled a content of cognition that every human being is purposeful. Meaning we all have stories that can enlighten a stigma in something or someone. My name is De’Azsha Dade, I am twenty years old and I was born and raised in Lubbock. I am a small-town girl with big city dream the thought of big buildings and bright lights motivate me daily to pursue a fantastic lifestyle. My mother and manager is Amy Dade, she too is a Lubbock native where she still resides. I have two brothers who are very special to me and one nephew. I take strong pride in my many achievements in my short twenty years.

As of today, I am excited to work more with Jeff Benham (an amazing and thoughtful photographer) and Ms. Nifa (a talented make-up guru). Although I am sometimes a Diva with Mr. Benham, I can never thank him enough for seeing something special enough in me to work with me and my cranky attitude. I believe it is very insightful to know the meaning of oneself to further an aboard outlook of precious life every day. My story begins in Lubbock, TX, October 24, 1996, at the University Medical Center. My mother and father are Amy and Michael Dade, along with my two brothers, one special sister, and three nephews whom I love dearly they mean the world to me. Both of my parents are only high school graduates and divorced when I was a young girl. All the way up until my freshmen year of high school my mother worked hard as a single mother to support my brothers and I, when my mother went on a business endeavor in early 2011 to open two tobacco retail stores that flourished. In my short time,

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De'Azsha D Dade Portrat 07Currently I’m classified as a sophomore at Texas Southern University home of the mighty, mighty tigers. Attending college was important for myself because I don’t ever want to face the same occupational path as my parents. Fortunately, I am a first-generation college student from my family. Both my mother and fathers highest level of education is a high school diploma. Also, I have the advantage to get a quality education. Being granted a chance to attend college is a blessing for many people so I decided to use my blessings for a better journey in life.

Since my transition to college I have had many blessings and opportunities come my way that I am so honored to have in my life. My first line of business is my growing modeling opportunities, I love being in front of the camera lenses, it’s a stress reliever and I enjoy being the center piece of art. Modeling is an art from the camera to the photographer to the modeling. Taking pictures has always been a passion of mine I have been modeling at the age of eleven. Unfortunately, due to the circumstances of my environment I was not ever able to comfortably pursue my passion in the small modeling world of Lubbock. Since moving to Houston I have been feature in many clothing line brand startups my first being Laux Attractions. I am a brand ambassador for Ynae Ynae a clothing company based in my hometown I am so honored to be a part of this team. I also endorse a line designed by hand by a Lubbock native, Keosha Jenkins, her work and passion for fashion is very important to me which is why I work so greatly with her. Lately, I have added another brand to my rooster and I will also endorse this brand but due to agreements I have with company we will all have to wait and see what is in store it will be very good is all I can say. I have hosted different events around Houston from music events to club events and even charity.

My favorite color is, yes, you guessed it pink! Pink is such a joyful color it’s pretty in every shade and it makes my melanin pop profusely.


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GlamModel: De’Azsha D Dade

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GlamModelz Magazine, Volume 10, Issue 2, January 2017. Cover Model: Chrissy Victoria, Cover Photo by, Rick, RJT Images, GlamModel: Kia Windom, GlamModel: Krista Nicole, Original Article: In The Details, GlamModel: Tiana Swain, Original Article: The Ideal of Modeling, GlamModel: De\'Azsha D Dade,…