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GlamGurls Model; Cheri Clark

Cheri is the first winning Model of the GlamGurls Competition (Models Category). Cheri was invaluable to us at GlamModelz Magazine as a beta tester on the site and has a diverse and stunning look as well. GlamModelz Magazine interviews GlamGurl Cheri; of Chico, San Francisco & LA, CA. Cheri, has a unique style that is all her own. With creative posing, beautiful features and expression, Cheri is fast becoming a recognizable face within the Fashion, Beauty & Glamour Modeling Industry.

When working with a photographer do you bring your own concepts and idea’s as well as working with theirs?
Cheri Clark:
When working with a photographer, I usually like to get the shots and concepts that he/she is looking to capture first. When it is a paid assignment, I feel it is definitely best to let the photographer get what they are after. When we are done shooting their particular concept, then I will often suggest a few of my own ideas. When I shoot, it is kind of collaboration with everyone involved. Sometimes it’s this collaborating with others that produce better images than the original concept.

GlamModelz: Facial expressions are a big part of a photo session, how and where did you learn this? Cheri Clark: I remember when I first started modeling. I felt like I made the same sort of expressions over and over again. I began to look into the mirror and would practice the different sort of expressions that I had seen in magazines etc. I would visualize an expression that I wanted to try, and would practice until it was right. Sometimes it took a lot of practice. Some expressions came very easy, others not. I also took pictures of myself with my own camera. This helped me to see what I might have been doing incorrectly. I then learned how to work on the look was not happy with. Like everything else -it’s all about practice, practice, practice! cheri_3443-copy.jpg

GlamModelz: Do you feel that flexibility and diversity are important to a model portfolio? Cheri Clark: Flexibility and diversity are very important aspects if a model is serious and wants to become successful. You must have different posing, expressions, emotions, concepts and wardrobe to show you’re a versatile model. If your images are too similar, it appears that those certain looks are the only thing you can do. For example, most print models should include images such things as beauty, editorial and commercial shots. It is this diversity that allows a model to get more potential paid assignments. Your portfolio should show that you are capable of many kinds of looks. In the film industry, actors that are type cast don’t get offered a variety of work. The same is true of models. Lack of diversity can limit your earning potential.

Picture 118 copy.jpgGlamModelz: Your thoughts on TFP or TFCD sessions in general? Cheri Clark: I believe that TFP and TFCD are the best deal around for everyone. Working TFP allows a model to build his/her port affordably and network with a variety of photographers, MUA and wardrobe stylists. It is the best way to obtain an assortment of images in these harsh economic times… It is really a win-win situation for everyone involved. Models receive the images with no cost and photographers get a chance to experiment with ideas, lighting and styles. TFP is also a really great way to stay in practice and update your portfolio.

GlamModelz: Any suggestions to models about wardrobe? What to have and where to find deals? Cheri Clark: I would say that stay within you means when it comes to wardrobe. Spending a lot on something you will only shoot in once doesn’t make much sense. I have found really good items at thrift stores around town (As well as throughout the state). I will modify or update outfits by adding trim, lace, beads, sequins or dying fabric. Sometimes I even alter sizes or layer fabrics. I love the vintage look, so the best deals are definitely at the thrift stores. When ever I am out of town shooting, I am always on the hunt looking for treasures. I find great deals and then pack them away for future shoots. Once I am through with them, I usually donate them back to another thrift store.

GlamModelz: How do you handle the inappropriate offers and sometimes rude individuals when Picture 433(2).jpgthey contact you for a session together?
Cheri Clark: When I receive inappropriate offers from an individual I usually respond by either asking them to read my policy on my web page or decline the offer right away. (My policy is only upscale and age appropriate work.) If they persist in asking, I simply do not respond back to them. When an individual is rude (which hardly ever happens) I will state what the terms of our working conditions will be and ask if that is agreeable. If not, I simply say, “Thank You” and move on. I choose not to work with individuals that are rude or disrespectful in any way.

GlamModelz: Have you had the support of family, friends and loved ones with your modeling?
Cheri Clark: I have no idea of what I would do without my friends and family as my support system. My family supports me when we travel with meals, lodging, wardrobe, etc. They also take me to casting calls, go-sees and to all of my photo shoots. They are really a great support system. My friends also help keep me confident with my modeling. They are the ones that really believe in me and encourage me in all I do. Together, my family and friends keep me focused and on track!

IMG_5806_Web.jpgGlamModelz: If you had one thing to tell a model just entering the industry what would that be?
Cheri Clark: I guess the one thing I would tell any model is to be persistent. Even after say ten shoots, you will not become a seasoned professional, well know or discovered. It takes a very long time to gain experience and make your mark in modeling. Any model thinking that they will some how be discovered and quickly become a sought after professional is not realistic at all. It is all about networking, persistence and not giving up on your goals.

GlamModelz: How do you handle rejection from photographers, agencies and your peers?
Cheri Clark: Any model must be able to handle rejection from photographers, agencies and peers. You must have a “thick skin” and not take the rejection personally. It might be that your look is not exactly what a casting call is requiring. It may be that an agency already has a person with a similar look. Whatever the reason is that you did not get a booking, you have to just say that it is fine and move on. Fortunately, for every “no” there will certainly be a “yes” around the corner. There really are so many beautiful models out there with unique looks and talent that the competition is always strong. It is all about finding your niche/market and sticking with your strengths.

angel-in-lightStatistical Details:
Location: San Francisco, Chico & LA, CA.
Height: 5’5″
Weight: 110 lbs
Measurements: 35-26-35
Dress Size: 2
Shoe Size: 8
Hair Color: Blond
Hair Length: Long
Eye Color: Green
Skin Color: Pale
Experience: Professional
Represented by Models Inc. (SF) and Magnum Opus (sac)

Major Campaigns: 2009
Feature Article in Growing Up Chico Magazine Feb. 2009 Edition Promotional Video for Restored Clothing Company Feb. 2009 Voice-over for Caribbean commercial Jan. 2009 California Visitor’s Guide Magazine Summer 2009 Edition

Sacramento News and Review Arts & Culture Dec. Weekend Warehouse Clothing Catalog and Print Model Dec. Make A Wish Glass Slipper Fashion Show Dec. Church of Satin Winter Fashion Showcase Dec. Restored Clothing Winter Reveal Fashion Event Nov. Nichole Roberts Print ads Nov. Playez International Clothing Catalog & Print Model Oct. Voice-over for animation Oct. Videomaker Magazine Aug/Sept Issue. Bridal Expo Chico. Restored Clothing Company Clothing Catalog & Print Model Bridal Expo Sacramento. Gottchalks Liz Claiborne Fashion Show Fall Gottchalks Fashion Show Summer

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    Picture 118 copy.jpg

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    Picture 433(2).jpg

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    angel in light.jpg

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I have many more projects/shows in the works! I will be updating soon.The images of Cheri appearing in this interview were photographed by Dave Davis, LeDeux Art, Greg Pascarelli


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I'm a Northern California Professional Photographer, based just outside San Francisco California. I specialize in commercial product advertising, architectural, Family Portraits, Boudoir, Weddings and Food photography. I have been working with Bay Area and Sacramento, Modeling Agencies for more then fifteen years, shooting portfolio development for models and high-end makeup artists. I am highly creative and always unique. I shoot cutting edge projects in the studio and on location, through the San Francisco Bay Area, Roseville and Sacramento. Dave has published 62, articles with GlamModelz Magazine.

Connect with him on: Magazine,The most Fabulous site on the Internet, where HOTNESS Hangs!! GlamModelz Magazine is a pictorial exposé geared towards working professionals in today’s glamor industry. We are internationally cultured, inspired and dedicated to showcasing the cutting edge works of today’s market, while also providing useful information for those wishing to make their break into the modeling industry. GlamModelz magazine offers an unbiased perspective into Glamour, Beauty and Art Photography Modeling. GlamModelz Magazine has published 288, articles with GlamModelz Magazine.

Connect with her on:

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