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BethanyCoverBethany Smith, from Eugene, Oregon is a long legged beauty that epitomizes the concept of glamour modeling. Standing 5 foot, 11 inches, she brings a sense of high fashion to the glamour field of photography as well as any model I’ve worked with. Bethany has been modeling for 8 years and lists fashion, runway, sports and fitness, casual, swimwear, and glamour as her genres of interest. Speaking from experience, she can do all of them with skill and determination. Bethany writes, “I believe that beauty is within the eye of the beholder and I have yet to see anything other beauty in this amazing life. I am blessed to be where I am today and would love nothing more than to advance my career and life with more beauty. I’m ready to shoot.” Join with me as you discover, in her own words, Bethany Smith the model.

Dean Fast

As a kid I was always told I should be a model. Being tall, with thin and long legs did the trick. I never took anyone serious until one day, a lady messaged me and said she wanted to see me go far. I had no idea who she was. She had asked me to send her a few raw images. She then sent my images to a number of photographers in my area and set up a few photo shoots for me. She never gave me her name; she claimed she only wanted to see me do well. After a few photo shoots I really started getting into it. People started contacting me, wanting to work! I was shocked at the response I was getting. I never thought in a million years that I would actually be a model.


12Some changes that have occurred in my personal life since I started modeling would have to include that I am now a proud mother. As you could imagine, having a baby can really take a toll on your body. After some lifestyle changes and a lot of hard work, my body has bounced right back, for which I’m very proud.

Social media is the whole reason I am where I am today. Without it I would be nowhere near where I am today in the field of modeling. Social media is where I find inspiration, friends, and photographers. Being able to connect with someone so easily by adding him or her to my profile or sending them a quick message is the easiest way to network yourself. The website that has helped me out the most is Model Mayhem. When I first started out, it was my go to site. I could find gigs easily and learn names of local photographers with the click of a button. That being said, I no longer use the website. Due to complications whereby they closed down three of my accounts, I gave up. Now my go to site is Facebook. I have found that it’s easiest to use and the quickest way to message people. I also heavily rely on Instagram. Networking is a key to fame in my eyes.

01Pinterest has to be my biggest source of inspiration. If I have a modeling concept in my head, I will pull up three or four images that have multiple components I want to recreate in my next shoot. One component might be lighting while another one might be poses. There are a lot of people I look up to, but in my personal opinion the person I should look up to the most is myself. That’s where I get my self-confidence.

I define glamour as attitude, something I have a lot of. Attitude can make any picture pop. The raise of an eyebrow or the glare in the eyes; that is what glamour is about in my opinion. A little bit of sass can change something simple to something seductive. I have never been one to pose nude unless it’s for a silhouette. Implied nudity is fine depending on how well I know the photographer and what the intent of the photos are. If I do implied, I never do it without bottoms on.

As a model I have many goals. I try to focus on goals that are attainable in the near future rather than the distant. I take each day one at a time and try not to make long-term goals. You might say it’s because I may not have the best planning skills, but I like to think of it more that I’m a spontaneous planner. One of my more recent goals is to get into multiple publications, which I am working on right now.

18My family is very supportive and for that I’m very thankful. I come from a family that is very conservative, so support from them is everything. We all want to see each other succeed in life, and they know my path to success is by doing what I love and what I was born to do.

If someone were to ask me for advice about modeling, which happens often, the one thing I always say, you can’t take back what you do. Don’t do something you won’t be proud of later on. If you post something on the Internet, you cant take it down. You can’t un-see it.

Before I go to any photo-shoot, I always prepare by starting the night before. I make sure my nails are done in a color that matches what the team has planned.  I work out extra hard and try not to eat too much. I get a good night’s rest and in the morning I always drink an energy drink to help get myself pumped up. My best photo shoots are always the days where I work with new people.

Anytime I have a photo-shoot, I always try to come up with interesting concepts that I have never seen before. I like to think I’m pretty creative, but sometimes painting the image that is in my head to the photographer is harder than it sounds, so I go to Google images and Pinterest. I take a lot of time looking for new concepts. Every day I am inspired by something and I don’t stop working on that idea until I feel I’ve captured all the inspiration I need for my shoot. I practice my facial expressions every morning while doing my makeup. I memorize every muscle movement and motion.

I always prefer studio shoots over location as I tend to get less distracted by things around me such as animals and the beauty of nature. Staying focused is key. I also like how the lighting is more controlled in a studio.

When I consider working with a photographer, the images that grab my attention are those with great lighting. Whether it be dramatic lighting, bright lighting, or lighting that makes the model pop, this is an important draw to me when I choose photographers to work with. When looking at a photographer’s portfolio, before I work with them, I also tend to look at how the photographer edits their photos. Is the editing too noticeable, is the model’s skin not smooth enough, or does the skin look fake are questions I ask myself.

Anytime someone work with a new photographer I advise bringing an escort. It’s better to be safe than sorry. I took my mom to almost every photo shoot I had for my first two years modeling. Not only did she make the shoots more fun, she also had some great input.



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GlamModel: Bethany

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