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marisa-james_1 gmcIt is never easy to be courageous and to stay up for what you believe at the same time you’re trying to stand out from the crowd. When you’re an exotic young lady with an active interest in combat sports but also have a “girly” side that has lead you into modeling, you’re bound to be a bit out of the ordinary. But when you want to pursue looks that are all about being creative, eclectic and elegantly sexy, but don’t want to compromise your values, the line you’ve chosen to walk is a challenging one. But that is what Marisa James of Boston MA has done and done so with grace, beauty and style. Marisa has been working out of my studio for nearly a year and a half and has seen has fair share of success, including publication in several GlamModelz Magazine articles in past months, but this is her first full feature here. And it couldn’t have come sooner. In a time when consistency and devotion to the Industry seem to be in short supply, Marisa’s passion for modeling has really shown through and her drive to succeed has only been eclipsed by her willingness to grow as a professional. It is such a pleasure to finally showcase her in GlamModelz!



IMG_20I got my start in modeling rather in an almost accidental fashion. I randomly did a photo shoot when I was 24 because I had seen a friend do it and I wanted to try it out. It was a good first experience, but then about a year later I wanted to do it again, but with a different photographer. It was one of those chances where I randomly found a wonderful photographer and over the years he has stuck by me and now is a big part of my life. So since then I have done shoots a few times a year. I honestly do this for myself. It’s a blessing that I’m able to get into the studio regularly and have the opportunity to be featured in magazines. At the moment I’m just letting my modeling career flow and see what comes to me.

I have been asked on occasion to describe how modeling reflects my personality. I think modeling is all about expressing yourself and also a time to play dress up and show the world another side of you. Over time I have learned to express myself more in my shoots. I try out different styles and different looks. I think in time, the more and more you do shoots you find your own style and find different ways to express that in front of the camera.

It has been such an amazing last year or so and I’ve been so lucky to have some great things happen to me. One of the moments that sticks out to me is my very first cover of the GlamModelz July 2014 article. I was just looking through my email and there it was my first cove.r I was so shocked will never forget that moment. And the other moment that was big for me was being on the cover of Modelsmania Magazine in May 2015. Not only did I get the cover, it was my birthday month. The clothing I was wearing that got the cover was one of my favorite clothing lines Kill Their Will MMA clothing line. Both moments I will never forget.


IMG_25I will admit I come up with all the ideas for my upcoming shoots and they come from every source you can imagine, but I’m the worst at packing for them. I usually bring a ton a clothes and shoes and go with the flow. I like to see how I feel when I get to the shoots because I change my mind all the time. I do know my inspiration comes from all over the place. I like to look sporty which comes from my boxing side of me and I also like to be girly. I think the true inspiration for me is the moment and what is inside me at the time.

Counting on the support of friends and family, well that’s been a struggle for me since starting modeling. I’m a boxer and it’s hard to be looked at as both. I have the support of my friends and boyfriend in both arenas. My family on the other hand has had a hard time coming to terms with my modeling. They are very old fashioned but that doesn’t stop me from doing it because it’s something that I love. One day I know my family will come around, but for now I’m doing it just for me. As long as I’m happy at the end of the day, then that’s all that matters.

When it comes to nudes and implied nudes, it’s not that I’m against them. I find that they can turn out beautiful; I just feel that it’s not me. Topless implied is as far as I have gone so far. I’m shy when it comes to risky shoots but that’s just me and my personality. Modeling is all about expressing yourself in your own ways. So for now I would have to say no nudes and probably no more implieds from me, but will always support the girls in the studio who have the guts to do them. They do such an amazing job turning that look into a work of art not just a photo.

There is a lot about the Industry that could be better. I think the most important thing would have to be acceptance. Of course even before I started modeling I always said this that I wanted to see more real-looking women in the industry. It has gotten better over the years but everyone is a different shape and size and we need to make sure we celebrate that. I’m curvy and I love my curves. I wouldn’t change a thing about myself and I don’t want to see women pressured to feel they have to change.


IMG_26TF shoots is kind of a complicated topic to talk about because I really can’t speak on behalf of other models. Everyone is their own person and makes their own decision. I wouldn’t say I’m against them or for them I just know that I’m very picky about who I choose to work with. To be honest, I personally only like working with my one photographer because I feel I can be myself and it works for me. I like to choose my own style and clothing for the shoots, which isn’t always what happens in TF situations. It’s more fun for me that way to have a fair amount of say in what I shoot.

Besides being a model, I am an athlete. I’m a boxer and I’m always training and keeping myself in shape. Being an athlete means eating healthy, which is a big factor to the fighting world and it really helps in modeling. I like how the boxing complements my modeling because I like to show that women can take on men’s sports and be confident and strong.

I’m not sure what advice I would give to photographers about being professional, but I do think that when you meet a true photographer, you can tell that it is their true calling when they get to know you first before the shoot. Taking that time to get to know you allows you to be included in the shoot with ideas that you can share together. When they take the time to teach you every move and every look I feel like you can tell that they have a true passion.

I think it is important for models who have had some experience to support new models with some friendly encouragement and advice. Early on, I had the good fortune to have a veteran model named Liz DeBetta (who has been featured in GlamModelz!!) be a wonderful support to me and now I consider her a very important friend. I would say to any new model that she has to not be afraid to speak her mind in almost every Industry situation. Don’t be pushed around by people that make you feel uncomfortable. There are a lot of pushy people in this business and you have to be able to stand up for yourself and speak your mind.


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GlamModel: Marisa James

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