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Some jewels are all glittering polish but have very little inner fire. Others just seem to blaze with light that emanates from deep inside. Sadie Lynn is one of those models who has both remarkable qualities. On the outside, Sadie Lynn is one of the most compelling glamor models out there. It isn’t often that a girl can combine a trim athletic look with fabulously engaging curves, but Sadie Lynn does so perfectly and then some. Each and every pose she creates showcases a figure that is the essence of Playboy allure but is also a physique that could easily be on the cover of Women’s Fitness. And her face has all the atmospheric and haunting appeal of a masterwork of El Greco or Titian. She is beauty incarnate. But underneath that immeasurably tantalizing physical splendor is a soul of bright fire that is as warm and inviting as a cheery hearth on a winter’s evening. Sadie Lynn is strong and feisty, but kindly and caring, intelligent and intuitive in a way that energizes the creative, artistic process. Few young ladies are able to be that astonishing synergy of visual icon and profound spirit, but she does it effortlessly. Having Sadie Lynn as a featured model here at GlamModelz Magazine isn’t just a wonderful thing, it is a moral imperative. Sadie Lynn has all the essential qualities of modeling greatness, in addition to being a fabulously unforgettable person!





IMG_3About a year ago, I decided to treat myself to a photo-shoot for my 23rd birthday. I had never done a shoot before and thought “why not?” The way I saw myself in those photos changed the way I viewed myself entirely. I had never seen myself in such a light before and I loved it. It was almost addictive to feel so glamorous and sexy. Now I have a whole other way of looking at myself that has changed my self-concept. It is so very exciting because I can paint myself any way I choose to for the world to see. I can look how I want to and absolutely love it. It is also so COOL to hold a magazine in your hands and see yourself on the cover, or in a feature or article and know it’s YOU and that’s how you can look and feel if you believe in yourself. I’ve had a lot of fun doing these photo-shoots and the success has been completely unexpected. I expected one shoot to be for myself and that was to be it. Rick saw something golden in me and made it shine. I’ve been on two covers, have had several features in a few magazines and have been part of numerous articles. That in itself is my favorite part of modeling. I have fallen in love with the self-confidence and life-affirming nature of this business and how much it inspires me. What’s next is a mystery. I didn’t even expect this much to happen and to be where I am, so who knows?



IMG_22The following things get me excited about working with a photographer. I have to see passion for the business and a love of art in the eyes of the photographer and hear it in their words. It is so important that a photographer’s focus be on the art of what they do and not on the model. You can always tell when a photographer is focused on the art because he talks just as much about lighting, composition and pose as he does a girl’s beauty. Another important quality is professionalism. It’s easy to say that word, but a true professional has a code of ethics and knows how to behave within that code. Last, it is all about the quality of the photographer’s art and style. You can SEE first-rate style in their work. That’s where a model has to do her homework, to understand what a great photo really is. The warning signs that make me stay away from a photographer are things like being TOO complimentary and flattering too much. This isn’t supposed to be like a date. It is a professional experience. I don’t trust photographers who give away their time and offer TF shoot after TF shoot. Why do they need all those pictures if they aren’t making a living from their camera? That’s always suspicious. Finally, if they lack experience, no one has ever heard of them and they don’t have any references to show me, that always makes me leery. I think that escorts are an important part of staying safe in the modeling industry. Unfortunately I was tricked into a dangerous and frightening situation that nearly turned out horrendous because I didn’t have someone with me. It’s easy to assume every photographer is like Rick and can be trusted so that you don’t need to bring someone. He is the exception. My advice is simple. Until you know and trust someone, bring an escort. Safety can’t be taken lightly. I’d like to see fewer predatory photographers in this industry and more photographers with a true passion for the artistry and business. I am fortunate to work with the photographer I do because he supports and encourages my interests and dreams. I would like to see more commercial opportunities for models show up. It seems that too many models will give their time away for free and just as many businesses are looking for free work. Nobody wins in those situations. Business is fostered by exchange of value, not freebies.



I haven’t made modeling my “career” as such, so I wouldn’t call it a career choice. But as a choice for the kinds of modeling I like to do, I am happy to do implied nudes because I am confident in and comfortable with my body. I don’t see any reason to hide my beauty. I am proud of my beauty and the blessings I have been given and as such I want to show them. I am happy to take the criticisms with the compliments and at the end of the day, it is and always will be my decision. I have a very simple bit of advice for models thinking about shooting implied nudes. If you’re comfortable with the idea, then do it. If not, then don’t do it. And for the people who look down on models who shoot any kind of nude content, my thoughts are even simpler. It you don’t approve, mind your own business. There is no need to spread any more negativity. Such misery doesn’t do any good for anyone. If I am happy with my choice, I should be allowed the freedom to pursue that choice. So far other than sexy glamor, I haven’t done any other types of modeling. I have happily stepped into the world of implied nude modeling and am proud of how my images have been received. Going forward from this point, I want to continue to incorporate my love of sexy glamor with my interest in jewelry and shoes and create images that glitter and are filled with energy, both strong and fierce. I will, at some point, look into doing some kind of sports-themed look depending on the time of the year. One of my greatest dreams or fantasies in modeling would include my boyfriend. I must admit I would love for him to be able to do a shoot with me. It would be so beautiful to share that moment, to be able to see us looking so perfect together. I envision it an implied nude shoot, with his hands covering me and my body blocking his. I just feel like it would be a wonderful instance of complete oneness.



There are several suggestions that I can give to improve a model’s posing. Learning to take direction and then growing from that direction is essential to becoming skilled at posing. Find a photographer who knows posing and how to direct you and then soak up that knowledge like a sponge. Another important quality is that models need to learn muscle control. Disciplines like yoga can help with this. In posing, you have to be able to move only certain parts of your body with precision. The better your muscle control, the easier this is to do. From that point, LOTS of practice is going to help as well. Study the poses of models in magazines and on-line, then try to adapt that pose to your own body’s structure. Do this over and over and over, always pushing yourself to be stronger and more flexible. This bit of advice seems a little strange, but it is something I have internalized. Look how you want to look and that will make your posing better. If you are comfortable with sexier content, then that will show in the nature of your posing, making it look even more sensual. If you aren’t comfortable with the content, your poses won’t be strong at all and it will show in the pictures.

On the subject of general advice, I have plenty to say as well. In this industry, you can’t avoid or escape varying degrees of negative criticism. People feel entitled to say their piece and often times it isn’t pleasant to listen to. You have to be willing to ignore the negativity and just be strong. Learning to have a thicker skin is a benefit in this life and modeling helps you grow that thicker skin. But at the same time, it is SO important to have fun in modeling. Be open to all kinds of possible styles, trust yourself and your inner belief and then go for it. I never would have imagined myself being primarily a “nude” model. While I don’t shoot full nudes, I shoot a lot of full implied nudes and that is because I had a lot of fun doing it, I kept my mind open to possibilities and the result is a greater sense of self-concept and self-love than I had before. That is one of the best parts of modeling and I strongly urge girls to find that path to loving yourself more.



Right now I am focused on moving back to Massachusetts, so modeling has had to take a small backseat for a bit. Once back there though, I am really excited to continue with modeling and continue my growth as a person. I am not 100% sure where either path will take me. For now they have been moving forward side-by-side. If that continues and I hope that it does, I will be interested to see what the future will bring. I have an old soul but I have a young personal outlook. I know that sounds like it could be contradictory, but I like how those two facets of who I am co-exist. One example is that the old soul in me is really focused on doing my very best at all times, but the young mindset realizes I can’t take it too seriously and be “all work and no play”. Play doesn’t always have to be wild. It just needs to get me off the hard work track for a period of time. At the end of the day, you can usually find me at home with my dog, smoking hookah and watching movies with a friend. Weekends tend to be reserved for my boyfriend because we seem to often be on opposite schedules. But I think all this nicely sums up who I am and what matters to me.


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GlamModel: Sadie Lynn

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