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Often times, the gift that you do not expect is the one that brings the greatest joy. Models come into my life in a variety of ways but one of the most common is through friends who decide to work with me. Referrals are a funny thing because everyone has their own method of measuring beauty and sex appeal. Sometimes a girl will say, “I have this friend who wants to model and she is SO cute”! And the reality is for any number of reasons, the referred friend just isn’t cut out to be a model. That was NOT the case with Jessica Kay. She came to me through Hillary Danielle, a trusted model and beloved friend, and as much as I was impressed by her social media candids, I was even more deeply captivated by her in person and once she was in front of my camera. From a personality standpoint, Jessica isn’t like the vast majority of models. She has an easy-going, understated charm and a low-key demeanor. It isn’t that she can’t be high energy and wild intensity, she certainly can. But whether it’s in-studio or on location, when Jessica is modeling, she is a joy to work with but at the other end of the vitality spectrum and as a result, there is a calm and cool collectedness to my time with her.  What has also made Jessica so very like that unexpected and treasured gift is her desire to learn and her willingness to grow in a patient, steady, and stable manner. Certainly this is a desired offshoot of her relaxed nature, but unlike so many models who expect success to come within days or weeks of their very first shoot, Jessica has committed herself to making consistent progress and working as part of the team, dedicated to her success within the context of the Studio’s achievement. There have been stumbles, but she has learned from them and grown. And the development and blossoming of Jessica’s beauty and talent has been a sight to see! Like a flower unfolding to the sun, she has just burst forth with a grandeur and wonder that has even caused old, jaded,  bitter ME to take stock and reflect on just how special she is. What I have really rejoiced in is how cautiously thoughtful about choices Jessica Kay is, but then once she grabs hold of a path, she is ALL IN! And as you can tell by the images in this feature, wherein we see Jessica’s evolution over the past year as a model, she has really begun to sparkle. And even Jessica’s look has a profundity to its quality, causing the casual fan and inspired devotee alike to contemplate and assess. She is exotic, but not “vampish”, a girl-next-door but with a spiciness that sets her apart, a slender model with naturally enticing and almost lascivious curves, a beauty that finds a way of encroaching upon the boundaries of the soul and before you know it, you’re absolutely hooked. Like listening to an album from the first song to the last and realizing the ENTIRE set of songs is superb and not just a one hit wonder, Jessica has that appeal. Each and every time you look at her, you realize she IS exceptional and worthy of adoration. And after seeing her in some articles, we are able to welcome Jessica Kay to the GlamModelz family with her first full feature and look forward to seeing her here again and again.



IMG_11  GlamModelz Magazine: What got you the most interest and excited about Modeling when you first started, and has that changed over the past year? Jessica Kay: When I first started modeling I really hoped to become a published model in a magazine. Now that I have accomplished that goal in less than a year, it has driven me to want more. As the year progresses I still strive for more publications. Whether it be a cover model or a feature, I am grateful for all opportunities. I am eager to do more and experience more.  I have been a featured model in a trio of workshops and I am excited to do more of that too. Whatever the opportunity, I am eager to gain more experience in this Industry.

 GlamModelz Magazine: You’ve had quite a run of success over the past few months. What has really made you smile about your successes? What are the goals you most wish to reach with your modeling career?  Jessica Kay: I’ve really enjoyed my photoshoot sessions and of course the finished product of the actual photos. It makes me smile knowing that not only do I enjoy the photos, but so many others love and support them as well. It has been humbling to see the responses of fans and to see them embrace what I do. I’ve reached quite a few goals already that I never felt I would; in which I’m grateful! My work with Rick Trottier of Light Works Studio has set me on a really promising path. At this point I just have goals of growing more and getting out in to the modeling industry and becoming better known.


 GlamModelz Magazine: What are the things about this Industry that you less enthusiastic about and what tends to bother you about the world of Modeling?   Jessica Kay: I’ve discovered the modeling world is a difficult place. There are lots of models and photographers out there trying to make success for themselves in this business, but many others who seem to be in it for other reasons. It’s hard telling which photographers and models are actually serious, passionate and dedicated to their work and others who are more so in it for personal gain or a hobby lifestyle. I guess what bothers me most is investing money in to something; such as modeling and making no progress as a model like I did at the very beginning before I knew there were some scams out there.


 GlamModelz Magazine: When working on concepts for upcoming shoots, how much thought or effort do you put into it? Where does your inspiration come from?  Jessica Kay: Over the course of the week prior to a shoot, I tend to lay out multiple and varied clothing items and pre-think what pieces of clothing and shoes go together to get that “perfect” look. I always add in some random props as well because when you actually get on set, two minds working together ( yours and the photographer) you can create a more diverse and personal style. My inspiration comes from other models who I’ve seen become fairly successful and it gives me hope and encouragement. I follow in their footsteps, while adding my own personal touch to make me standout just a little bit from the crowd.


IMG_17  GlamModelz Magazine: You are one of the sexiest figure models out there. What kinds of suggestions would you like to give to newer models coming into the business about how to improve their posing and make their pics look more dynamic?  Jessica Kay: One suggestion I can make to new models is to step outside your comfort zone and don’t over-think the details or get discouraged if the image doesn’t look like what you thought it would in your head! Think of every shoot as a learning experience. You will learn that some poses you do work best for you and your body style and will in turn make spectacular photos even if you feel silly in the pose. Good photographers have a special eye for seeing things through a lens that we ourselves don’t see. I use to focus on unimportant details and be convinced only certain looks were for me. Now I let the little things go and by stepping outside my box, I am seeing a lot more success!


 GlamModelz Magazine: You have a style all your own that really catches the eye. Do you have any thoughts or suggestions to models about how to develop their look and make it special?  Jessica Kay: If you have a special style that makes you who you are, use that to your advantage to stand out! Use your best assets and really emphasize them to your full potential. I like showing my butt and using my hair to look wild and appealing. I have other strengths, but those are two I know get attention. Growing from your strengths is always the best way to get better at other things you aren’t as good at.


IMG_15 GlamModelz Magazine: We have noticed you seem to be thoughtfully focusing on varied forms of glamor in your modeling. What are the styles or categories you really enjoy shooting the most?  Jessica Kay: Lingerie and implied nudes are what I cater to the most. I haven’t really ventured too much outside of that style shooting. It’s a style that works for me and I’m successful in, so I’m okay with this choice.  I think lingerie is very sexy and posing nude has an appeal all its own.


  GlamModelz Magazine: You are also one of the most exotic sexy glamor models out there. Your implied nudes really are eye-catching. What are your thoughts on implied nude modeling?  Jessica Kay:  At first I was nervous with implied nude modeling having never done it before. This was definitely a step outside my comfort zone and it has benefited me tremendously. It’s definitely much sexier and keeps your mind on edge with wanting to see more. Posing nude but having the pictures be implied nudes gives more of “tease” aspect to the photo. I definitely plan to do more implied nude modeling.


 GlamModelz Magazine: We’ve seen you have nicely crafted portfolios on Facebook and Instagram. Do you feel this is an important factor to your success as a model? Why?   Jessica Kay: It is absolutely important to develop good on-line portfolios! Social media is everywhere these days. It definitely helps in the growth of being better known. It gains you access to A LOT of people all over the world and is great for creating a support team for yourself and your modeling goals. Networking is key to success but social media isn’t the only part of modeling. There are lots of avenues to success and social media is one important one.


 GlamModelz Magazine: Advice is an important gift from one person to another. What are two or three tidbits of advice you would give a model just entering this business?   Jessica Kay:  Coming into the modeling business completely unaware and uneducated as to its “ins and outs” was extremely difficult and definitely a learning curve at which I’m still learning every day. One solid piece of advice I could give to a new model would be to most definitely take the time and do research on people you’re going to potentially be working with! Don’t just trust people for what they say, make sure there are facts and history that is proof of who they are. A second solid piece of advice I can offer is taking a step outside your comfort zone is great! But don’t ever feel obligated to do things you’re not comfortable with.



GlamModel: Jessica Kay

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