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GlamModel and Glamour Model Kat Leopard (Born Kathleen Del Giudice) is an Irish Glamour Model

Born in Sardegna Italy to an Irish Mother and Italian Father,When Kat was just 8 year’s old her family moved to Dublin Ireland.

The Irish Beauty has now been modeling for the past 8 year’s and Has been Internationally published in such Magazine’s like RHK Magazine, Dream Vixens magazine, photogenic, and has also got her own Calendar on the official website  of the biggest uk Glamour Model websites in the uk,  she has worked with many photographer’s from One the best Burlesque photographer’s in Ireland Hector Heathwood, Jim Sweeney, Robert Kelly, Rob Laird, and many more Growing up around the Music industry Kat also has a passion for Music, Rock n roll, singing, Art, make up fashion and shoes!

Sultry, sexy and 100% dedicated to success, The Blonde Bombshell now focuses on her, glamorous shoots She has worked hard at building her professional portfolio that highlight her sexy curves so that she may showcase her exotic and diversified look .

Kat love’s to do new fun and exciting shoot’s from Glamour, Pinup, lifestyle, fashion, Lingerie, Promotional and Commercial Modeling.



Image-025I Remember going to a friends photo shoot many years ago, sitting there thinking how glamours and fun it looked when the photographer asked could he take some photos of me! ive always been into glamours things since i was a little girl, I always had a fascination with Marilyn Monroe ,and Pamela Anderson barbie, Jessica rabbit  you name it.  I remember thinking i wanted to be just like them! I knew I was different and wanted bigger things in life, I remember when i was a little girl i use to put my moms make up on and imagine myself been this glamours model or singer with my name in lights! of course that is another love of mine singing,  I use to sing all the time in front of the tv growing up around the music industry my father was an opera singer ,so music was always a part of me

I love all music from pop britney spears ,Christina Aguilera, nikki minaj ,Adam Lambert, Aerosmith , whitesnake, Im a rock n roll girl at heart!you gotta have some rock n roll in your life right?hehe 😉

As i got older the Modeling world became such a love for me its such a great experience planning out a photoshoot for the day been creative and getting some great shots,for me doing photoshots its like acting your in one outfit one minute then your out of another and so on, its such a fun process… There’s been many photographers that I’ve worked with like Hector Heathwood one of the best burlesque photographers in Ireland  i love his style very burlesque glamours ,recently Ive been working with Robert Kelly he does all sorts of photography from fashion to landscape, glamour etc,hes done many of my magazine Covers like Rhk Magazine and Dream vixens, photogenic etc so its been great collaborating with him.


I’m Super excited to be this months Feature girl for GlamModelz Magazine  its such an honor to be in such a wonderful Glamour Magazine im blessed.

 Ive been wanting to work with them for quite a while know ,and have met some great people along the way like photographer editor Jeff Benham,photographer Robert Kelly,and all of the GlamModelz team/Magazine so thank you guys! I think been in this Industry you gotta be strong ambitious and driven  and believe in yourself  a billion% as there’s so  many people that will try and stir you the wrong way,i truly believe anything is possible your thoughts have energy,so always make sure your thoughts are positive and powerful, i  always like to surround myself by positive people,that make me laugh and make you be the best you!

untitled-110 (1)

glam new shoot 2017My favorite Model would probably have to  be Coco Austin i love her style and work shes done, i think we have alot of similar things in common when it comes to our style of modeling as we have a similar  figure really curvy small waist big boobs lol,she does it all  while been a business woman and a mom like me, so  i can really relate to her i think been in the Glamour Industry/Entertainment its important for a woman to feel beautiful inside and out, i think its a great way to express who you are and that side of you.

There are many more goals and things that I want to do in the modeling world,from working with different photographers and locations.  I love traveling and have gone to some beautiful places two of my favorites would have to be Sweden stockholm is so beautiful ive had some Amazing times there.My second favorite would have to be Las vegas!!!! i love it there i love the Vibe it has and the people im a City kinda girl so i love been around busy places having all those lights and entertainment around so you never get bored, I’ve sure had some fun times there too going out to places enjoying  myself  having a few drinks in some great bar’s ,I would love to do a photoshoot in Nevada right in the Desert i love those raw and organic places, it really depends on the look im going for for the shoot, I can be inspired from a movie ive seen to a song ive heard to an era or Model i admire, theres no in between I go from raw and organic to lights camera action sparkles hehe…,and of course i want to be published in many more Magazines like Playboy,Penthouse and Maxim, also get into more video shoots and more business edventures etc,Be a successful woman  to the extreme, one of my favorite photoshoot’s would probably have to be this current one for GlamModelz Magazine! its a more intimate glamour type of vibe with alot more skin hehe.



Kat Leopard

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