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GlamModelz Magazine interviews Glam Model Kelley Marie of Meriden, Connecticut.  Kelley Marie has hit the modeling scene with an impact bordering on seismic proportions. Her first shoot with me was in February and then two follow ups in May and shoots in June and July. From those sets, images of Kelley first appeared in several Glam Modelz articles, and then have gone on to be featured in Modelsmania and Flava Girl. Kelley has fast become one of the most sought after models in New England as is now garnering serious attention throughout the country. It was a moral imperative to have this supremely beautiful and delightfully charming young lady in our magazine as a featured model and we couldn’t be more thrilled.


kelley_marie_coverGlamModelz Magazine: How did you get your start in the business? What goals have your set for yourself?  Kelley Marie: When I first started I did really amateur shots with photographers that needed to build their portfolio. I realized quickly that to be successful in this industry I need to work with photographers that have something to add to my portfolio and that will help me grow as a model. One goal I have set for myself is to get my name out there in the modeling world. I want my work to be seen. I love when girls look up to me! It makes this experience worth every second.

GlamModelz Magazine: You’ve already had impressive success for a model that is still so new to the business. What has been your greatest success to date?  Kelley Marie: I don’t think I can count one experience as my greatest success since they all have a special meaning to me. Every feature makes me grow as a model and I love seeing my hard work in print!

kelley_marie_21-jpgGlamModelz Magazine: Modeling brings out strong reactions in people that are sometimes surprising. Have you had the support of family, friends and significant other in regards to your decisions for your modeling career to date?  Kelley Marie: It’s been hard for my family to accept the types of modeling that I do, especially my sexier glamour shots. I come from a strict Italian family so I hope in time they’ll become more accepting. However, I have made great friends in the modeling world that have become my backbone. I love that we all support each other and can relate to what we’re all going through. I can’t thank Rick Trottier enough for all my girlfriends I’ve made and the opportunities I’ve had through his studio.


GlamModelz Magazine: When working on concepts for upcoming shoots, how much thought or effort do you put into it? Where does your inspiration come from?  Kelley Marie: My inspiration comes from all types of sources. Sometimes I’ll be browsing the web and see an image that really stands out to me. Other times I’ll just have a vision in my head of how I want the shot to look. I like to talk to the photographer in depth beforehand to really create something unique and different.

kelley_marie_28-jpgGlamModelz Magazine: Sexier glamor is sometimes a tough choice for a model. What are your thoughts and issues with implied nude modeling?  Kelley Marie: I believe the body is made to be seen. There’s nothing more beautiful than a woman that’s confident in her own skin. I love implied nude modeling because I feel so empowered doing the sexier shots. As long as it’s done tastefully, there’s no real reason why anyone should get offended in my opinion.

GlamModelz Magazine: The learning curve in Modeling is a steep one and we are sure you’ve already seen a lot. What would you like to see change in the industry from a model’s standpoint?   Kelley Marie: I really would like to see more respect for models. We are human beings at the end of the day and sometimes we aren’t always treated as such. I’ve had more good experiences than bad. It’s all a part of the process. The negative experiences I’ve had make the positive ones so much better.

GlamModelz Magazine: We all hear the horror stories in this Industry. If you had one thing to tell a model just entering the industry what would that be?  Kelley Marie: Always bring an escort to EVERY shoot. No matter how tough you are, if someone wants to harm you they will. There’s strength in numbers and if something was to happen you have a witness. Safety is always my main concern. I won’t shoot with any photographer unless my escort is present.

kelley_marie_04-jpgGlamModelz Magazine: You have one of the more exotic figures and looks out there. What gets you motivated everyday to stay in shape and look your best at all times?   Kelley Marie: I work at Hooters and they really stress body image. I have to thank them for becoming the woman I am today. The factor that motivates me the most to look my best is how many times girls tell me they love my body and they wish they could look like me. It motivates me to work even harder!!

GlamModelz Magazine: It appears to us that most Glamor magazines are fixated on some part of the female anatomy. Tell us what you think your best assets are of face and figure.   Kelley Marie: Of course female anatomy is quite a sight to look at, but it doesn’t make a girl beautiful. My best asset of face would be my eyes. Your eyes tell a story when you’re modeling. They really get the point across as to what you’re trying to say in the picture. When it comes to my figure, I would say my hourglass figure is my weapon! I’ve been told by several of my photographers that it is my best feature and I’ve come to embrace it!

GlamModelz Magazine: We have noticed you spend a great deal of time maintaining your portfolio on Model Mayhem. Do you feel this is an important factor to your success as a model? Why?  Kelley Marie: Yes, I do believe so. Model Mayhem is like Facebook for models. It’s a great way to get paid gigs and find new people to work with. You just have to know how to weed out the bad opportunities that sometimes come your way.

kelley_marie_11-jpgGlamModelz Magazine: You’re imagery in this feature and in your portfolio is pretty well-rounded. Do you feel that flexibility and diversity are important to a model’s portfolio?  Kelley Marie: Most definitely! Showing you’re well rounded means you can be placed in a variety of gigs. It’s fun for me to show all different sides of me too.

GlamModelz Magazine: Do you have any hobbies or special interests that you feel contribute to your success in modeling? Why do you feel they are a contributing to achieving your goals?   Kelley Marie: I’ve always liked photography in general and have always admired work of others. Seeing what other models have put out there motivates me to do better. I’m also really into fashion. I’m always shopping and grabbing pieces I think would look cool for a shoot.



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xoxo GlamModel: Kelley Marie

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