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krista-nicole_002-gmcMost people like a little spice added to their lives. It makes everything about the day sparkle with zest and vibrancy rather than be just another dose of the mundane and mediocre. Krista Nicole of Boston MA is one of the spiciest and most exotic of delights to come into the Modeling Industry for some time and has done so with flair and a measure of success that has caught a lot of people’s attention. Krista combines some qualities that are not commonly to be found in the average model mix. She is delicate of frame and yet fabulously and excitingly curvaceous. She has an ethnic blend that begets her exoticism but has a broad appeal with her many fans, from the sexiest glamor to classically fashionable looks. Her general demeanor is pure fire but there is a playful enthusiasm to her smile and eyes that is disarming and alluring both. In a world where so many models seem cut from the same cookie dough, Krista appears to be crafted from the richest of precious stones and blazes like the brightest of diamonds. And her willingness to constantly evolve and grow as a model stands her in good stead. Most models only wish to rest on the laurels of their loveliness. Krista is not one to sit back and wait for good things. She makes them happen. And we are the better for it. Krista has had some pretty red hot features in a variety of magazines this year and having her here at GlamModelz is a distinct pleasure and privilege.




krista-nicole_026GlamModelz Magazine: What excited you the most about Modeling when you first started, and has that changed over the past year?   Krista Nicole: In the beginning, I got excited about getting glamorous and beautiful and being in front of the camera and getting photos back. I still get excited about these things, but now I get more excited about getting published and seeing my photos in magazines. It’s also great to see my images shared on social media so I get to see my fan base growing.


GlamModelz Magazine: You’ve had quite a run of success over the past few months. What are the goals you most wish to reach with your modeling career?   Krista Nicole: The last few months certainly have been quite successful for me and I don’t want that to stop. A goal of mine is to become a Playmate for Playboy. Working with Playboy-Plus recently was awesome. I would like to grow with them more. It was a great place to start in the Playboy brand as a Cyber Girl, but I’d like to see that develop.


 GlamModelz Magazine: What has been your greatest success to date and why? What are some other successes that make you proud?   Krista Nicole: Being on the Playboy-Plus website was a great success of mine to date. I recently had an opportunity to play a role in a movie and being on set was just amazing. I have been on the cover of Modelsmania Magazine and Badd Magazine. I have had a lot of features in magazines like Badd, Riche and RHK. I am very proud about how many opportunities have opened up for me.


krista-nicole_025GlamModelz Magazine: When working on concepts for upcoming shoots, how much thought or effort do you put into it? Where does your inspiration come from?    Krista Nicole: I put a lot of effort into everything I do. I tend to overthink everything when I know I have a shoot coming up. I think about how I can make it better than the last time and find ways to show my fans that I am constantly striving for better.  I try to find new poses, new looks, new makeup and I will consider anything to try and stay unique. My inspiration comes from loving everything about the career. When you love what you do it’s easy to be obsessed with modeling.


 GlamModelz Magazine: You are one of the sexiest figure models out there. What kinds of suggestions would you like to give to newer models coming into the business about how to improve their posing?    Krista Nicole: The first step is to be confident with your figure. If you don’t feel good about yourself, you won’t pose in a sexy and exciting way. Move in front of a mirror see what looks sexy and own it. The more you take the time to practice the more it will pay off. If you think you have a flaw try to capture it in your next shoot get uncomfortable for a moment and you might just notice it’s not a flaw it could be your trademark or something that makes you different. Different is good. Everything is beautiful to someone just come out of your comfort zone and magic could happen. Finally, listen to the direction of experienced photographers and remember the input they give. A model can’t see herself in the camera, so getting feedback is really important.


krista-nicole_020 GlamModelz Magazine: You have a style all your own that really catches the eye. Do you have any thoughts or suggestions to models about wardrobe, such as what to have and where to find deals?  Krista Nicole: I love shopping; it’s kind of a problem of mine. But when I’m modeling, I have also used old clothes I don’t really wear anymore. I just mix and match things in my closet. But when I’m looking for something new and interesting, H&M or Forever 21 are always inexpensive and have good stuff. If you look on Amazon, you can find cheap stuff but you need to be careful because something looks different online then when you receive it. When I’m shopping I always find stuff I could shoot in before I actually buy the things I am there for. It’s a problem I have. I also have a friend of mine, who should be a designer. He helps me a lot with keeping my style up to date.

GlamModelz Magazine: We have noticed you seem to be thoughtfully focusing on varied forms of glamor in your modeling. What are the styles or categories you really enjoy shooting the most?   Krista Nicole:  I enjoy shooting everything!! And I am always open to any style. If the photographer has an idea I like I am always willing to trying something new. But If I had to choose what I liked shooting the most I would have to say more casual glamor and simple lingerie in a natural setting with natural lighting.


GlamModelz Magazine: You are also one of the most exotic sexy glamor models out there. What are your thoughts on implied nude modeling?  Krista Nicole:  Well thank you very much!! My thoughts on implied nude modeling is it is definitely one of my favorites because it’s sexy but keeps people guessing what underneath. If it is done right, it can be very tasteful and easy to play with.  Creating a teasing look and appeal is the whole key to implied nudes.


GlamModelz Magazine: I have noticed you spend a great deal of time maintaining your portfolio on Instagram. Do you feel this is an important factor to your success as a model? Why? Krista Nicole: I think social media sites where portfolios can be displayed and developed are very important. I like sharing my photos with my followers. It is essential to show people what you are working on and getting feedback from your fans. It helps to understand what they like to see from you. It is a big factor to the success of a model today to be seen on social media and a great networking source for other photographers and models to connect with.


GlamModelz Magazine: What would you like to see change in the industry from a model’s standpoint? What are the concerns you have for this industry? Krista Nicole:  I would like to see models that take this business more seriously.  There are models out there that want to grow as a professional and succeed, but sadly there are too many models that do it for attention. This industry is tough because some models think professional pictures of yourself make you a model and that’s not really true. It takes a lot more to be a model than just well-done pictures. The concerns I have for this industry is the photographers that do for the wrong reasons. A lot of photographers shoot girls just to get hot girls naked. There are a lot of creeps out there and it’s sad because it takes away from talented girls who really want to make a career out of modeling. Working with the wrong people can really set you back. So it would be nice to filter out the fake photographers and models and change the industry for more promising opportunities.



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GlamModel: Krista Nicole

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