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At 26 years old, I have several titles; never in a thousand years would I have ever thought that “model” would be included in those titles, but here I am! I unintentionally started this journey six months ago with an awesome photographer, Jeff Benham, and a fabulous makeup artist, Miss Nifa A. Bell. All of this started as an opportunity for me to re-build my self esteem and self confidence, and not only has that happened, but it has also lit a fire inside of me to pursue modeling as a career! I am very fortunate to have connected and networked with some incredible photographers, agents, and models alike during my journey thus far. I am a small-town Texas girl with deep roots and strong family values. I am the oldest of five children and so I am a “mother hen” by nature; I always want to make sure that everyone is taken care of and has what they need.

My family, friends and wonderful boyfriend have been such an amazing support system for me in this new adventure I have started. I was very fortunate to be approached by Mr. Greg Richardson of Palms Promotions in late June and offered a position on his team of models. As surreal as all of this has been for me, it has been amazing collaborating with Greg and the rest of the Palms Promotions team of models, photographers and make-up artist. I am very humbled to work with such incredible people who are not only beautiful on the outside, but on the inside as well. This opportunity has allowed me to grow both personally and professionally and I cannot wait to watch Palms Promotions expand and witness all of the doors that will be opened for this team. I would like to thank Greg Richardson, Jeff Benham and Nifa A. Bell for their professionalism, industry advice and their friendship. Thank you to GlamModelz for allowing our team the honor of being published and presented in your magazine; thank you for bringing our dreams to a printed reality!



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GlamModelz Magazine, Volume 10, Issue 1, October 2016,

Featured in this issue Cover Model, GlamModel:Shauna Noelle, Featured in this Issue: GlamModel: Andi, GlamModel: Scarlett November, GlamModel: Cierra Peel, GlamModel: Brittany Taylor, Original Article: Au Natural, GlamModel: Jessica Rose, GlamModel: Nicole Ferreira, GlamModel: Stephanie Marie, Special Guest: Palms Promotions.


xoxo GlamModel: Lauren Cannon

GlamModel: Lauren Cannon

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The vision of Palms promotions started humbly, rooted in a love for all things artistic in nature, music, dance, modeling, art, photography, plays, writing, and motivational speech. I wanted to put towards Palms Promotions in Dallas, I started some exploratory outreaches to some clients I was familiar with, and that harvested a few initial opportunities more on the promotional side. But I did think to myself, if I was going to do Palms Promotions in Dallas, I wanted to do it differently. Palms Promotions has published 8, articles with GlamModelz Magazine.

GlamModelz Magazine Staff photographer; Jeff, Visions East Photography, of Dallas, Texas. Jeff is an experienced commercial, Glamour, Fashion photographer, with a unique twist and eye for beauty and grace. Jeff has the experience in the industry to know what is hot and in style. Jeff, feels that extra little edge is what is needed to succeed in the modeling industry today. Jeff, is available for modeling portfolio development and maintenance as well as commercial projects. Jeff, travels extensively through Texas and can usually schedule photoshoots in most major Texas cities. To learn more about Jeff, Visions East Photography please visit his GlamModelz Interview or directly by email at: Visions East has published 36, articles with GlamModelz Magazine.

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