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lilly-marie-gmcLife always seems to have a design for us that is not quite how we might plan it for ourselves. But in the end, the reasons are made manifest and what is meant to be does so in its own time and in its own way. Many years ago, I became aware of Lily Marie of Boston MA and her modeling. She even shot with a former partner of mine in my studio, but our paths never seemed to cross. Her modeling career took its own track, my studio forged ahead in its own way, gathering the momentum that I wished it to have and our journeys seemed set. And yet this past Spring of 2015, Lily Marie and I were finally given the chance to work together and we have done so several times since. Some things in this life are very much worth waiting for and this is absolutely no exception. As time has passed, Lily’s beauty has evolved and no longer is she following in the footsteps of Blonde Bombshells of the past and present, she is braving her own uniquely wonderful trail, setting her own standards of beauty and excellence and raising a bar that very few will ever reach. And that should always be the way of it with talented, gifted, spectacular veteran models like Lily Marie. These bright stars bring a luminescence to our Industry that is so very important and essential and Lily Marie is one of the most radiant of the Heavenly Bodies of the Modeling Universe. She has a sensuality, a sweetness and a scorching steaminess that make her as rare as any opal and just as marvelously intricate. Just as the sands of the desert slowly shape an exquisite landscape, my patience was rewarded, and Lily Marie was brought into the orbit of My Studio. And we at GlamModelz Magazine are much happier as a result, because featuring this marvelous young lady and fabulous professional is about as right a thing to do as could be.



IMG_27It really does not seem like I have been modeling all that long, but it has been a few years now. One obvious change has been my hair. It certainly has gotten much shorter over the years. It still feels like yesterday to me. I started Modeling right out of High School; I would have started sooner had I been given the opportunity. Though I knew I wanted to, it’s not always easy knowing how to go about it or where to start. Long before social media was around, most of my discoveries came from the good old Boston Globe. That’s where I found out about the Miss Teen Boston Pageant and later on casting calls for local Modeling Agencies. That is initially how I worked my way into the industry. I was young and curious, with a strong addiction to Glamour. My addiction started at age 5 playing with my mom’s makeup and trying to leave the house with it on and sometimes being successful! I loved makeup; I would stare in the mirror for hours trying to learn how to apply it. It was the best discovery ever! One of the many rituals I had at that age usually involved the mirror, from practicing makeup to facial expressions and then later on posing. At that moment I could escape reality and pretend to be some super glamorous model somewhere. I often think back to that little girl and she is definitely what keeps me going as well as my fans. I love my fans, they are the best!


IMG_8The last couple years have been an incredible ride for me. I feel blessed for each and every opportunity that has been given to me and every person I have had the privilege to work with. I truly believe each experience has brought me to the next achievement, which could stand far greater than the one before it. Each is special and holds meaning to me.  My greatest goal in life is to be better than the person I was yesterday and to continue to push myself farther. There are so many amazing Photographers out there that I would love to work with, unfortunately it is impossible to work with every single one. I hate to be selective but then again if there weren’t so many camera creepers in this industry I probably wouldn’t be so selective. We all hate to have our time wasted hence why there is some need to be picky. These days Photographers make it pretty easy for the models to determine what type of Photographer they are. All you have to do is scroll through their social media sites to find out. My best advice for all young and new models is to beware of Camera Creepers!!


Well, very little thought seems to go into my shoots when considering the fact that my life constantly revolves around what I am going to wear or what I’m going to eat. So for me, there is not much time to think of anything else. I need to feel like a vixen warrior who is about to slay a dragon for a large pepperoni pizza! There are so many amazing models out there that could probably out squat me any day of the week! As women, we owe it to ourselves to look and feel our best always. Life is way too short to be frumpy and I refuse to be! It scares me! Having that fear definitely keeps me motivated! One of my best health secrets is to drink lots of lemon water! I love how it keeps me my skin glowing and not to mention my metabolism going, no wonder why I’m always hungry! I am comfortable with myself and my body, if I wasn’t then I wouldn’t shoot implied nudes. I personally don’t think it’s that big of a deal but that’s not all I shoot nor do I shoot that kind of material with just anyone. There is a time and place for my bare booty and I think we all have one too, right!? Don’t be ashamed, love the booty you’re in!


IMG_23I am for escorts at shoots but I am against escorts shooting! The actual escort, as in bodyguard, serves their proper purpose, although “escorts” do too, they don’t belong in the modeling industry and actually give real Glamour models a bad name. They are the reason why we need bodyguards with us in the first place. I can see why some models feel the need to have one, especially for younger ones just starting out. This industry isn’t always a pretty place but then again if you have to question your safety when working with a particular Photographer then you probably should not be working with them in the first place. Say no to camera creepers and escort “models”. There are many things I would like to see changed in this Industry. After my statements from the last question I am sure you know what I would love to see changed! With all due respect, I’m not trying to bash anyone, you got to do what you got to do and at the end of the day if it makes you happy, go for it. I think some have just lost focus on what modeling and photography is really about especially for those who love Glamour like myself and how it originated. I hope I am in this industry long enough to see the rebirth of it.

I just like to have fun when I am modeling, and when you are having fun you are more relaxed and anything can happen. I think that’s key as well as being comfortable with yourself. Women are always the prettiest when they don’t try too hard, so don’t be so serious. You can always practice in front of a mirror too like I do! But remember, practice makes perfect and perfect is boring! When I’m not modeling I am either; working out, cooking or spending time with my 3 doggies who I absolutely love. Not only do I just love them but I am a huge animal lover period. I am a proud supporter of the Humane Society of the United States as well as the World Wildlife fund. Together we can help be the voice for God’s beautiful creatures who share this world with us.


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GlamModel: Lily Marie

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