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GlamModelz Magazine is pleased to introduce a new face to the Fashion, Glamour, Beauty Modeling industry, Lindsey Danielle of Astoria, Oregon. Her obvious beauty is matched not only by her desire to succeed as a model, but the amazing potential and talent that she possesses. We look forward to seeing many great things from Lindsey in the very near future.

lindsey-splash.jpgGlamModelz Magazine: Welcome to GlamModelz Magazine Lindsey!

GlamModelz Magazine: How did you get your start in the business? Lindsey: In my senior year I decided to try to model because it was always something I wanted to do. I contacted someone who did photography on my space and they referred me to Dean Fast. Boy was that my lucky day. Dean was the first photographer to take a chance on me. For this, I am forever thankful.

GlamModelz Magazine: What are your goals personally and with your modeling career?
Lindsey: My personal goal is to go back to college and further my education. That is first. The second is that I would like to pursue my modeling to see where it may take me. I am interested in helping designers promote their lines. I would like to be in catalogs and magazines. I am very interested in seeing where the road takes me; maybe even do some acting.

GlamModelz Magazine: What have been your greatest successes to date?
Lindsey: If you mean with modeling, I would say that it was meeting so many wonderful people who have helped me to learn so much about the business. I have done shoots in interesting locations and been given such helpful information on what to do to make the most of my personal strengths. Of course, it is a success when I am now approached for paid photo shoots!


GlamModelz Magazine: What are your thoughts and issues with Implied and nude posing? Lindsey: I like to do implied nude but unless it was Playboy or something very classy, I will never do nudity. It should be totally up to the individual.

Lindsey 12.jpgGlamModelz Magazine: Have you had the support of Family, Friends and loved ones with your modeling?
Lindsey: That is a big yes. My whole family supports me. My mom goes to shoots, at first because I didn’t have a license, and now just because she likes to watch. All of my relatives like to see what I have done and are great to give me feedback.

GlamModelz Magazine: What are your thoughts on bringing an escort or chaperon to a shoot?
Lindsey: I totally support this because you don’t know the photographer before you work with them and in today’s world it is more important to be safe and that should come first. All should welcome it unless they have a reason to not want a witness. I do feel that those that attend should not interfere and be willing to help.

GlamModelz Magazine: What would you like to see change in the industry from a model standpoint?
Lindsey: I would like to see models of all heights and sizes on the runway. While designers think their clothes appear better on taller models, I feel that they are discouraging a large number of average looking people from buying their designs because they don’t see them on average body types. I would like to see more designers open their minds to lowering the height requirement.

GlamModelz Magazine: What gets you motivated everyday to stay in shape and look your best at all times?
Lindsey: The photographs I look at make it a priority for me to stay in shape. This includes my body, my face, and my hair. I do work out and always make sure my hair, nails, and body look their best for a shoot. This applies even if I am not modeling.

Lindsey 07.jpgGlamModelz Magazine: What excited you the most when you first started modeling?
Lindsey: Being told that I could model and be good at it. I felt that I could do well but hearing it from photographers and comments from others just made me realize that it could be possible.

GlamModelz Magazine: How do you handle imperfections, and how important do you feel professional make up is to a model?
Lindsey: Imperfections are normal and that is why GOD created the makeup artist to enhance what you were given to make you look even better in your photos. Hurray for those wonderful people.

GlamModelz Magazine: If you had one thing to tell a model just entering the industry what would that be?
Lindsey: Be true to yourself and never let anyone bring you down.

lindsey-03Statistical Details:
Height: 5′ 4″
Weight: 115 lbs
Measurements: 34-24-35
Shoe size: 6.5
Hair color: Blond
Hair length: Shoulder Length
Eye color: Blue
Skin color: Tanned
Experience: Professional

Lindsey’s Gallery

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GlamModel Lindsey Danielle

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