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It is a tremendous pleasure to introduce MARLA; formerly of Boise, Idaho and now residing in London, England!  MARLA took the leap “across the pond” to be with her fiancé and pursue her modeling career in the UK.  GlamModelz was lucky enough to catch up to her just weeks before she stepped onto the airplane to fly off to her new adventure!

GlamModelz Magazine: Posing 101, any suggestions to newer models coming into the business?

MARLA:When posing, try to embrace your natural body shape, have fun with your hair, keep those toes pointed and tighten everything you possibly can – simple!.  Seriously though, be comfortable in your own skin and basically work with everything that makes you, you. The rest will grow with experience.

GlamModelz Magazine: Many models tell me they study their past photoshoots looking for good/bad poses and how each pose flatters them. Would you advocate this and what key elements should a model be looking for in general?

MARLA: Yes, I would highly suggest learning from the person who knows you best –  you!  Go through each photoshoot and check if you are changing around your face and body.  Find your favorite pose/face, practice it a lot.  I also suggest having a few close friends go through your photos with you.  You will learn that what you may find unflattering will be what someone else finds to be the most flattering.  I personally had struggles with my hips but quickly realized hips/curves are GOOD, so now I embrace them!

GlamModelz Magazine: How did you get your start in the business and what goals have your set for your self?

MARLA:  I was always interested in modeling from a young age and was always trying to find a reason to be on camera. As I got older, I stretched my goals to get involved in the local fashion shows to reaching out to local photographers.  I opened my career up by making appearances, accepting promotional work and started trying out video promotions for local companies.  Working on promotions really pushed me to get out there and talk to people, which does not come naturally to me. The goals I have set for myself are to keep searching out more opportunities to get my name out there, I never stopped trying to get ahead and my passion for what I do has kept me going throughout.

POTD-Marla-9GlamModelz Magazine: When working on concepts for upcoming shoots, how much thought or effort do you put into it? Where does your inspiration come from?

MARLA:  When searching for inspiration for an upcoming shoot, I really enjoy brainstorming ideas with the photographer, designer and make-up artist before the shoot.  I find my own inspiration through the details exchanged.  I enjoy everyone contributing their own ideas, including my own.  I find it most inspiring when we all come together to create an amazing image as a team.

Whatever the theme of the shoot, I practically pull out all that I own to bring along with me that I feel could be an asset. I find the more items available for a shoot the more creative we all can get!

GlamModelz Magazine: How do you handle the inappropriate offers and sometimes rude individuals when they contact you for a session together?

MARLA:  What might be inappropriate to me may not be inappropriate to someone else.  I have my own set of standards in the modeling world.  When I find myself being offered something I find inappropriate I will either kindly decline or I will simply not reply.  We have all come across rude individuals, some whom maybe inquiring about a job or others that might have something to say that is not appropriate.  I personally refuse to waste my energy on any negativity. Embrace all things positive!  I’m too busy for anything else.

POTD-Marla-1GlamModelz Magazine: Facial expressions are a big part of a photo session, how and where did you learn this?

MARLA:  Practice, practice, PRACTICE!  As ridiculous as it sounds go ahead and take some serious time in front of a mirror and start pulling some faces (although avoid this in public if possible).  Try to look back on previous shoots and take note of what you are doing with your face each time.  Learn the curves of your lips and to smile with your eyes.  It also helps to take a look at other models and all the different looks they express, it’s not stealing its learning!

GlamModelz Magazine: How do you handle rejection from photographers, agencies and your piers?

MARLA:  When being rejected for a specific shoot or agency, I do not take it personally.  I am aware that for every photoshoot comes a specific image in mind.  That image may not make up what I have to offer as a model, and that’s fine.

My attitude is “this is me” I am a unique being with unique qualities.  If they work with your shoot, great!  If they don’t, have a great day.”

GlamModelz Magazine: Your complexion always looks so flawless. Will you share your beauty secrets you use to keep it that way?

MARLA:  I would absolutely love to share my beauty secrets!  To keep my complexion looking flawless, a couple days before any photoshoot I like to use my It Works business products. My favorite products consist of all natural facials, body wraps and health supplements!  This helps tighten, tone and firm my skin!  Giving it an amazing youthful glow!

Anyone is welcome to try out my products at:

POTD-Marla-2GlamModelz Magazine: How do you handle imperfections? How important do you feel professional make up is to a model?

MARLA:  Imperfections are a way of life, we all have them after all.  I honestly find there is something beautiful to be found in each and every imperfection.  The best way to handle imperfection is to just accept it. Remember, imperfections are what make you who you are!

As for make up, I never need it of course!  Ok, I do! There are a huge amount of talented make-up artists out there and I have been lucky to work with a number of them.  I very much feel they are fundamental to a successful shoot.

GlamModelz Magazine: Do you feel that flexibility and diversity are important to a model’s portfolio?

MARLA:  They are both absolutely essential to be honest. Whether it be posing for a clothing catalog, a bikini calendar or even in lingerie for a magazine, being open to variation in your approach to each shoot is key, after all variety is the spice of life!

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Ronin Photography and Design would like to thank the wonderful make-up artist and hair stylist, Kristi Wherry.  Kristi is located in Boise, ID and her salon is in Meridian, ID.  Kristi is available in all of the greater Boise area.  You can learn more about Kristi on her Facebook page Kristi’s Couture Style.


GlamModel: MARLA

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