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GlamModelz Magazines: GlamModelz Magazine Issue 2

GlamModelz Magazine Volume 7, Issue 2, February 2014


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GlamModel Marshana

Posted by GlamModelz on October 26, 2008 5 Comments

GlamModelz Magazine is pleased to introduce a new face to the Fashion, Glamour, Beauty Modeling industry, Marshana of Abilene, Texas. Her obvious beauty is matched not only by her desire to succeed as a model, but the amazing potential that she possesses. We look forward to seeing many great things from Marshana in the very near future.

MarshanaCover-01-border-sit.jpgGlamModelz Magazine: What are your goals personally and with your modeling career? Marshana: I go to school for interior design, so personally I would love to have an independent business designing home interiors, as well as some retail interiors. As a model, I’ll go as far as possible. I want people to know who I am for a long time and to inspire as many people as possible.

GlamModelz Magazine: What would you like to see change in the industry from a model standpoint? Marshana:I would really like to see more black female models challenging themselves instead of fitting into video girl stereotypes. I want to see them conquering styles that have a lasting impression and that will allow them to have a respectable career without exploiting themselves.

GlamModelz Magazine: How do you handle the inappropriate offers and sometimes rude individuals when they contact you for a session Marshana: I’m always polite. It might sound funny, but I pretend as if I were a celebrity and I think about people who would look up to me. Respect is everything, and there is a polite way to turn any offer.

GlamModelz Magazine: Your thoughts on TFP or TFCD sessions in general? Marshana: I think TFP/TFCD shoots are an awesome opportunity to build up your portfolio while helping someone else out. It’s exciting to be able to shoot at no cost but your time, but you should still take the time prior to check out the photographers work, as well as anyone else involved. (Makeup artists, Wardrobe stylist, Hair stylist, etc) Just because it’s free doesn’t mean you should waste your time on images a three year old could take!

IMG_8610-m-PS-multi-border.jpg GlamModelz Magazine: Do you feel that flexibility and diversity are important to a model portfolio? Marshana: Absolutely! The more versatile you are, the more marketable you are. Everyone has their comfort zone and that is fine to start out at, but if you want to grow then you need to push yourself out of that safety zone. Think about looks that are your total opposite and rock them out!

GlamModelz Magazine: How do you handle rejection from photographers, agencies and your piers? Marshana: - Rejection is inevitable. It is a part of life and in this industry it’s just something you will need to get accustomed to. I just turn those rejections as fuel to keep going, and to push harder. You could have 50 people tell you that you are too short and then have someone walk up to you when you least expect it telling you that you are perfect for their agency. Work hard and stay positive!

img_8982-m-ps-border1Statical Details:
Height: 5′ 7″
Weight: 135 lbs
Measurements: 36-26-36
Shoe size: 9.5
Hair color: Black
Hair length: Shoulder Length
Eye color: Brown
Skin color: Brown
Experience: Professional

Major Campaigns:
Estee Lauder new fragrance “C -Thru” Walmart Promo- December 2008
Gallo Wine Promotional Model for the Taste of Home Cooking Show-November 2008
“Axe Angel” for the Axe Hair Care Event at Sam’s Club-November 2008

Marshana’s Gallery & Wallpaper

The images of Marshana appearing in this interview were photographed by; Visions East. To learn more about Glam Model Marshana, please visit her website: Modelmayhem.com/590485

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Posted by: GlamModelz in: Glam Modelz on: October 26, 2008
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5 Responses so far.

  1. tampabayglamour says:

    Marshana -

    FABU interview and you look AWESOME!!! Jeff captured you well! I certainly wish only the best to you in all of your modeling endeavors!!!

    Chuck – TBG

  2. ddavis says:

    WOW Gorgeous Sizzling work, I wish you were closer to Kalifornia, I’d love to work with you!!


  3. Marshana.. even though your bailing on me soon and moving back east (help me talk her out of it folks) your simply a wonderful person and an extremely talented lady.. How could a photographer ask for more.. your brought the looks , and pulled everyone of off. Of course being drop dead beautiful never hurts either. Thanks for just being you kid..


  4. Matthew says:

    I really like your website. Great posts! Please keep posting such great material. Matthew

  5. we always choose home interiors with bright colors because the mood is uplifting “;.

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