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IMG_8 COVERIt isn’t often you get to watch someone grow up in front of your lens. But that’s just what has happened since 2009 when Shauna Noelle first stepped in front of my camera as a teenager and over the years that have since passed; I have watched this supremely beautiful girl grow into a woman of unfathomable loveliness of face, figure, intellect and soul. Shauna came to me as one of New England’s most up and coming models. Since then, she has traveled the country, lived a lot in such a way that she has come to much deeper wisdom and understanding and has also become one of the most important pillars of my studio. Staying power in this Industry is something rare and uncommon, but Shauna has consistently shown herself to be a Modeling “Rock of Gibraltar”. But it hasn’t been easy, and it is Shauna’s incredible strength of character and fullness of spirit that have enriched her physical beauty so very much. And Shauna is certainly gifted with an exquisite aspect like no other. She combines so many sides of what we often define as the “ideal beauty”. She has the splendor and magnificence of a Playboy Centerfold, with a tantalizing figure and exotic features, but at the same time she has a Bohemian grace and elegance coupled with a freshness of essence and physical appeal that are All-American in nature. So as the years have slid by, I’ve had the joy to watch Shauna grow into herself, become accepting of her “frailties” (I still see almost none of them) and appreciative of the many blessings that were bestowed upon her. She has weathered trial and tribulation, stepped away from modeling for brief spells, only to make reappearances that always leave her fans and supporters stunned by how simply awe-inspiring her beauty is. And of course, we always want more, there are never enough soul-stirring images of Shauna. Her path in life took Shauna thousands of miles away from New England for years and made it a challenge for us to work together; otherwise she would have been featured in GlamModelz long ago like Chrissy, Kayla Marie and other Light Works Studio icons. But finally, the time has come to showcase one of the most talented, most beautiful and dearest of the young ladies I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. It has been a very long time coming. This is one of those features I have looked forward to for an eternity.



IMG_10GlamModelz Magazine: For such a young woman, you’ve been a model for a long time. Tell us a little about your journey, how you started and where it’s taken you?  Shauna Noelle:  I’ve been modeling since I was 17 years old and it has definitely had its ups and downs. I have had a ton of experience, some good and some bad. I got into modeling at a very young age as a child and then had stopped until I was about 17 or 18. Around that time I was doing about 4 to 5 photo shoots a week gaining some awesome experience with photographers all over New England including Rick Trottier. I had the opportunity to be chosen by several magazines (including this one) to be featured within their pages as well as being the cover model. Once I moved to California in 2010 I also had some amazing opportunities to work with some of California’s best. During that time in my journey I took a break in modeling to pursue other areas of interest in my early 20s, I have recently moved back to Massachusetts throwing myself back into the scene. The industry has definitely changed a lot especially with social media being so popular but I am eager to continue this journey and see where brings me in the future.


GlamModelz Magazine: Models have to grow a lot of spiritual strength to succeed in this Industry. Where does your strength come from? Who is your support system?  Shauna Noelle:  I think my strength honestly comes from the experiences I have had. I take it all in; the good and even bad experiences I’ve been through and set my mind to something in hopes of achieving it. My support system would honestly be myself and the few who are close to me. They have been my rock throughout the years, few crumbling away but I realize now it was for the best.


IMG_28GlamModelz Magazine: Throughout your career, there is a level of beauty that is always impressive. Where does your inspiration come from when planning for shoots?  Shauna Noelle: Honestly I like to do my own thing. My style has definitely changed throughout the years. I feel like I’m much more laid-back and have a more natural look than when I first got into the modeling industry.


GlamModelz Magazine: What are some suggestions you have to newer models coming into the business when it comes to navigating this Industry?  Shauna Noelle:  My advice to new models within this industry would definitely be too always stick with your gut. Don’t ever do anything you don’t feel comfortable with and always be true to yourself.  If a modeling career is something you really want then work you’re ass off to make it happen. Don’t ever let anyone get in your way or tell you you’re not going to make it. If you want it, make it happen. Use that inner fire to fuel your passion for achieving your goals. I’ve had people tell me not to pursue a modeling career  for many years and at one point all the negative feedback made me step away from my goals but I’m putting myself back out there.


GlamModelz Magazine: What is your opinion about Social Media and its impact on Modeling and Photography? Has it been good, bad, both and why?  Shauna Noelle:  My opinion about social media regarding modeling and photography is that it has definitely blown the industry up. I think it’s absolutely amazing that people can connect now online with everything being so simple.  It’s a great way to promote both parties and promoted to be seen by a vast audience. On a personal note, I’m not a huge fan of social media but for this industry I think it’s a great.



GlamModelz Magazine: Apart from Social Media, what are the biggest problems with this Industry and what would you like to see change from a model’s standpoint?  Shauna Noelle: My personal opinion on the modeling and photography industry is that people just getting into the industry might not be doing it for all the right reasons. I think girls getting into the industry are very naïve and sometimes photographers take advantage of that. Whether it is payment or other reasons, I’ve heard absolute horror stories and those were things that I didn’t really have to worry about when I first got into it because I feel like things were just different 8-9 years ago. You don’t have to worry about some of things you do nowadays. With that being said it’s a lot easier to get out there because you can use social media to promote yourself but it’s also scary because you never know. There’s always going to be that model who is a flake and just wants “Facebook/Instagram photos” and there’s always going to be that photographer who is a sleazeball. You just have to be very careful with the way you go about doing things and putting yourself out there. My greatest concern is that the girls that are out there just to get photos and not actually pursue a career are taking away from the girls who really want this career in life.

GlamModelz Magazine: Glamor clearly suits you as the best genre for your beauty and sex appeal. What are the things you like most about glamor? What are some problems associated with this kind of modeling?  Shauna Noelle: The thing I like most about glamour photography is that it makes me feel sexy and great about myself. It’s really nice to step away from my tie-dye tank top and Jean shorts and get all dolled up with sultry makeup and a cute lingerie outfit. I clean up nice but I am very “girl next door”.



Some of the problems with doing this type of photography are that it’s possible to get a bad reputation. People seem to think I’m a “certain” type of girl because I’ve done this type of photography. Personally I don’t see anything wrong with it but that’s my opinion over someone else’s. I know the type of person I am and my worth and throughout these last eight years I’ve come to realize it doesn’t really matter what anyone thinks about me because I know the truth. Going back to social media, while doing these types of photos you also sometimes get unwanted attention but that comes with pursuing this type of career. Like I said, just be careful and do your homework with trying to put yourself out there.


GlamModelz Magazine: You have MANY things about your looks that set you apart as one of the loveliest women in America. Tell us what do you think your best assets are?  Shauna Noelle:  I would probably say my best asset is definitely my eyes I feel like they give me a sort of exotic look that is different from other girls. If you had asked me six months ago I would have probably said my eyes and my butt, but I’m learning that looks are not all about that. I believe the eyes are the window to the soul and mind seem to tell a lot… Or do they? 😉


GlamModelz Magazine: Posing and facial expressions are a big, if not the biggest part of a photo shoot from the model’s side of the camera. How and where did you learn this skill?   Shauna Noelle: Part of the craft of modeling comes to you from looking at pictures and practicing what you see. Most models start off as girls who are really interested in this world, so you copy looks you find appealing and make them yours. Smart models listen to the critique of good photographers and look at their pictures to see what worked and what didn’t work. It also helps to have that feel for modeling and acting and bringing out the emotions inside. All of these things get a little better over time and with experience. So for me, it has been a process of learning, making myself get better and evolving as time has passed.


IMG_25GlamModelz Magazine: It’s been mentioned to us that you are one of the best shoppers for deals and great bargains out there. Do you have any suggestions to models about finding the best places to stock up on wardrobe, outfits and other modeling necessities?   Shauna Noelle: It’s all about watching for the best deals and taking the time to look and see what has gone on clearance or is on special or is at the end of the season and is on sale. Most stores have amazing deals if you are willing to keep your eyes open, be patient and not just jump at something you like.


GlamModelz Magazine: What are some of the pastimes and hobbies you pursue when you are not in front of a camera? What do they tell us about the woman inside?   Shauna Noelle: I love art and music. I am a creative person and expressing the side of me that wants to make something beautiful is really important. I love being outside and taking hikes or walks, especially with my dogs. They are my heart and soul. I love good wine and fine food, but am smart about how often I take advantage of those things. There are also some special people in my life that mean the world to me and spending time with them is a must.


GlamModelz Magazine: Modeling presents an image of a woman that creates assumptions about the person. What is it about you as a person that you wish more people really knew about? Shauna Noelle: I want people to know that I have depth and that my mind and heart are focused on things like creating beauty, finding and experiencing beauty and enjoying the love of caring people. If you look at my snapchat, you’ll see endless pics of my dogs. I never get tired of them and all the love and affection that they give me


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GlamModel: Shauna Noelle

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