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stephanie-marieGMCEach and every relationship a photographer and model develop and nurture blossoms in its own fashion and flourishes in the direction in which it is meant to grow. That is a direct result of the wondrous nature of the disparate personalities brought together by our industry. My years of work with the lovely and charming Stephanie Marie of Providence, RI have been delightfully successful and fabulously exciting, but ours is one of the most eclectic of photographer-model synergies I have ever experienced. One of the things that makes it so gloriously fresh is that Stephanie comes to my studio with ideas, interests and inspirations unlike anyone else. Her approach to things is wholly unique and she brings an energy and focus on achieving specific outcomes that is unlike anyone else. Each and every young lady I work with is special and has a spirit and physical beauty all their own. But Steph is like that lone Lily in a field of daisies. Her exceptionality of person makes her someone that adds so much to my studio and to what I try to achieve therein. But beyond that matchless quality, she is also someone who blends old-school Glamourous Beauty with a flair for positivism in her imagery, engaging all the key elements in anyone’s heart and mind who takes the opportunity to enjoy her dynamic loveliness. It isn’t everyone who can stop time with a heart-shattering smile just as effectively as halt traffic with her bewildering curves. It is a decidedly deadly combination that Steph possesses; that Apple Pie and “bring her home to Mom” appeal and the Hollywood Bombshell allure. GlamModelz Magazine is always thrilled to have someone magnificent showcased in our publication, and it is a great pleasure to have Stephanie Marie bring her own extraordinary radiance to what we do.




IMG_17GlamModelz Magazine: How did you get your start in the modeling business and where do you see yourself going with it? Stephanie Marie: Modeling began quite early for me. I walked in my first fashion show when I was 7 years old and I still remember the feeling that being  part of such an exciting world was clearly something I loved and I wanted it to be part of my life. Since those days I have done countless print and commercial modeling jobs. I am open to whatever the business has in store for me and am happy to continue to evolve with it.


GlamModelz Magazine:  Models certainly need to feel comfortable to be successful. Have you had the support of family and friends in regards to your decisions for your modeling?  Stephanie Marie: I have always been a “go-getter”, and whatever I set my mind to I try my best to master or succeed at. I don’t just “do” something, I work to excel at it and do it with passion. Strangely enough, my family has always had a “what’s she going to do now” approach to my modeling. It’s better than hating what I do.


GlamModelz Magazine:  Your images are some of the most diverse we’ve seen. Where does your inspiration come from when planning for shoots?  Stephanie Marie: Honestly, social media has clearly had a large impact on a lot of models. I’m constantly seeing a lot of the same wardrobe, styling, posing and other conceptual elements. I actually like to do the complete opposite. For example, if I see a lot of girls shooting in bikinis, I will choose a gown. I always try to stay true to what I find beautiful about myself. I like to think of myself as sexy, yet sophisticated and classy, all wrapped up in one package.


IMG_22GlamModelz Magazine: What are some suggestions you have to newer models coming into the business when it comes to navigating this Industry?  Stephanie Marie: There are lots of things a girl can do to succeed in Modeling. Most importantly, “Do your homework”! Not every person who has the word “photographer” after their name is professional. Choose photographers who will add to your portfolio in unique and positive ways, but who also make you feel comfortable. And NEVER compromise your beliefs and integrity. With the internet and social media playing such a huge role in modeling and society, your images will be with you forever. So be smart and do some research!


GlamModelz Magazine: What are the biggest problems with this Industry and what would you like to see change from a model’s standpoint?  Stephanie Marie: I could write a laundry list to answer this question. It is something that seems to get a little worse every year. I think the simplest answer is too many photographers and models just don’t take this business seriously. That’s bad for everyone.


GlamModelz Magazine: What is your opinion about Social Media and the impact it has had on Modeling and Photography?  Stephanie Marie:  To be honest, I think social media has done wonders to promote reputable photographers and has helped to get work and create networking opportunities for both models and photographers. Unfortunately I do think that social media has created a perception that anyone can be a model or a photographer. As much as I think that it is important for everyone to have dreams and goals, I would be a liar if I didn’t say that I find it annoying.


IMG_4GlamModelz Magazine: You have such an amazing figure and beauty. What gets you motivated everyday to stay in shape and look your best at all times? Stephanie Marie: I take pride in my healthy, curvy figure. And I would have to say that now that I am in my early 30s, the 20-somethings give me the motivation to want to hold onto my youth. I think carefully about living a healthy lifestyle and making the best possible choices for a clean life in my day-to-day decisions.


GlamModelz Magazine: It appears to us that most eye candy magazines are fixated on some part of the female anatomy. Tell us what do you think your best assets are?  Stephanie Marie:  love my high cheekbones and my flat tummy, but my best curves are my smile. I’ve always felt that a smile is the sexiest part of a woman’s beauty arsenal.


GlamModelz Magazine: You have one of the most alluring faces we’ve seen. Expressions are a big part of a photo session. How and where did you learn this skill?  Stephanie Marie: I have actually learned that when I think about my expressions less and just go with the flow, the pictures tend to be that much better and I am happier with the results. I think that a mix of natural skill and a lot of practice and experience have helped me to be better about my expressions.


IMG_2GlamModelz Magazine: Your complexion always looks so flawless and has a glow all its own. Will you share your beauty secrets you use to keep it that way? Stephanie Marie: I have never been tanning or gone out in the sun without the appropriate sun screens like Sun Block. It is just too risky. I don’t smoke and drink a great deal of water. Both are important as well. I also get an adequate amount of sleep. Rest is such an important beauty secret. In the end, the basics are far more important than fancy and expensive products, and it helps to have some good genes.


GlamModelz Magazine: We have noticed you seem to be branching out into other areas in your modeling. What has brought about this steady shift in your interests? Stephanie Marie: I have recently gotten back into pageantry after several years of not competing. In 2014 I was 1st Runner Up in the Ms. New England States Pageant and I am currently the reigning Ms. Rhode Island Italia. I am really enjoying using my new-found success as a platform for giving back to the community.


GlamModelz Magazine: Do you have any thoughts or suggestions to models about finding the best places to stock up on wardrobe, outfits and other modeling necessities?  Stephanie Marie: When it comes to wardrobe, you can find great stuff anywhere, but I always try to not “overdo” outfit choices and try to keep the focus on the beauty of the model. Simplicity is always best and stick to the philosophy of not letting your wardrobe upstage you. Stick to simple ideas that let your personal beauty shine through.


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