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tina_marie-gmcA Year in the Life of a Studio Model

GlamModelz Magazine features the beauty and talents of Glam Model Tina Marie of Boston, MA.
By Rick Trottier – RJT Images


Professional and artistic relationships created in the Modeling Industry are often some of the most enjoyable of all the interactions in a lifetime. In the Spring of 2012, Tina Marie came to shoot with me for the first time. Within a year’s time, we have shot 5 times and each and every shoot has taken on a character and a life of its own. Rather than craft an interview as I have done for all the other model features I have created, I decided to try something new and examine an artistic relationship developed over the course of a year and in the process shed some light on a wonderful young lady who has been a pleasure with work with and to know.


When a model comes to you for the first time, even when you try to hash out content and explore personalities in emails, you never really know what she is going to be like. One of the joys of the photographer-model dynamic is the learning curve. When Tina Marie walked into my studio for the first time in March of 2012, her effervescent personality and delicate charm were immediately disarming. It didn’t take long for her to begin chatting happily with my Makeup Artist Naomi, which I always find to be a very reassuring sign.


We had discussed some concepts ahead of time, so I had a sense of what we were going to shoot, but once Tina Marie began unpacking her trunk (yes, she did like ALL good models do, she brought PILES of garments), I was deeply impressed by the eclectic nature of her choices and fashion inclinations. She had everything from classic glamor lingerie, to jeans, to exotic wear and swimsuits, and EVERYTHING in between. In addition, she was good about bringing jewelry and was a decorative person in her own right.

tina-marie_22My attitude towards tattoos is one of true ambivalence. I don’t seek them out, but I don’t dislike them. Finely crafted ink will certainly catch my eye. Tina Marie had a mix of older ink and some very fresh work, all of which worked seamlessly together and showed some clear artistry. Added to that, she had a mix of body and facial jewelry that blended in the most fascinating way with her winsome loveliness and long, lean and yet still curvaceous physique. Naomi did a brilliant job bringing out the strengths in Tina Marie’s large and expressive eyes, so that when it was time to shoot, I was already deeply optimistic about the chances to get some superb images.

I was not disappointed. We had a wonderful day of very diverse imagery, from skater punk looks, to edgy glamor, classic 50s-like boudoir, exotic fashions and implied nudes. Several of those images are still some of my favorites from our year of work together and I was certainly looking forward to other chances to shoot with Tina Marie. While I ALWAYS give a great deal of direction during a shoot, Tina Marie’s natural posing skills made her easier to work. There is a fluidity to her posing, married to her slender build and superb curves that make her seem willowy and her movements effortless. Her bright, intelligent and sweet demeanor made the day as pleasant as could be asked for. First shoots can be incredibly positive and sometimes incredibly punishing. Our first shoot was as good as it could be.


tina-marie_23Our 2nd Shoot came two months later and allowed me to see further into Tina Marie’s spirit and interests. She has asked me to line up a motorcycle, which I did, a very recent model Kawasaki street bike that was very fast, incredibly sleek and gleaming white. In addition to the two outfits we shot with the motorcycle, we shot two other outfits to continue to create portfolio content for her. The attire and concepts of the shoot were more conservative than our first time around, which was perfectly suitable as the interests of the model are always what drive me and I knew what we would be shooting would be lovely and engaging.

Tina Marie chose a bikini for one set with the bike and a skirt/top ensemble for the second set. Both outfits fit her look and the bike perfectly, and the owner of the motorcycle (when he saw the finished edits) was simply mesmerized by all the same stunning attributes I had been impressed with the very first time. Bikes are not easy props to work with. For one thing, the model can’t completely upstage the machine since it is just as important to the image as she is. In addition, to light both the bike and the model appropriately, posing and framing have to be carefully considered. I was impressed with Tina Marie’s ability to take direction and create a seamless tableau with the power and profundity of the motorcycle. Her choice of outfits was perfect and the images were superb.

tina-marie_29Our other two sets were a mix of edgy fashion and eclectic glamor. Typical of Tina Marie’s wonderfully developed sense of style, she had brought attire that showed the diversity of her interests and soul, and the imagery we got from those two other sets was a wonderful complement to the motorcycle pics and created some superb contrasts with what we had done back in March. Second shoots can sometimes be a “let down” if the first shoot goes well. Our first had been extraordinary, so I was justified in being slightly concerned about the level of success in this, our 2nd Shoot. I was not to be disillusioned. Tina Marie is a professional, an artist and a young lady of a kind and sensitive disposition. Disappointment, I was soon to learn, is not a word which I would couple with her.


Our 3rd shoot was less than a month later, in mid-June and it took our work in an entirely new direction. We went outside for some seaside, sunrise imagery and then some further shots at a wide variety of locations south of Boston. For the first time, Tina Marie wasn’t coming to my studio; I was picking her up at the Crack of Dawn and going to locations she was more familiar with than I. I love creative moments, spontaneity and chances to walk “the Road not Taken”. As I always do when shooting on location, I brought my portable changing booth, my portable lighting array and all my gear and we were off. As Tina Marie had done previously, she brought a wonderful mix of attire and her ineffably unique sense of style and we started the day as the sun broke over the horizon.

One of the laws of outdoor photography is “expect that you will be surprised”. I always hope for good surprises, and that mid-June morning I was treated to a delightful one. Tina Marie had chosen a very colorful, print bikini to start the shoot and with it an accent piece for her hair, a large and lovely flower. In addition to these bright and emblematic hues, there is also her body ink to consider, which adds its own sense of flair. To my complete and utter astonishment, the cloud patterns, humidity and sunlight created a multitudinous array of pastel colors in the morning sky that matched her attire and ink PERFECTLY and our day had started in a manner that I couldn’t have scripted anymore perfectly had I tried. We got a pair of superb images from that first outfit and then moved quickly to take advantage of the rapidly shifting morning light. For those who are of the uninitiated, outdoor photography is dependent on a sun that is constantly moving and sunrise is no exception. As the sun lifts through the sky and cloud cover, colors, light intensity and cloud patterns change significantly. Her next outfit was a black bikini, and was an inspired choice, for just as Tina Marie emerged from my changing booth, the light shifted from pastel hues to an almost amber tone. Once again, the look was spot-on and some fabulous images were to be had.


From that point, our day became somewhat nomadic in nature. We had exhausted the opportunities at the sunrise location where we started, but undeterred we moved to other locations, a total of seven by the time we finished up. Other locales were beach like, one was a background shot of Boston Harbor and the City Skyline, and several were created within the confines of a park where old military fortifications could still be seen. What delighted me about the day was the variety of attire we tried set against an assortment of backgrounds that was always quite breathtaking. One of my favorites was toward the end when Tina Marie wound a very small magenta silk about her waist, and then did a topless implied set against the backdrop of a dramatic sky of blue filled with wispy clouds and a blazing late morning sun, all over the seashore seen from atop an escarpment overlooking Hull, Massachusetts. The juxtaposition of Tina Marie’s eclectic beauty against such a background was simply incredible. By the time the morning was over, we were both tired and we withdrew to her apartment to look over the images, make some choices and enjoy the company of her adorable cat. It had been a memorable day for so many reasons, not the least of which is that outdoor photography has always been my favorite and getting the chance to share that with Tina Marie meant a great deal to me.

tina-marie_05Our next shoot was not to be for nearly six months. Life is never like the placid waters of a calm pond. The eddies and currents, swells and surges move us in directions we cannot entirely foresee no matter how learned and wise we become. Tina Marie and I lost touch for a portion of the late summer, but one evening in the early autumn, as I was out for one of my favorite walks, I got a text from her and we began the process of setting up our fourth shoot.

This shoot did what I really didn’t think was going to be possible, we went in directions even more varied than we had before. For one thing, we shot more fashion than we had in the past and that worked wonderfully for me for Tina Marie’s choices were brilliant as usual. Her dresses/skirts fit her figure beautifully, had that customary sense of immeasurable style and innovation when it comes to fabric, decoration, texture and pattern. Since it was early December, our other two sets focused on Holiday Imagery, which was also a first for us, to create pictures that would be so conceptually focused. What was also an amazing departure was that Tina Marie covered her lovely hair with a very dramatic, long wig. Normally I tend to look somewhat askance at wigs, although my friend and colleague Renee had used them beautifully in the past. Tina Marie helped to dispel some of my prejudice against such fare for it was a superb accent and went with the attire she brought absolutely perfectly. Her makeup was also done differently this time around too and as a result, the images we created were so very dissimilar from anything we had done before that I was simply enchanted.


Our fifth shoot came early in the New Year and did what each and every shoot before had accomplished, we broke new ground and explored new paths. There is something quite wonderful about knowing you will be exploring new territory each and every time you work with someone and that such fare becomes the norm, not the exception. For our 4th shoot a month and a half before, I had utilized natural and ambient light for one of the sets and chose to do so again this time around. But this time, the attire, the makeup, the lighting array and the camera settings were all very different, giving us a series of images that were unlike anything we had done before. There was a winsome quality to the images and a delicate innocence we had not yet achieved. Tina Marie showed me another side of her personality when she asked to do some sports themed sets of images built around her Boston Bruins jersey and some topless implied content. Sports themed images can be so very sterile, but these were not. How could they be with someone as creative as Tina Marie? For the second time we shot with a motorcycle. This time around, it was an immense Suzuki street bike of varying blue and silvery shades. The reason for the return to bike imagery was simple. The first bike was not one she could climb onto due to the recent application of a custom and expensive paint job. This motorcycle, while beautiful and pricey was one she could actually get onboard and pose in some more dramatic styles, which helped her achieve looks we were not able to do the first time. Motorcycles are a great love of Tina Marie’s and it isn’t often I get to shoot more than one bike with a model. Tina Marie enters rarified company in that only Chrissy (4) and Rachel (3) have shot more than one bike with me. That is some pretty special company.


As happened after our beach shoot last summer, Tina Marie and I have lost touch for a short period of time. I know she has a busy and involved life that pulls her I many directions. And I also know that when the time is right, she will reach out again like she has in the past. When I thought about this article, it seemed like the ideal concept to do something unlike all that had come before because what makes Tina Marie special is her flair for all things out of the mainstream. What makes her even more wonderful is that her personality is so soothing, down to earth and charming. It has been said of me repeatedly, that I have built a studio that encourages positive interactions among the models, friendship and safety. Tina Marie fits that bill as a person as well as anyone else I work with and her creative beauty helps spur my artistry towards new courses of expression. One cannot ask more of a colleague.

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GlamModel: Tina Marie

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